As I said in one of my previous posts, the balcony overlooks an empty ground that has huge trees. Mostly the road that I see is empty except for a few passers-by. Early mornings and nights, I can enjoy the coolness in the air if I stand over there looking at the tall trees. And then, in the evenings the sun falls down leaving golden rays up until the kitchen. Simply, I can say I leave the balcony door open all the time, going over there with every little opportunity.

Everyday we see a lot of pigeons around. On thursday particularly, I was intrigued by this little crow that was sitting in one position from morning till evening. Until S told me, I didnt know it was a baby crow. With feathers not grown fully, it had to sit at one place waiting for its food. Slowly, we figured out its parents. I mean, there were two crows all the time overlooking this little one from one corner or the other taking turns to feed and watch it. It was such beautiful sight to watch the baby crow take baby steps and slowly fluttering its wings every now then. Soon, it could jump but not fly – not so soon. When it was hot afternoon, it took shade under some bushes. Sometimes the family was together and the other times, it was all independent. Since it couldnt even shout, it would only open its mouth when one of its parents came close to it – expecting food. Such pinkness!!

Over the past three four days, this baby crow had become a part of my routine – that is to look at it. Never did I think I will say l love looking at a crow as dear as this one! Things were great until this afternoon. Just like that, I went out to look at what the crow had been doing to find it captivated by a man – a plastic picking guy to be precise. He was chasing it with a stick in his hands and before I could understand what he was doing, he took it to the road (from the empty ground) and started crushing it under his foot. The parent crows were going about in circles above crowing noisily. Before I could turn towards S for help, he was crushing it with such vengeance that it had opened it mouth. I couldnt bear it anymore and started shouting at him hysterically from my balcony. Soon S joined in too. He quickly took it to a nearby tree and started poking its beak into the bark – I dont know what for. My screams increased and he suddenly left it on that tree and quickly went away. Not having a bit of hope left for it to survive, I came inside crying bitterly. How can someone do this? I mean, I can understand hunting for food. But this is pure torture.

S stayed out for a little while and came back in to say that the bird might live afterall. He said he could go and look for it. With tears still drying on my cheeks, I saw him bring that bird out. Oh what joy it was to see it walk again!! The parent crows were all over the place again, thinking S would be another attacker too. After making sure the baby crow is fine and all, S came back home and peace is restored here.

If I could have gone past the iron grills, the very moment I would have given the same torture to that stupid guy!!


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