Its the day….

….. GB wakes up feeling happy and smiles throughout for no particular reason.

…… GB gobbles tasty home made Gulab Jamuns in dozens without thinking twice.

….. GB answers phone quite often.

….. GB feels blessed having all her closed ones next to her.

….. GB wakes up to wishes at midnight.

….. GB feels childish wearing her new birthday dress and ramp walks for her family.

….. GB enjoys awesome food right from last night’s special dinner.

Its the day GB feels very special, for its her birthday today! πŸ™‚



62 thoughts on “Its the day….

  1. I remembered its your birthday yesterday, wanted to call you, but I am mobile-less these days, awaiting the shipment of my new phone till now. And I read your post now only 😐

    Belated wishes dear GB πŸ™‚

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