Dining Out

No fancy restaurant, just the veranda that runs along the side of the house.

No big set up, only a plastic stool for me and a small wooden stool for S.

No pretty cutlery, our very own very used steel plates and tumblers.

No awesome looking food, but lip-smacking-ly delicious – our comfort food.

Not overlooking a beautiful garden or a lake, but just an empty ground covered with huge trees.

Not in an airconditioned room, but only under the huge sky filled with stars and cool breeze touching us graciously.

One little candle would have made it the perfect dinner date, where we had no option but to look at each other all the while having our food.

Oh so romantic, this Β dinner date!

I would love love love this on any day πŸ™‚





18 thoughts on “Dining Out

  1. OFFCOURSE now what can beat that..

    I was recently in india and beleive me, 99% of the days I stayed at home to eat and NOTHING can beat it.

    We were in our village and the food was cooked and we sat on the floor , all cousins and friends in the kitchen and ATE in there .. nothing can beat that

  2. Awww, that sounds so romantic and perfect! πŸ™‚

    Once, when we were newly married, the OH and I had bhelpoori sitting on the pavement by the roadside, on the way home from work. It was oh-so-romantic, though it was nothing expensive or in a fancy setting. πŸ™‚

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