Hundred Happy Days: Matka Pots

One of my new year resolutions this year was to find reasons to smile everyday. On an impulse I have decided to take up this hundred happy days challenge, inspired by Tharani – just like the blogathon. With just a few hours past my registration in their website, I can see myself look for happiness around me. I have smiled more than before and have thought of a couple of things that made me happy. I cant wait to see how this challenge would help me move towards positivity already. While there is no rule that I post on my blog for this challenge, I am still planning to post my happy pics here everyday! My blog is nothing but the reflection of my life – so why spare these moments of happiness from here? If my happiness can spread and make others smile too, I would only be glad. *Otherwise, I am sorry for subjecting you all to yet other 100 posts*

Today, my team celebrated my birthday by going for team lunch. We laughed, we talked, we teased, we ate and we laughed some more. As if all that we ate at the restaurant was not enough, we stopped at a local kulfi shop. While some of us cooled ourselves with Mava Kesar Kulfi, couple others ordered garama garam masala chai. While I am no big fan of tea, I fell in love with the Matkas in which the tea was served. Looking at the excitement I was showing, my team mates asked the shopkeeper if those can be taken back – to which the shopkeeper generously accepted. There, I had two matkas with me, all wrapped. This is one of the shapes I had been searching for long, needless to say I was beaming with happiness. Intrigued by this, they asked me why I need them. To add to my pot painting collection – I answered 🙂

Small joys of life! :)

Small joys of life! 🙂

ETA: This happens to be my 250th post! Yet another reason to smile! 🙂

26 thoughts on “Hundred Happy Days: Matka Pots

  1. So many things between us seem similar.. Maybe coz I am an aquarian too..
    I too love those kulhars!! Haven’t had a chance to get any till now though. 🙂
    I love the idea of you doing a hundred happy days post.. Maybe I will take it up one day too. 🙂 Thanks GB for the inspiration!!

    • Same pinchhhh Arch 🙂

      You know I had been searching for them too. Luckily got them that day. A local tea shop is serving tea in these. Will get for you, when we meet! 🙂

      Pls do take this up sometime Arch. We will start looking for happy moments and that changes a lot of our negativity.

  2. I like this idea of 100 days of happiness. But I am sure I won’t be able to complete it with my upcoming trip to India (I’ll be without internet for most part). I’ll, maybe, do this later. It is very similar to the concept of Happy Jar. Good luck with this challenge. I wish you get so many happy moments each day that you get confused which one to write about and which one to skip 🙂

  3. I love these kinds too. I am not very creative like you but I often collect them thinking that one day my creative juices will flow & I will transform them 😛
    Can’t wait to see what you churn out with the duo! 😀

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