“Hmmm?!” Thoughts

You know “Hmmm?!” thoughts – the ones where your mind voice says Hmmm with a big question mark :P, my mind is so busy most of the time with such thoughts and here are some from the recent times – 

MIL and I were making vadais yesterdayS walks in, takes one look at the vadai pathram and puts his hand inside to pick one hot hot vadai. I snapped – not until padayal and he withdrew his hand. Witnessing all this, MIL says its ok for him to taste it before padayal and that kids are a form of God. Now who is the kid?! Hmmm?!??!

This morning S and I went for our morning walk. For reason not known to me, people in the neighbourhood were all eyes. Looks to them my MIL is too good to me, that she lets me go out for an hour of walk in the morning rather than assign some work for me in kitchen. Hmmmm?!

When a lady in her casual clothes walks fast on the road alongside a man early in the morning, no one looks at the man but save all their weird looks for the lady. Seems like a lady should come out of the house only if she has some work. She should officially have no time for walks in the morning. Hmmm?!!!!!!

I tend to talk all non-sense to S during our walk. As our walking speed increases, so does my talking speed too. At one point today, I said I am tired of all talking than the walking for which S says – “dont worry, you are burning more calories talking than walking.”  Hmmmmm!!!!!!!

Ok, now I am so hungry even after eating chapathi, idli and three types of chutneys for breakfast. Total Hmmmm?????! I know.

Didnt see even one cow today. Mattu Pongal and all that, I thought I would see colorful cows today. Did our people get responsible and are they keeping their cows in their sheds rather than letting them out on road, even if its for a day? Hmmmm!!!

So why do people wish Happy Pongal, when this is such a regional festival. Happy New Year I understand, but Happy Pongal?! Hmmm!???????

14 thoughts on ““Hmmm?!” Thoughts

  1. hhmmm “total hmmm post wonly”.. your last point reminded of senthil’s joke one of my friend shared in whatsapp
    “we eat pongal for pongal so we are saying happy pongal.
    we eat biriyani for ramzan shouldn’t we say happy biriyani?”

    ***running away before you throw those slippers***

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