Amma’s Love

has no bounds.

So Amma made Paruppu Payasam yesterday, of which I shamelessly emptied a big bowl. Amma being Amma said she kept aside another cup for me, to devour in the evening. All through my day in the office, I kept dreaming about my cup of payasam. After dinner, when I looked around the kitchen for the cup – it was nowhere to be seen. Amma with very guilty eyes told me, she had it in the afternoon as she was so bored. So unlikely of her. But then its good no? She enjoying herself. I smiled and said I was too happy she had it herself. Again Amma being Amma cribbed endlessly as to how she should have left it for me until she went to sleep.

I thought she would forget it, but NO. She talked about the same first thing this morning. As if that was not enough, she prepared another big bowl of carrot halwa for me. When I questioned, she says its not for me but for her to feel better about yesterday. Why?! Just because she had a little bowl of payasam? I dont understand this.

Is this something to do with all mothers? I mean motherly instincts? Will I be the same in the future? I am not quite sure. It seems a herculean task to put others’ wishes before your own. Only mothers can do it. No wonder God created them 🙂



24 thoughts on “Amma’s Love

  1. Aww Moms are like that, though my mom was not really like typical moms or was busy working in our growing up years but now she get all those guilt pangs. The other day she was in a saloon with the sister, where another mommy was getting her daughter ready for her farewell. Mom got so touched with the scene, that she came home crying saying that she was never there for us during our farewells or never went that extra mile to got us ready and all that :P. We were like no mamma you have been there when needed, these small occasions don’t matter :).

    And today only I saw this video, I am sure you will love it and feel with it:

    • Oh I know about those guilt pangs. Amma gets them too.. she still remembers her hitting me as I would never let her do her household chores. I am like, why do you bother over it now – I dont even remember anything 🙂 Stay at home or working moms, they have their unnecessary guilt trips I guess 🙂

      Will look at the video soon OHW. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. am I firsttttttttttttttttttttt … WOWOWOW .. I come after year and half and manage to be first ..

    please dont tell me its moderated .. i wont be happy then ..

    you are right about Moms ..

  3. Moms are like that only. I remember once my mom washed my white kurti with some other coloured clothes, by mistake and this one was ruined. i told her to forget about it cause anyway it was an old one, but no she went and got me a new white kurti 🙂

  4. I am always confused about this gb.. I mean I have enjoyed all this love from Amma but when it comes to me being Amma I question myself as should I really sacrifice my little pleasures? I am just going by my mood for now.. shrug sometimes and sulk sometimes.. all I can vouch is that motherhood will always be the best friend of guilt..

    • Cant agree with you more. Though I havent experienced it, I can see that guilt shows its presence. And no no you should never sacrifice your pleasures. I dont think I would do too. Our generations Ammas have this sacrifice thingy in them.

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