My Killer Dishes….


 Most of the times I sound like this person who never has had a failure in the kitchen and that is so not true. My cooking interest developed mostly because of my experimentations in the kitchen, right from childhood and that means, I have had a lot of disasters. Usually it was Amma and sister who were the victims until S joined the bandwagon 😀 Dad usually escapes from these, as he would be at work when my experimentation starts and only if it turns out good, he would be served that in the evening.

I have three specific killer dishes in specific. Each targeted at one of them, of course. 😀

Let me start with S’s experience first, afterall he is one who praises my cooking skills day in and day out 👿 One day, I had this very simple idea to make caramel custard. The only problem being, no one at home touches eggs – forget eating. So, when S (who was just a friend then) came home, it was perfect excuse to try my recipe on him. I made S bring a couple of eggs (forget athithidevobhava!) and started preparing caramel custard right away. After 15-20mins, the house was filled with wonderful fragrance. So not! Yet, not refraining from my efforts I let it cook a little longer and then offered S a huge bowl of caramel custard. I had to be tied to the kitchen, for there was such a mess and needless to say, Amma was mad at me. Within a couple of minutes, sister comes back with the empty bowl from S. I was so happy and all, until I stepped out to spot some of my custard in the dustbin. So far, I have never tried it again. If I could make a person who even have had raw eggs, hate something so much that he had to secretly throw it off – I am the queen of kitchen disasters! To this day, if I even utter the wrod “custard”, S runs away :mrgreen:

The next is with Amma. So, its not hidden that Amma loves whatever I prepare. I have even talked about how she would say super even before putting that stuff in her mouth. But there is one dish, that she is so scared of that she even requested me not to make it again, at any cost – and that’s cream of mushroom soup. Must be some 6-7yrs back. I was so intrigued by the button mushrooms which were totally new to our area super markets. I got a pack and that very day, I had to prepare soup with it. Not having tasted mushroom soup before, I had let my imagination go wild and in the end, we had this thick earthy smelling white colored smooth liquid. Remember it had to be “cream” of mushroom soup. Amma already has a thing for mushrooms, she thinks they are meat!! On top of it, the soup was smelling too bad that, she ran out to pour all of it in our sweetlime tree. Sigh. On her special request, I have never made that soup again.

Sister who is always a sport in whatever I try, has had one horrifying experience with my experimentation too. One Sunday morning 10 yrs back, Parents were not home. I wanted to treat sister to some exotic Italian Pasta. Only issue being – I didn’t know what really went into it except for the very few ingredients. Its that time when Internet wasn’t widely used (atleast in our household). I wanted to prepare Pasta in white sauce and the first step would be get the sauce ready. I kept adding Maida and milk alternatively until all milk exhausted. I had one lumpy sauce in hand, so I sought the help of water. In the end, I had like 1ltr of lumpy white sauce which was nowhere near sauce.  Sister woke up to this horror and refused to even try it. Meanwhile, parents were back home. Dad happened to come into kitchen for some reason, he took one look at my pasta and asked – “Why is this binding paste here in the kitchen?!” Apparently, he thought I have taken his sticking paste used to bind books and heated it 😯 Its supposed to be Pasta and not Paste! And I refused to try white pasta until I got married. And ever since, I have been making it often and am glad it turns out exotic and not disastrous.

These are not my only kitchen disasters, but somehow had such adverse effects on people that they had to be featured here :mrgreen:

So, do you have any literal killer dishes?


23 thoughts on “My Killer Dishes….

  1. Hahahahaha…I loved reading this GB 😀 :D. The white sauce thing was hilarious!

    I have too many killer dishes too. Being a novice, the list keeps increasing. My first brownie was a disaster. It had nil sugar and anna had to spread nutella to push it inside his mouth. But being the sweetheart he is, he finished the full tray of it.
    My tryst with biriyani’s is infamous at my place. Now I am a princess of biriyani (crowned by family :P), but sometime last year I subjected my parents and anyone who came to home on friday to bad bad food in name of biriyani- from under cooked rice to gooey mixture. I have done it all. They have eaten it all.
    Other thing is sambar. It often turns out like rasam for me. So, somedays, I cover up and say I made rasam only 😛

    • Hehehehe 😀 😀

      Anna is so sweet la 🙂

      LOL 😀 😀 *sorry* You know how else will we learn, if they dont encourage us 🙂

      Hahahaha 🙂 My sambar is ok.. manage panidlam.. though it comes no where near that awesome tasting sambar of MIL.. Rasam only problem.. its between plain hot water to too tangy spicy mixture 😀 😀

  2. Mine is the story of carrot halwa becoming kamarkattu. After about 5 yrs of that disaster, now I make carrot halwa once in every 2 weeks! And, you know about my spaghetti story, don’t you? 😉

  3. Ayyo I am laughing so loud on that pasta/paste story. I wanted to prepare mor koozhu so badly (my mom is an expert) and it came out like a ‘paste without taste’. I really want to learn it.

  4. soup for starter, pasta for main course and custard for dessert – Please don’t keep this as menu when I visit you 😛
    My disaster recipe is cooker cake. It looked so perfect but, the middle part was so gooey. When baked for some more time, it turned out to be…. venam vidunga 😦 I have a ‘veRi’ to bake now.

    • LOL 😀 Dont worry BM.. Na kandippa ithu kudukamaten 😀 BM… you reminded me another incident with your cake story.. I once made amma bring sand from outside, so that I can try cooker cake.. and ended up burning the cooker to black color. And yes, my cake was too bad too 😦 😦

      Get an oven, enjoy baking 🙂

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