The one where I am random again..

** When I first landed in Bangalore almost 6yrs back, I still remember carrying an umbrella everyday to work. It rained on most of the days and if we were lucky, we were left with only a few drizzles on some days. Drying clothes was a big headache that I used to take my laundry to my home in Chennai *Also that I was too lazy to wash them myself πŸ˜› * Fast forward to now, Bangalore feels terribly hot *even hotter than Chennai* for the past two weeks. Clothes get dried in less than an hour and a number of people are buying ACs here in Bangalore!!! That’s the effect of global warming and our unending quest to defeat Mother Nature by adding more carbon footprint.

** I want to go into the TV and catch hold of the girl who claims Maybelline New York Babylips work like a charm for 6hrs straight. Forget 6hrs, it would even last an hour – for that matter none of the branded lip moisturizers seem to be working for me anymore. What with this horrible climate and my lips dry out too soon and takes forever to heal. Ghee and Coconut oil are my only resorts so far!

** Ever since I moved to this new place and have been finding sunlight and fresh air in abundance, I have been dreaming of getting some plants. But then, I am wondering who will care for them when we are gone on trips. Amma tells I can get those plants that require very less water. Still, with this very hot climate I don’t want to end up killing my yet-to-be plants.

** I love whatsapp and that’s my favorite medium to connect with the sister. We must have probably used all the smileys so far and talk so animatedly that we forget about the world around us. Every morsel of food we eat has to be shared across and there is ooh-ing aww-ing. What about S you ask? If his phone is ever off his ear, he would quickly say a hi πŸ˜›

** While setting up my wardrobe I found clothes dating back to 7-8yrs *roll* They look quite the same to me, so there is no way I can think of throwing them off. S and Amma were adamant that any dress I haven’t worn over the last 2 years should go into the β€œto-be-given-off” pile. With a very heavy heart, I put a few clothes into it and clung on to many others.

** Amma is a chutney expert *Not that I don’t like the other stuff she prepares* She makes these awesome combos Β every morning that I look forward to the breakfast time! Sunday it was Pudina, Monday it was tomato-curry leaf, yesterday it was onion-tomato-coriander and today its carrot-coriander! I have been having those chutneys for lunch as well and my lunch mates are loving them too! πŸ™‚

** I read this post of TGND sometime last week and shared with S that I would like to try e-books too! And to my utter surprise, he takes out an e-book reader fromΒ nowhere and hands it to me loading it with some ten books! I was literally shocked and surprised. I didn’t even know there was this e-book reader all this long with him. And it was instant love. I completed a Sophie Kinsella book in 2 nights flat. And yes TGND – I find it no different than an actual book and I read quite fast on this too πŸ™‚ Only downside is that, its unputdownable may be due to the screen light – I have to remind myself that its way past bedtime and its time to sleep.


17 thoughts on “The one where I am random again..

  1. ~ I think we live parallel lives or something. So much that has been happening in my life is similar to what has been happening in yours. πŸ™‚
    ~ I tried out Maybelline’s Baby Lips, enchanted by the advertisement too. Stupid me! It doesn’t even last for an hour, like you say. I find Himalaya cocoa butter lip balm more effective. Have you tried that? I am not too comfortable with applying coconut oil and ghee on my lips. 😦
    ~ LOL @ the e-book reader incident. You didn’t know that S had an e-book reader with him all this while? Super only. Is it a Kindle? I am glad you loved it too. πŸ™‚
    ~ BTW, I tried out Maybelline nail polish too the other day. It started chipping right from the second day onwards. 😦
    ~ Congratulations on the move! Hope you settle down nicely soon.
    ~ My mom is a chutney expert too. She makes yummy chutneys out of anything and everything. πŸ™‚
    ~ I too used to worry about my plants when we moved to this house with the OH. I now request the neighbours to water them whenever we are out of town, and they have been doing that diligently. Couldn’t you try that out? Don’t let the fear of the plants drying out stop you from getting them home.
    ~ Bangalore is so, so, so hot these days! A cousin of the OH who visited Chennai recently told us that Chennai is cooler than Bangalore now. The OH felt that Delhi was cooler than Bangalore when he visited. What a pity! I crave for those rainy evenings and cool breezes that I so used to love about Bangalore. 😦
    ~ About you and your sister Whats-apping and sharing all your food items – how cute! I wish I could do that with someone. I am the only person on this earth who does not use Whats-app probably. πŸ™‚

    • I tried finding Himalaya Cocoa Butter in multiple outlets, but no use. Looks like its out of stock 😯

      Actually, S says he gave it to me some months back and I didnt show much interest that he put it away. Its not Kindle TGND, just an e-book reader. But I love it so much now. πŸ™‚ Your post is the main reason for it πŸ™‚

      Your comment helped me get 4 new plants. I am reliously looking after them, its good to go home looking forward to something. Owners have accepted to water them when we are out πŸ™‚

      I cant agree more. having been to Chennai very recently, I still think I can manage 40deg C in Chennai than 36deg C here.

      What?! You havent used whatsapp yet? Its super good and addictive too.

  2. GB, I completely agree with the wardrobe thing. I too have so manyyy dresses that should goto the β€œto-be-given-off” pile.. but I never put them away… its so tough to just give away some of my favorite dresses even though I have outgrown them πŸ˜€

  3. People are buying ACs in Bangalore 😯 Hope it rains soon!!
    Hehe, none of the lip balms work for me too. Maximum 2 hours, if you do not speak πŸ˜›
    WhatsApp…its a world in itself πŸ˜€
    So you are reading via Kindle aa…super pa πŸ™‚

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