100HappyDays – Day41: The Bridge

Can I say I am resuming my happy days challenge here again? I am not sure. While doing it just on mail misses the element of words or why it is my happy pic, putting all my pictures here – posting everyday made me question if I am spamming my readers (though not many!) with useless posts. But then after long thought, I decided I would put the posts I wish to, in my blog. My Blog. Whats the point of me having a blog, if I cant post what I fancy? More so, if this challenge is a part of my life, it should be on my blog too.  All this said, I still dont know if all my happy pics would make it here.

Today is special. I received a picture from S, who as I said has been travelling to Delhi. More than anything, its his picture that made me so so happy that, I couldnt resist resuming the challenge here. So, here it is  – the picture. Of the river, Krishna.


Having been born in Andhra and brought up in Chennai, my association with my actual roots had not been much more than what was formed during our occasional trips to the place.  Our visits were far and long, yet everytime we were there, it made me fall in love with the place. A part of the it is due to the lovely family members – be it my Thathi -Ammumma, or my Pedhananna garu and his family.

Months before the actual trip, as soon as our tickets were booked – we used to look forward to that day we would travel in train, to our native. We looked forward to those suitcases being packed up to the full, including gifts to our people. We looked forward to those yummy pooris and kurma Amma would make for us, to eat during the travel. More than anything, we longed to sleep in the berths, especially the middle and upper ones. We would know we are reaching our station, as soon as the train goes on this long bridge crossing river Krishna. We would be awake for so long even before that, not to miss the chance of looking at the river or the bridge. Most of the times, I have had this anxiousness as a kid – what if the train stops on the bridge? Or what if the water is flowing too fast? I have even been scared of the loud noise our train made, while crossing Krishna. Dad made sure, we were put at ease. Sister and I would be handed a rupee each in our hands, and we were put it into the river and pray to Her as we passed. Everytime Amma told us, how Krishnamma Thalli provided life for hundreds and thousands – a real God I have thought. And then, to one end of the bridge we could see the small hill on which the famous Kanaka Durga temple is. As the folklore goes, when Krishna reaches up the nose stud of Durga Devi , the world would end. As kid, I was fascinated by these stories and believed them too.

I have seen Her flow up to the bridge almost and I have seen Her dry up too. I have seen Her peaceful and I have seen Her ferocious too. I have played on the banks of this river, have walked to the middle of the river during summer, felt the trains moving above my head on the bridge and I have counted the bogies of numbers of trains from the banks. I have also seen kids pick up the coins from the shallow water, the same coins that were thrown by passengers like us from the trains above.

This river fascinates me. There is so much life going on around Her. So many lives She touches everyday, including the ones like mine, who are so far away from her and are yet, influenced by Her.

When I am missing everyone around, this is the best gift S could have given me 🙂


8 thoughts on “100HappyDays – Day41: The Bridge

  1. ok.. so u r a Vijayawada girl is it?? even now i like putting coins in the water.. thought i dont remember the wish, i dot it.. did u ever sit on the foot board when the train is crossing the bridge.. its a lovely feeling.. 🙂

    • Yeah.. night time on the bridges can be too scary. I always thought I could lay awake, even if something to happen. But the same is not so fearsome, when you are travelling during the day. The way we are wired!! 🙂

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