Dear Curry Leaf,

Accept my sincere apologies first. As a little kid I hated you. Having grown up a little bit, I found ways to ignore you. I mean, you are not that difficult to pick and throw to a side of my plate. Your dark green color put me off, every time I found you in chutney or sambar. Don’t even get me started on your appearance in Kootu-poriyals. If eating a cup full of carrot poriyal itself was enough of a punishment, imagine how it would be to see you peep through.

Amma’s persuasions to make me not to push you to a side would be dealt with wild stares. And Nanna’s scolding would fall up on my deaf ears only. Even grandma’s tricks of showing me old pictures where aunts’s had long hairs only because they didn’t ignore you didn’t work well too. I would argue that I would better go bald than to eat you. How wrong of me, I know!

Growing up further, I gave you and Amma a very tough time. Amma could no longer dodge you in my meal. If you were ground together with coconut chutney, there I knew it the very instant I saw it. Similar was your state in Kaarapodi too. And then one day, Amma made you into Kolambu – called you Karuvepilai Kolambu and that day saw me dance like Mahakaali – anything to avoid you.

Even when I started cooking, I didn’t like you at all. I would purposely forget to add you 👿 And this didn’t change even after I had my own kitchen. I have claimed to have forgotten to buy you during my veggie shopping :mrgreen: Anyways, you are just an addition to any meal. That’s all.

One day my perception about you changed. Unknowingly, I put you in my mouth along with my sambar saadam and there I fell in love with you, it sure was a magical moment! And my love for you has only been growing ever since.

I religiously look out for your fresh leaves, everytime I am in the veggie section. In anything I make these days, you find your way automatically. Remember the day I put you into the tadka for my paruppu? You did wonders to that Paasi Parupu. Your flavour is too awesome that you take my coconut chutney to another level altogether. You are so good for innovative cooking too – the other day, I fried you a little with onions to make that power packed onion chutney to go with my dosas.

You are just amazing, in all ways! I regret having protested against you all this while. I am sorry for having underestimated you.  Now that I have made peace with you, will you act good and help me grow my thinning hair again?!


16 thoughts on “Dear Curry Leaf,

    • Hehe.. growing up has its own benefits.. you form your own opinions, you start to explore out of your comfort zone and all that – glad I tried them 🙂

      Wow the thought of it is making me slurp!

  1. What a cute post. I love adding curry leaves to anything and everything I prepare. It gives a very nice flavour especially for non-veg curries and I make curry leaves cutney at least once in a week.

  2. Sure karuveppilai will love you….and i too didn’t like karuveppilai during my younger days…haven’t developed any fondness too in the recent days…..but this post made fall in love with karuveppilai 🙂 🙂

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