Arrggghh @ Work

I was a minute early to this meeting, whereas the guy who called in for it was about ten minutes late. Coming late is still ok. No you say? Read on.

I was explaining why his idea wouldn’t work. He stopped me all of a sudden.

Startled, I looked at him. He asked me if I knew the objective of the meeting. Yes was my reply. And I continued with my reasoning.

He stopped me again and this time to my bewilderment, he asked me to state the objective of the meeting. In all the 5.5yrs of my professional life, never once had this happened.

Ok, I am not in a college viva voce. Still I stated it for him. Without a second’s delay he pounced on me with his requirements while I already knew that and also knew why it wouldn’t be possible to implement.

Again without even breathing, he shouted out his expectations from me. Now this I couldn’t tolerate. If he gives me no time to talk and keeps interrupting, I can do the same too.

Within next five minutes, I clearly stated my point. As expected, he wouldn’t buy it. I showed him a demo, yet behaves as if nothing of it has happened.

Only when I raised my voice did he seem to understand. Sigh.

If it’s not enough, he started testing me to see if any of my stuff actually work. Yes, they do. And I showed him, not one but two working solutions.

Pretty much having nothing else to do, he agreed to my point.

Finally! Phew!

Some people can be so difficult to work with. He was literally pouncing on me and I mean it. Thank God we were on opposite ends of the table. I cant imagine the plight of those people who would have to work with him everyday.

20 thoughts on “Arrggghh @ Work

  1. That’s how it always works, the person with the requirements always wants a Transformer robot while giving us time and money enough to make only a paper rocket….:D Story of every IT person’s life ;(

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