Same Time Last Week…

… we were with my parents exploring Shivanasamudram and Mysore. What a day it was! Amma and I prepared breakfast and lunch for the trip – just like good old times. You know, the rotis and Pulihora being taken in big pathrams during childhood picnics- we did the same.

Let me show you all that we saw during our trip –

First glimpse of Cauveri –


And the first glimpse of the falls –


Actually it was a little disappointing finding only very little water falling down, but only because of it did we get a chance to walk down closer to the falls.


Found this lone hut in the nearby hills – isnt it so beautiful?!


Remains of a fallen down bridge over Cauveri river –


We passed by several roads filled with harvested crop – what an innovative way to separate the crop from the hay!?!


Our first stop at Mysore was at Palace. No matter how many times I visit this place, I find it totally fascinating.




Here comes my most favorite part of this trip – Mysore Zoo! I behaved like a little girl left open in a candy store. To say that I loved every minute of the time we spent in this zoo, would be an understatement. Finding such variety of animals and birds in one place – that too maintained so well, was quite overwhelming.

We covered all the 3kms of the zoo for more than 3hrs – imagine how long I had made everyone stay at every place 😀 Some pictures from the zoo now –

m_IMG_5081 m_IMG_5075 m_IMG_5068 m_IMG_5060 m_IMG_5055 m_IMG_5052 m_IMG_5041 m_IMG_5039 m_IMG_5028 m_IMG_5025 m_IMG_5016 m_IMG_5012

Looking at me happily running from one cage to another, with such excitement I had – Amma suggested I should live closer to this place 😀 And I said I have no objections at all!

One thing that helped us after such a tiring was the super hot coffee Amma managed to bring for us in a flask. What bliss!


16 thoughts on “Same Time Last Week…

  1. Wowwww GB 🙂 :)…what a picture loaded post! It is such a treat to even look at all the pics and your little notes..I can imagine the fun you must have had. Everything looks so picturesque :). I love that little hut. Imagine holidaying there? 🙂

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