This time last year, we were very busy preparing for your wedding and before we knew it, its yours birthday again. By the way, how did you grow up so much in a year? From being my little sister you have all of a sudden become this matured, responsible person. Last year had been very pressing for me and yet if I could live through each day, its because of you.  My day starts with your ping and ends with it too. No matter whether S is next to me or not, you were there for me every minute just a tap away. Am I going to thank you? Nah! You were born for me – to take away my loneliness, to be the best companion I could ever get. Our lives are so twisted together and I can say that you are the bestest thing that first happened to me in my life.

Amma often tells me I started to learn to eat only from you and until you were born, she had such a tough time feeding me. You just didn’t stop there – you taught me to tie my shoe laces, churidar nadas, which hand is left and which is right – though you were two years younger to me. Such a pedha-perakka you were then only. How many times have you filled ink in my fountain pen and scolded me not to get tensed during the exams? Even when Amma wouldn’t scold me for low marks, I was afraid of you. While all this is one side, I must also agree that you are the most bullied. Even if parents never controlled us, I posed all sorts of rules on you. And the number of hand-me-downs you have received – starting from my shoes to uniform to clothes to clips to hair bands to geometry box to pens to tiffin dabbas to cycles to scooty to everything. You are one saint of a sister, I know 🙂

Some days back, I suddenly remembered this incident. You were in 9th std then and I was in 11th. When I came home that evening, amma worriedly told me that you were not home yet. Worry engulfed all of us and worse, dad wasn’t home. Not having mobile/landline to contact – I waited on the main road for you, for more than an hour. Apparently, you had dance practice but couldn’t inform us. At around 6.30pm, when I saw you coming from distance I was raging with anger. Not knowing any of this, you were smiling brightly finding me there. Not being able to withstand my anger, I slapped you. In the middle of the road. Amidst a lot of people. Silent tears came down our eyes and we walked back home in silence. All through that one hour, the thought that you are my little sister and I cant let anything happen to you was running on my mind. Only that I didn’t know what to do. Even today, you are like a baby to me and I am so possessive of you. I cant let anything happen to you.

Looking back at this one year that has gone by, I am amazed. You make sure your home is sparkling clean. You cook proper breakfast and lunch everyday, even if it means you have to sacrifice your sleep. You are cooking and eating (!) all sorts of vegetables and that most surprising thing is, you are not wasting a morsel of food. Heck – you didn’t want a birthday present from me. Who asked you to grow up so much in a year eh? Get back to being my little sister pls.

This is the first time, I am not with you on your birthday. No, I am not sad at all. I know I have left you to a person who loves you more than this world and would do anything to make you happy.

Stay healthy and happy throughout. Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday Papa.


36 thoughts on “Chinnthalli……

  1. Wonderful post GB. I had tears in my eyes where you mention the incident. Loved it and i so wish i had a big or a small sis. Here is wishing your sis a very happy bday…

  2. Aww.. Such a heart warming post GB..
    How I miss my childhood days with my sis. Growing up is SO not fun!! 😦
    Happy Birthday to your sis from my end.. 🙂

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