100Happydays – Day7: Lunch Talks

No proper sleep. Disturbed by bad dreams. Constant noise from somewhere. Waking up tired. Unwanted visit from the monthly friend. Getting the worst of the stomach cramps. Not being able to cook. Hell lots of work at office. Couple of tough customers, who wouldn’t listen to a word I say and bug me continuously – this was my morning today.

As all my energy was drained out by lunch time, I wasn’t even sure if I should get up to eat something. My friend pinged and I joined her. Ordered my favourite Chinese combo. Not always a good choice, but when I am having such a bad day, didn’t seem wrong. The fried rice was ok ok and the noodles were good. The supposedly Babycorn Manchurian was nowhere near the original and yet, did wonders to my palate. What started as a dull lunch ended up on a bright note, as we both spoke about everything under the sun. People who started with us, left us and new people joined our adjacent tables and soon they also left. We talked and talked some more. How refreshing I feel, after this extended lunch. I still have a lot to deal with now and yet, I am feeling light and happy!



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