Three years……

..…back on this very day, S and I got engaged officially 🙂 It doesn’t even feel like a long time ago, everything is very fresh in my memory and its kind of hard to believe its our third engagement anniversary today.

On this day,

*        I felt my heart palpitating as hard as it could as I entered the function hall filled with people, awaiting me.

*        I felt blood flowing through my entire body, looking at S all dressed for the evening.

*        I felt rushed up and violated, having to drape my silk saree infront of three strangers for the first time in my life, in a room that wouldn’t even close properly.

*        I felt butterflies fluttering in my stomach, sitting next to S though not for the first time.

*        I felt overwhelmed when our parents were exchanging thaambolam thattu

*        I felt a little irritated when S wouldn’t properly insert the engagement ring into my finger and start posing for the pictures.

*        I felt a little disappointed not finding the sister anywhere near the engagement scene for a long long time, not knowing she had that many last minute errands to run for the function to go on smoothly.

*        I felt blessed looking at all the happy faces that had gathered for us, of course I am referring to our friends.

*        I felt exhausted carrying that very huge garland that the S’s family had brought.

*        I felt my stomach growling out loud, for I was too nervous to eat anything before the ceremony, not knowing we would be the last to dine that evening.

*        I felt shy having to blow the candles and cut the cake all by myself infront of all those people, not to mention feeding it to S for the first time and many times after that, for photos.

*        I felt relieved when someone finally took away those garlands, and cleaned my face from all the chandan and kumkum that was smeared all over.

*        I felt my cheeks hurt from all the smiling I did throughout the evening.

*        I felt blushed when S secretly told me how beautiful I was looking.

*        I felt thankful when we were finally called for the dinner.

*        I felt a lot irritated when S fed me a piece of roti when I fed him my Jamun (You know, he repeated that in the wedding too!)

*        I felt peaceful coming back home happy, from a function that went very well inspite of a lot of initial hiccups.

Here we are after three years and this day is very special to both S and I. It was the start of our beautiful journey together – the first step of our dream coming true.



43 thoughts on “Three years……

  1. Happy engagement anniversary GB and S 🙂

    I am having a dinner date today, so gonna enjoy a bit more in your celebration 😉 😉

    They give really little time for the saree change no? I had one person holding my braid high while the beautician was draping the new saree 😀 😀

    • Thanks so much Visha 🙂 Wow! Hope you had good time 🙂 We went on a dinner date too 😉

      Seriously!! I cant begin to explain who held what when I was draping my saree 😀 😀 LOL 😀

  2. lol 😀 😀 i am laughing hardly at how S ji would have posed for the ring ceremony!!! how did you posed 🙂 love this tiny tiny memories 🙂 wishing you guys to live this moment with same happiness 🙂

  3. Even I remember that spl day 🙂 I was all excited, surprised and what not 😀 Time has moved away so fastly and now when we turn back, it seems ages since we met 🙂

  4. Hey GB!!

    Have been following your blog for quite some time. And it’s been a pleasure!

    Happy engagement anniversary to the both of you! Keep smiling and keep writing! 🙂

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