100HappyDays – Day22: Break..

I had been feeling very tired from morning – what with back to back meetings, very little to no time for lunch, continuously talking while conducting the training and on top of it, many many issues. This week has been quite like that. Only silver lining – yesterday’s power cut. I had almost no energy left in me and top it all, S has been very very very busy that we haven’t spoken properly for almost ten days. Today was the worst, where he spoke for less than a minute. I wish we both were together, to support each other. I wish, I didn’t have to depend on phone calls anymore. I wish…. Sigh.

My never ending thoughts were interrupted by a mail calling us all for a concert in less than 30 minutes, to start the celebrations of womens’ day. Off I went to escape from my thoughts and boy, did I enjoy it! Such peppy numbers they were singing that I completely forgot all my worries, atleast temporarily. To think that all these people have a full time job and are techies, yet performing so well – I am spell bound.


In house rock band… 🙂


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