100HappyDays-Day50: Change

I detest change – big or small. I have such hard time adjusting to change that, sometimes I would be ready to accept to the current circumstances no matter how hard it is. But then, change is the only thing that doesnt change isnt it? Today, S and I took a big step forward. Another big change infront of us – I do hope its for the best.

I have sometimes mentioned how the house we are living in right now has lot of issues and how its a struggle everyday for me, when S is not around. We have endured all that the owner forced upon us for the past one year – with no questions asked mainly because I was comfortable living alone in this place. The last few days were unbearable and yet, we couldnt find a new place to move to. Panic hit me as soon as I thought of change and convinced S of not moving anywhere else for some more time. When we were getting used to our decision, we were informed that the owner had ideas of converting the house into a gents hostel. I was part angry and part tensed. I didnt want to stay in a house thats partly a gents hostel and yet, we had no luck finding a house. To clear our minds, we went on a long walk this evening and thats when we found a To-let board while coming back home.

We immediately called the owners, looked at their place, liked it instantly, came back home, spoke to parents, went back to the new house, looked around one more time, discussed with the owners, paid them the advance and got the keys. Yes! That quick! I sometimes wonder how we both decide such important things on an impulse, just like that – in such short time. But thats us, very typical of us. We simplify complicated things and complicate simple things.

We have this huge task of packing, shifting, unpacking and arranging ahead of us. And we really want to move into the new house as quickly as possible – in the next two days. I can feel my head spinning already but I am so excited and I am hoping its all for good ๐Ÿ™‚


PS – Its my 50th day of this challenge and its so hard to believe I have come this far! Some days were totallyย happy and some were so bad that I had to look out for my happy moment. Nevertheless, its been a great experience so far.

28 thoughts on “100HappyDays-Day50: Change

  1. I hope you have a great time in the new house! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I, just like you hate change. But off late I am slowly learning that we have to get out of our comfort zone and try stuff. It is very important!

  2. sometimes being impulsive helps a lot.. i am also kind of facing same prob, my owners are selling the house, i need to look for new one. packing scares me a lot..

  3. GB, I can’t believe how and when my blog started un-following yours. And all this while i was thinking you ain’t posting anything :(. Now Best of luck with the shifting. I am hopping to read the missed posts.

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