Some people think a lot before taking decisions and some take decisions on an impulse. We are different. We think and think a lot and still not arrive at a decision. You know its so bugging at times, especially when the decisions are not life changing or important – like deciding whats to eat for dinner. Here is how it goes on, in our household –


Isnt this a tedious process every night?! hmpf! Most of the times I am left talking to myself, making these decisions.

One such night last week, we were so hungry and yet we didnt have a plan for our dinner. We spoke for like an hour and after having analyzed every available option, I was tired. Just then, S opens his mouth and I am gladly looking at him, expecting him to announce his decision. You what he says – “Hey seekram ethachi sapdalam, pasikidhu!!” (hey lets eat something soon, I am hungry!). Sigh. If only he had selected an option, I would have been glad.


20 thoughts on “Indecisiveness

  1. You echoed our story here…. Now days if I have not cooked the moment I look at hubby he is like don’t look at me just say whether we are eating out or in….if only I had an answer 😁

  2. I am blessed now as I am welcomed with hot food at home. courtesy – amma.. But, every day when I gobble it I keep telling amma “all this luxury is only for few more months and I have no clue what I will do after that” May be I will follow your chart too 😦
    Btw, how did you make this chart? just in a word doc?

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