100HappyDays – Day10: Gift?!

I love gifts – that is to give. I am not sure I can say the same about receiving too. Of course I am happy when I get a gift, but the joy of giving – its priceless. Right from the time I started earning, I have had the advantage of making my loved ones happy with gifts. I don’t think twice before buying something, if its for my close ones. At the same time, I am a fussy receiver of gifts. No. I wont crib about the gifts I get, I accept anything that’s given to me with love but then if I am given a choice I would say no to my gifts. I don’t know whats wrong with me 😀 Like for this birthday, sister had almost gone to the stage of begging me to tell her what gift I would like. She could have thrown a surprise, but knowing me she just gave all her options and as usual, I kept denying. She is like my little baby. How can I get a gift from her? I should be the one giving her – is my logic for her. But I am not any better with my parents or S either. I feel like they are wasting their hard earned money for me and I cant help my thoughts. When I think hard, it seems to me that I do like getting gifts but they shouldnt shout money to me, but love.

After all this gyan about gifts, it must be pretty clear that S and I have had very little gift exchange in our three years of married life. There have been couple of instances where I had gifted him some essentials – like the trimmer/shaver *with the hope that he would atleast then shave everyday, which by the way never happened* apart from that, all our celebrations have been plain without much gift exchange and I am perfectly fine with it. Last week when we all had gone for team lunch, my manager kept prodding me with the same question as to what did my husband gift for my birthday. I said none. She tried her best to make me feel bad about it, while I had no reaction to show. I mean, I don’t want gifts on my birthday to show that S loves me, when I know that too well. Considering my current circumstances, it was a great gift that I could be with loved ones on that day.

All this said, I do love surprises. When S was home last night, he took out this small bar of Naturo from his pocket while hugging me and it was the most pleasant surprise I have ever got in the recent times. These little things are more than enough to keep me happy. And it was the perfect little dessert for our lunch today! 🙂


24 thoughts on “100HappyDays – Day10: Gift?!

  1. I LOOOOOVE naturo. I brought a few bars with me this time and finished them all in transit!
    They have a few flavours but I love mango the best.
    Oh, about the rest of the post (sorry,naturo does that to me) – I love giving and receiving 😛 Anything! I don’t crib and I very graciously accept gifts that show that the person thought of you, even a hand drawn bookmark that a little kid gave me to keep between my Kindle :))
    Seriously, you are a very nice person GB 🙂

    • LOL 😀 I can totally understand you love for Naturo 😛

      Exactly Kismi. I dont want anyone spending a few hundreds or thousands for me. A simple gesture is all it takes to understand. I am not sure if I am that nice a person, but I am not bad 😛

      I too love hand-made gifts. If someone spends their time to make something for you, its totally priceless. I treasure just gifts. 🙂

    • Oh No Tharani.. Everyone tells me something’s wrong with me 🙂

      You are too cute 😀 😀 Sister is more like you – starts telling its her birthday from almost two months before 🙂

  2. Naturo, Oh! how I miss it. Even though they came up with so many flavors, nothing can beat the mango. And yes regarding the gifts, ever since i started earning, If the person close I just get them anything I feel like. Surprising them and hearing or seeing their reaction is priceless. 😀
    Sometimes the simplest of gifts is the best 🙂

  3. Wow GB!! you are a saint!! I do love receiving the gifts as much as I love giving.. Though since some time we celebrate with food and without gifts, but i won’t say no to a gift 😉

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