Random Ramblings Yet Again

Looks like I am only stuck up with random thoughts these days. My hands itch to write a proper post, but then something stops me – Is it the writer’s block?! Anyways here I am with my share of random ramblings for this week.

** Our Saturdays are laundry days and its S who does it all the time. *I must thank him enough number of times for doing such boring job*. Most of the days, he dries the clothes, picks them up and folds them too. Yes! I am laundry lazy. So last Saturday, as usual S loaded the washing machine and after an hour and half, he was out drying them. Like a very good wife, I went to assist him. I kind of felt the clothes were not giving the nice fragrance. When I ask him if he forgot to add ‘Comfort’, he tells me with a shock on his face that he forgot to add Detergent only. *banging my head* Forget laundry, we had a good laugh 😀

** My parents have got a new LED TV yesterday and Amma sounded too sentimental that they had to inaugurate it by themselves. Without even knowing, we all grow attached to the worldly things. I have very strong connection with our now-old TV. I was in 8th std and a day before my Maths annual exam the TV got delivered. I hardly slept that entire night and kept dreaming about how good the new color TV is. We were still waiting for the cable connection, so I was happy staring at the blue screen only 😀

** I lost one more of my plants. I don’t know whats the matter – the plant was blooming well. Suddenly it started drying and before I knew, it was gone. Sigh. Makes me wonder if I should really get new plants.

** Not losing hope, I sowed some methi seeds in the two empty pots and now I see bunches of shoots coming out. If it all turns good, I can have home grown methi leaves. Over the weekend, I am going to try coriander too.

** I have been feeling really lonely this week. Its not anything new but that feeling is taking over me with such force that I am succumbing to it, rather than coping with it. I have been reading quite a lot too. Have completed ten books in the last four weeks and that’s the only high point as of now. I am glad this ebook reader happened in my life 🙂

** That reminds me, today is the last day of my 100HappyDays Challenge. I am completing it. Yay! 😀 Though all was not rosy and happy, I am glad I could atleast find one happy moment to smile everyday. Some days it was my plants or books or msgs or people, but most of the days in the recent past – it was the food.

** It’s been more than a month I have traveled to Chennai. Needless to say everyone misses me over there and I miss them all terribly too. On the positive side, I worked out on all the days of this month – no breaks. There is no equal to the feeling of happy workouts and eating healthy.

** I have been catching up with a lot of Charlie Chaplin movies/minibytes on Romedy Now these days and I wonder why did I not watch his movies before. They are all super fun and I now have a new respect for that guy who can make us laugh with no dialogues at all, even after all these years.


20 thoughts on “Random Ramblings Yet Again

  1. You know I have become comment lazy…I read posts but do not comment and I was about to do this abhi bhi but stopped 😀

    S is not alone, I also forget putting detergent some days 😉
    You have inspired me, I am going to plant some corriander leaves tomorrow!!!
    100 Happy days…..I am mulling over to take it up!! To revive my blog! I can take it up anytime no?

    I love these random ramblings….I seriously do 🙂

    Cheer up!

    • Hahaha – comment lazy 😀

      hehehe.. Smita, I thought S is one total exception 😀

      Pls do plant and let me know how they grew 🙂

      Yes, you can take up 100HappyDays Challenge anytime. Just visit this website – 100HappyDays.com – its not necessary to post on blog though. You can take up the challenge on Mail, FB, TWitter or Instagram. I kept posting it here, to write more 😀

      Yay! I am feeling so good – you all like my ramblings 😛

  2. aingggggggg.. what do you mean.. are these random post not proper posts.. Then what have i been doing for the last 5 years .. 😦 here I was thinking i wrote proper posts..

    he he he thats me , I have a old TV in my bedroom its one of those old BIG Huge ones but with little screen, I jsut dont have the heart to throw it .. 🙂

    charlie chaplin indeed are lovely movies 🙂

    so when you going ot chennai then …

    • LOL 😀 Bik, you are making me feel a lot better 🙂

      Wow, so I am not the only one attached to a TV set.

      I am not sure when I am going, Chennai is toooooo hot now 😀

  3. LOL 😀 Laundry without detergent!
    Hey.. don’t give up on the plants! Any chance that it’s too sunny in the place you have kept the pots. If the plants are very small, you should grow them in the shade, where they get some amount of sunshine, but the sunlight doesn’t hit them directly. Give it time.. They will grow. 🙂

    Congratulations on completing the challenge GB! That’s awesome. 🙂

    Ten books in four weeks? That is amazing!!

    • Hahaha :d I know.. there was no point drying those clothes at all.

      Thanks for your suggestions Arch. I dont think its too sunny and neither am I pouring too much water on them. I am just not sure. But as you say, I am only tempted to buy some more plants, cant give up on them yet 🙂

      Thanks Arch. I somehow completed the challenge. 🙂

  4. Like Smita I too have been comment lazy… have been reading all your posts but was not logged in to wordpress to comment. Logged in today after a long time.
    Congrats on completing the challenge 🙂 Were you doing it by email?
    I love Charlie Chaplin movies. Must show them to Cheebu now *reminder to self* 🙂

    • You wont believe me, but I had been thinking of mailing you 🙂 We all miss you here LS, come back! 🙂

      Yeah I was doing the challenge by mail – felt it was better that way 🙂

      Awww I am sure Cheebu would love them 🙂

  5. The OH is the laundry man here, at our place. 🙂

    Awww at your parents inaugurating their new LED TV alone.. my parents would have felt the same.

    You read 10 books in the last 4 weeks? Wow! Which books? Please do put up reviews!

  6. Don’t give up on the plants, like Arch says. It is the same at our place too.. plants often dry out completely without our knowing why. It happens. In time, I think we will figure out why and become better gardeners. Till then, let’s enjoy the plants that are actually happy and blooming!

  7. I love your random posts! I do them most times and hence it is always nice to have company in that regard 😛

    Laundry without detergent was such a epic moment! 😀

    This plant issue is bothering me too much too. I am wondering if I should go ahead and buy new ones to replace the dead ones or not ::(

    You read 10 books in 4 weeks?! GB! Amazing that is! 😀

    Everyday workouts used to be such a regular in my life few months back and now it feels like another life 😦

    Big congrats on completing the 100 days challenge GB 🙂 Do a post on how you felt about it. Would love to read that 🙂
    Btw, did you really get a book of your own 100 happy days?

    • Hehe.. random posts capture the thoughts on our minds exactly la?

      LOL – epic moment ah.. already antha boring task eh once panrathe kodumai. We did it twice, back to back that day 😛

      I am planning to wait until early rains start here. Its sad to see plants dying without reason.

      Dont worry MM, everything will settle down soon.

      Thanks dearie. I completed it somehow, and I feel happy mostly for completing it amidst no network or busy schedule. As it is, its not that life changing. It still takes a lot of my energy to keep my spirits high. I am guessing something is better than nothing 🙂

      No I dint get any book, as they promised. I felt the way it works on mail is different from the rest of the other media. I had to do no tagging at all. And there is little contact with those people. I tried contacting them too, no response so far.

      • It’s really great on your part to stick to the challenge and see it through GB! Maybe, the book part was just a lure, though technically, you have already gifted yourself for life with a sense of gratitude and looking out for small things that make you happy! You are a winner! 😀

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