My Weirdness

As I am out of any sensible topics for today’s post and have not much time to look at the daily prompts, I am subjecting you guys to my weirdness – especially with regards to some food items.

I hate melons big time. Even if my life depends on them, I cant taste them. I can see many of you shaking your heads in disbelief. But I cant help it, I hate melons – any variety. I run away from the site of stacked up watermelons. My friends have teased/tortured me a million times describing how beautiful a watermelon looks and how awesome it tastes. For me, it’s the ugliest fruit ever and I cant stand its smell too. Bring a dabba of prawns near me, I wont flinch (Ok, I may flinch a little, No – a lot but I wont run away) but bring a plate of watermelon close to me, I would be miles away from you.

When S and I were getting to know each other, we once spotted a water melon cart. Immediately S ran in that direction to get a piece for each of us. When I told him I hate watermelon, he first thought I was just kidding and later couldn’t understand how could someone not like melon?! At home, its been close to 20years, dad stopped buying watermelons. And just for the records, I was not like this from birth 😛 When I was 2nd standard, I remember having asking dad to buy that pink fruit. I even had a big slice of it. Some after effects and all that, I had this major dislike for the color as well as the fruit. Don’t even get me started on musk melon – even without tasting the fruit, I started disliking it from the smell.

Ok, this doesn’t stop just with the melons. I cant stand cucumbers too – both the smell and the taste. Many a times, I have skipped a meal just because I could feel a tinge of cucumber in the raita or salads. While ordering salads or chats, I have to specifically call out “no cucumber” multiple times, for I cant bear even a little bit of cucumber in my food.

Imagine me ordering fruit bowl in office – usually the fruit bowl consists of half of an apple, muskmelon and watermelon pieces, 1 banana, 2 grapes. When I order, I should say no melon variety and I end up getting a bowl of banana only! Hmmph!

Back home, everyone knows about this weird issue of mine and no one forces me to eat these. After I got married, MIL brought home two huge musk melons one day during summer and offered me a huge cup of musk melon juice. While I repeatedly said I don’t like, she thought I was being shy and kept forcing. It was a herculean task, escaping from her during the melon season that year. Now, as soon as she looks at me with a melon in her hand, I run away :mrgreen:

I keep hearing the health benefits of melons and cucumbers all the time, but I don’t think I can ever taste these. I am weird, I know.

So, do you have any weird issues like me?

PS – Sorry if I had hurt anyone’s feelings through this post. I know there are some diehard fans of watermelons and cucumbers.

24 thoughts on “My Weirdness

  1. Hmm, had a friend who hated water melons like anything. So much so, she even once vomitted when a friend had bought slices of it to college. During her pregnancy in the US, doc forced her to eat water melons for some acidity or something like that. We used to pull her legs. Like my son hates citrus fruits, apple, banana. He makes fun of them and runs the other side. But he loves chikkoo, mango, straw berry and lichi.

  2. I know somebody who hates milk and all milk products. Can you believe that he is 35 yrs old and has not had a glass of milk, or had curd rice or had any payasam which has milk in it? 😀

    Trust me, you are weird with melons, while there are lots of others out there with equal if not more weird likes and dislikes 😀 You are not alone !!!

    • Oh Yes! Even S struggles to touch milk or smell any milk products. Give him flavored milk or milk products, he can manage. I know of friends who wont even look at curd. Worse, my friend wont touch any food that comes in contact with curd. So if I take pulav and raita, I should first offer her, else she wont touch it at all. 😀

      Thanks for reassuring that I am not alone 😀

  3. eh!!! seriously !!! i can’t believe it, they are the bestest fruit and vege in the world and you are saying you like it 😀 😀 i wish i get you a big big melon juice and ask you to make a juice for me:D 😀 😀 he he 😀 we use to call melon as kuthura muttai 😀 😀 😀 😀

  4. hmm.. fruits – I don’t have anything that I don’t like in particular but vegetable – I used to hate brinjal but started eating it few years ago and now happily settles with a hot bowl of amma prepared vangi bath..
    I should give all the credit to M.. If he did one good thing to me its changing my food habits for good.. 🙂

    • Nice of M 🙂 How much ever S tries, he cant change this of me. But I have had influence on him, when it comes to veggies. He eats whatever I prepare for a day – no questions asked. Thats how he started eating all types of gourds and of course brinjal.

  5. GB! I found a difference between us then 😛 I like melons and am generally open to all fruits and vegetables 🙂 Melons I can understand but you are the first I hear of who dislikes cucumbers to this big an extent :PPPP

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