Men and Shopping

The weekend got over really really really fast and its hard to believe we are in the middle of this week already. Nothing got finished during the weekend, thanks to the throat pain, cold and cough. S had to slog through most of the work, poor guy! Seems like he travels down during the weekend to finish off all the piled house work only.

 By Sunday evening, I gathered all the energy I had and decided to go shopping. After what seems like ages. Seriously, something’s is wrong with me – may be I am getting old. I am not in the mood to shop at all. And this has been going on for like 5-6 months. What started as my birthday shopping ended up as wasted-time-in-the-mall. Frustrated with my lack of interest over shopping, I suggested to S to do some for him and very soon regretted my words. We entered every shoe store and clothes store in the mall (which is so big) and even after 3 hrs, S hadn’t made a choice. Whoever said women take a long time to shop and dress up?! I want that person to meet S. He took his sweet own time, finding that right pair of shoes and that perfect fitting shirt. I had to ditch the plan of shirt shopping mid-way as the number of shops we need to cover were getting to be too many. But shoes, we had to continue 🙄 Amidst my killer stares and cant-walk-anymore attitude, S had to select a pair – after what seemed like forever. I really like the fact that he takes care in choosing what he likes and all that, but the reasons he comes up with, for rejecting some go above my head only. With sale going on in every store, the mall was too crowded as usual. With just 3hrs inside the mall, I was yearning for some fresh air. Malls and weekends – bad combination in Bangalore. I was missing my mall-free weekends already.

As we were returning back home, I went back to those days I used to go shopping with dad. Every Sunday was veggie/grocery shopping day in our household. Till date, dad only gets all vegetables in bulks from the market. A trip to the market goes something like this – On any Sunday, get ready as early as 8am, have breakfast and start to the market around 9. By then, not all shops would be open. There would be ample parking space too. But no, dad wouldn’t park the vehicle. Instead start from the first opened shop, go over vegetable by vegetable – purchase some that interests him. It would soon be 10am. Most of the shops would be open and crowd starts coming too. Go over the entire stretch of the market (that is as long as a KM) and buy remaining veggies. By now sun would be on the top of your head. Just then, it comes to his mind that the tomatoes were missed previously. So, he goes to another end of the market to purchase a kilo of tomatoes. Now, any other left out small veggies would have to be purchased from the opposite end of the market only and that too happens. Keep in mind, all this while the scooty wouldn’t be running – for there is no way one can maneuver a vehicle in that crowd – so it has to be pushed along. This is just with veggie shopping and I don’t even want to get into grocery shopping. If amma goes with dad, all her work would be piled up at home and thus, whenever I was in Chennai I used to accompany him. Sister/amma would come back half dizzy only, even if they happened to go. Every trip to the market would make me wonder about his patience and is it worth all his trouble? I am not sure. If it was me, I would go to the first shop opened – buy whatever is available there and be back home in an hour.

How can shopping be stereotyped to only the female clan?! I know atleast two men who are a solid evidence against that 😀


38 thoughts on “Men and Shopping

  1. My jijun is another example!! oh we rounded the mall thrice and ended up buying nothing 😦 men I say, they want us to finish ours soon, if we try reciprocating the same words while they are shopping, we will be marked with a no patience certificate!!! Ladies are far better now a days 😛 boasting obviously 🙂

  2. Count AV in too. This is the case not only for mall shopping but also for window shopping. He took almost 2.5 hours searching for a shoe online and now that he has got it, wants to get it replaced since he doesn’t like it. Sigh!!

  3. haha. i hate shopping. so does the partner. so it’s easy for me when we do have to go. most of the times i buy him stuff, and when he does accompany me to find things for himself, he gets bored within minutes of entering the mall, making sure we are out before we get bored out of our minds. 😛

    • Its a blessing if your partner likes whatever you pick for him 🙂 In our case, whatever S picks I dont like and whatever I pick, he wouldnt like. Its once in a blue moon we both like the same thing 😀

  4. Hey, I could exactly relate the way your dad gets veggies on sundays with my dad… He rarely takes us with him for he knows we dodnot have the stamina required 😛 But the best thing is that, he gets the best available in market… 😀 I had been with him couple of times and when it was my turn for sunday veggie shopping, I adopted his method and it did interest me though it made me tired 🙂

  5. You already know my shopping story na…in 5 or max 10 min my dress or saree shopping is over..where as for Zack it can take months 😐

    I so know and feel your pain GB 😛

  6. M takes forever to order something online.. His idea is to get the best quality in the best deal so he takes days and months too to order something online **rolls eyes** but mall/store shopping he will always try to keep it as short as possible for the fear of purse becoming weaker if we wander more 🙂 these men I say are unpredictable!!

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