100HappyDays – Day9: The day just got better…

The day started pretty bad, what with my body pains and terrible headache. I had a feeling that its not going to go well at all. Infact, I did comment on Tharani’s post some time ago on how I am awaiting my happy moment today and how its not happy all the time around me, just because I have taken up this challenge.

Within an hour, things changed. I went down to the pantry to have a glass of water and noticed that the trees on both sides of the road infront of my building are in full bloom. Imagine a tree with no leaves but full of pink flowers. The road looks just like the one in Kalloori Salai song from Kadhal Desam. Bad I don’t have a proper picture that justifies the beauty of those trees or the road, except for this one clicked from 4th floor of my office. Just when I was about to get back to my work, someone was standing near me looking at the beauty too. He also thanked me, for making him notice it amidst his busy schedule. I am happy to have made someone smile today, without even realizing.

Can you see tiny pink spots on couple of trees?! Will try to put a better picture soon.

Can you see tiny pink spots on couple of trees?! Will try to put a better picture soon.

And then lunch happened. My mood was automatically lifted. Food and friends is the magical combination. This week has seen me get better after lunch, not just once but twice. Today, I had prepared Peas Pulav and it was just yummy. Glad I brought myself to prepare something in the morning, inspite of feeling sick.

There has been Flea Market Carnival going on in my office today. Didn’t I just say I love this company? Yes I do. And yes, I crib about my work sometimes. But there is always this constant effort from the org to keep the employees happy, which is so exciting and mood-changing. I looked through all the stores and all I could buy was this Kasthuri Manjal pack. Cant wait to go home and try it out 😀


Thats my Kasthuri manjal along with the Panji Mittai Stick 😀

Also, after ages had almost two Panji Mittai (Cotton Candy) – that too huge ones. So what if my weighing scale fluctuates?! Its too little an issue, for all the happiness one gets eating a huge Panji Mittai 😀 😀

You probably cant see how big I am smiling :D

You probably cant see how big I am smiling 😀

Just when I thought all the excitement is over and its time to get back to the usual issues, S calls me to say that he is coming down to Bangalore – unplanned. Yay!!!! I can see my weekend starting today only! Now tell me how long should I wait for it to be 8Pm? 😀 😀


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