Random Thoughts

** I have not talked to my best friends in a long time and yet, I am not bothered about it. Suddenly I am at this stage of life where I am happy just thinking of the beautiful memories I had with them. Instead of making new memories over phone, I am just happy going back to those awesome moments I had with them physically. Like this one time, my bestest friend visited me one morning after having borrowed a cycle from one of her neighbours. Amma wasn’t feeling well that day and I was to prepare lunch for all of us. I made something in the name of vegetable pulav – which she devoured instantly telling how good it is for every mouthful 😀 😀 Later we locked ourselves up and talked for hours until very late that she got continuous calls from her home. This memory is enough to keep me smiling for all day today. Wish I could just go back to those beautiful times again. M – Love you so much! 🙂

** I was looking at some very old picture albums and guess what I found – pictures of my Thathi’s home. Instantly, tears welled up my eyes. I almost saw him in every picture doing what he would be doing at that spot, only that he wasn’t there. Too painful it was at one point that I had to close it. When I can make myself look at that album again, I should do a picture post.

** This week has been so beautiful, climate wise. Its cold and breezy with slight drizzles. With every chance I get, I walk over to the huge windows at the office or stand in my balcony at home and stare at the beauty this summer rain is!

** Fighting over my instincts, I got four new plants – of which one died the very next day. Of course I felt very bad, but then it wasn’t my fault at all. I have been diligently taking care of the other three and it fills my heart with happiness when I see new buds or leaves. The jasmine plant has almost ten buds now and the chrysanthemum plant has given out 5 new flowers.

** I let the TV run to kill the silence at home when I am alone. Somehow I started watching a Hindi serial dubbed into Tamil. You know what life shattering problems the heroine of the serial faces, to quote a few – hiding her pregnant tummy in a designer saree, saying no to snacks/food that’s served by MIL, making a chapathi from scratch, selecting a jewelery piece as a gift from her in-laws, taking a call from her mom, going to shiv temple and the list is endless. Its so so so bad I don’t even know why I watch it. Oh I know – for the beautiful costumes and the huge house. Its one serial that should have been telecasted in 1950s but accidentally got pushed to 2000s. And I got a shock knowing the Hindi version’s been going on from 2009 until today. Gosh.

** The phone calls with the MIL are so fun, especially when I am alone. She starts with – did you eat something? Even if its only 6 in the evening and continues to ask this question multiple times during the call. The finishing line all the time is – take care ok? Don’t skip food as you are alone. I say – yes ok! And she says – Take care. Take care.  I say – ya ok, I will take care. Then all of a sudden, she says – take care ma.. take care (in a loud voice) just so that I get how important it is to take care 🙂 I have a huge smile on my face as I put down my phone.

** I have six Alphonso mangoes sitting in my kitchen, smelling so wonderfully that I go to them instantly as soon as I step into the house. The fact that these mangoes are fresh from the farmers and are not treated with any chemicals, makes them smell even wonderful! 🙂 I cant wait for them to be ripe soon.

I know its such a random post. Cant help it, when there are too many things going on in my mind.


26 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Now, even I have a few potted plants and I am happy the way they have survived & grown. 🙂
    The weather in my part of the world has also become good with rains and temperatures coming down .
    Hindi serials – I have given up on them many years ago! 🙂
    Alphonso…..sounds yummm! 😀

  2. second point, i brought some pics from back home , but now i think i did a mistake because each time i see them I cry and feel homesick 😦

    and mangoessssssss I WANT I WANT courier me someeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… I cant afford buying them here 😦

    now i feel like CRYINgggggggggggggggg

    new flowers excellent I cant wait for a few days of sun. so we start to get the buds coming…

    • I can totally understand Bik! Hugs.

      Are they that costly there? Luckily the mangoes are cheap now 🙂 Did they not ban export of Indian varieties of mangoes all of Europe? Bad, else I would have sent you some 😀 😛

  3. I love the smell of the mangoes that are in my house too! And, yes, to the beautiful weather in Bangalore these days.

    Please do that picture post whenever you can. Would love to see it.

    Your MIL sounds so cute!

    • By the time you are going to be back here, its going to be lovely Visha 🙂

      I have been meaning to ping you for so long now, will do so soooooon! 😀

  4. Hi GB.. I un-followed you accidentally, don’t know when & how 😦
    Clicking the unfollow button was the sad part but the happiest part is I get to read all your posts back to back, its like catching up with you after so many days 🙂
    Just loved loved loved reading all your updates –
    1) Congratulations for brother’s wedding, I am sure you must be looking very pretty in your silk sarees 🙂
    2) Congratulations on getting keys of your new place & moving to your new home 🙂
    3) Loved the quick & simple recipes of Poha & bread upma, will give them a shot 🙂
    4) Take care okie??? 😛 😛

  5. Hasn’t the climate been wonderful from past three days! Main reason for my uplifted mood. 🙂
    Yay for the plants GB!! 🙂 Keep at it.. Am sure they will grow well…
    Alphonso?? I am so tempted!

    • Its been so good these few days! 🙂 No wonder, we are all feeling better 🙂

      Hahaha 🙂 I really hope they turn out sweet. The last couple of times we got some, they were too sour.

  6. The weather has been nice here as well..
    Ah! Tell me about those tv serials.. they never end!
    Conversation with MIL is so nice..
    I want to eat Alphonso.. the mangoes here never taste like the ones we get in India.. Awww – Sigh!

    • Good to hear that you are enjoying good weather too. Here we are oscillating between hot and cold 😦 Sigh.

      Hahaha true. They never end only.

      Opps. Hugs Lavender. Wish I could send some to you.

  7. * 2 of my plants died and one has started yellowing and browning :(. It is just so sad when plants don’t grow well.

    * One thing I have noticed is that all these dubbed hindi serials telecasted on Vijay tv and others are such crap. They are horribly slow. One episode goes in the lead lady making tea or gettting up from sofa to open the door. And you are spot on about their outdated ideologies. They belong to stone age in terms of the thoughts they propagate
    and things they show.

    * There is a mango in the fridge. I hope it is sweet.

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