Mystery Over Missing Top

I love white color, but seldom buy any white colored clothes for all the maintenance I would have to do. But sometime at the end of 2012, I had bought this beautiful white top which had pretty yellow flowers on it. I was saving it for the best occasion and hadn’t worn it more than a couple of times.

Sister’s wedding happened last Feb and what can be the better occasion, I thought and off I took the top with me. With lots of sarees around, this top never saw the daylight. A month after her wedding, I was looking out for this top. I searched my wardrobe inside out. Not having found it, I accused sister of taking it away with her clothes. Being the roshakkaraa ponnu that she is, searched her cupboards only to not find it. With a shameless face, I next asked amma to do the searching in her cupboards and she again answered me in negative. Not trusting her searching abilities, I myself pulled out all the clothes in her cupboard to look out for my top, the next time I was in Chennai. Not only did I not get the top, I had my Amma scream at me in top of her voice.

It was a mystery that I couldn’t withstand. Apart from sister, there were no other young girls in the wedding who could have taken away my top by mistake. Wedding means chaos – so who knows, one of my aged athai (aunt) could have packed it along with her luggage. There was no way we could check.

I had to let go of this top and its thoughts. Considering my restlessness over missing things, it was a huge task. Every now and then, white top would dance in my dreams and I would wake up shocked with proper sweat and all. Ok..that was a little exaggerated but I did miss my top.

Remember my trip to my native? We had to bring down the suitcase for our packing and guess what I found inside?! My white top crushed into a ball. Hurray!!! So what if it’s a ball and what if it stinks bad. I found my top. OK.. S found it. After jumping around happily, I decided to put it for washing – for obvious reasons.

Once back from native, we were cleaning up the house and S was putting the dirty clothes into washing machine. Just when I was thinking how he helps me in so many ways and that I should blog about him, he pulls my white top out of the machine. What a horror! It was no way near white. Some stupid cloth had bled red color and my white top was the victim. It had been transformed to a pink and yellow top with bright pink patches all over.

I jumped into action mode to save it with vinegar, cloth softener, strong detergent, lemon, salt and even boiled my top for some time, but all my efforts were in vain. So adamant was that reddish pink dye.

Now should I be glad I have found my top or be sad its no longer usable?! This is what is called kai ku etnathu vaai ku etathathu. (Roughly translated to – the one that is close to your hand is not reachable to your mouth. Pls forgive the bad translation 😛 )

34 thoughts on “Mystery Over Missing Top

  1. Reminds me of a video that Cheebu watches of someone trying hard to get a biscuit from a jar kept high up. Finally, when he gets the biscuit in his hand, the jar falls off and gets stuck on his face 😀 😀

  2. Ahhh that was bad what happened. This happend with my DL as well. My parents were accused of all possible things and later when i opened my old suitcase with all certificates and markscards i found it in one of the pouches. I got the stares that would last a life time….Hope you find a white top exactly like the one you had.

    • LOL LOL LOL 😀 Sometimes you wish you had never found the stuff you had been searching for isnt it?! 😀

      Happened to me with my internet dongle. I made my parents search the entire house early early in the morning to find it in my handbag. Had to listen to long lectures on being careless etc etc 😛

  3. Lol 🙂 🙂 pity your situation dear 🙂 but i laughed to the core on the way you explained…. i too love white and i got a plain white top for 600 and amma spoiled it!!!! from that day on , i stopped getting white 😦 😦 try ala or dry cleaning…. colour may go…. else bleach it 🙂

    • Atleast something good came out of my spoiled top.. I made you laugh yay!! 😀

      I learnt a big lesson, never wash whites with other clothes.

      I should try bleaching. How is your top now? Usable?

      • no way!!! i throw it dear.,….. the brown did go, but the stains are very much evident!!! I stopped getting white coz of fear of losing!! i cried for 4 hell days and my mom showed weird face 😀 😀 😀 hope yours get better soon 🙂 🙂 i definitely laughed 🙂

      • I know it will never be the same top again. In my case, its baby pink with huge dark pink patches in the back. If I even remove the bright patches, it wont look nice.

        I can understand your crying part.. for I was upset for a day too 😛

  4. Well, you win some you lose some, as the saying goes 😀 And the literal translation would be “many a slip between the cup and the lip” #justsaying 😉

  5. It’s so disheartening to have your favourite dresses splashed with other colours after wash no?. I have one of my favouritest pink formal shirt which is decorated with green blotches, and I have still hung it in closet and mourn over it every single time I lay my eyes on it 😦

  6. Even I did it with my brand new top which I worn only once. Washing it in a machine I meant.
    Ok. There is a shop in Gandhi Market (near Basavangudi??) which does this job. I went with my top and the shop keeper told he can remove any color except yellow. Mine had yellow 😦 (no, he didn’t see it).

  7. Ha ha ha. I do that with AV’s clothes. Dump all the clothes into the washing machine which would have his white t-shirt and jeans 😀 Poor soul 🙂

  8. Hugs gb.. I know white is unmatchable but didn’t the pink t-shade look good?
    Actually, while at India we did this once. The culprit was my pink nighty and the victim was Adi’s white pant, M’s white collared t-shirt and my favorite lemon yellow kurta. The similarity is the washing machine was operated by M to “help me out” **rolls eyes heavily**
    what we figured is that the outcome was not that bad. Adi wore pink shade pant and I wore the orange shade kurta. We didn’t force M as pink t-shirt was a lil too much for him but in retrospect I think I should have made him wear it for all that he had done!!!

    • Pink shade is good Ani, but then there are dark pink patches at places. Its looking so weird.

      Looks like we should never let husbands put clothes into washing machine 😀 😀

      LOL 😀 😀

  9. oh oh! May be some other pretty white top is in store for you 🙂 Happens always nah, when we search for something single mindedly, we dont get it , but when we search for something else, something that we were looking out for long time back makes its grand appearance..And regarding the colour of one getting passed to the other, I’m reading this blog just after folding clothes where I find one of S’s nice T-shirts smeared with nice manjal type of color(:

    • Haha happens all the time, my searching is jinxed in such a way 😀

      Haiyoo.. tshirt ah.. athu romba kashtam. I remember S’s tshirt smeared pink all over 😀

      And where’s you feet? You are folding laundry on a work day!?!!!!! I can never do that in a 1000years 😀

  10. Haha 🙂 Sounds so like me… I wonder how.many of my favorite dresses have been spoilt like this.. Esp white ones. It’s like a jinx, I buy it with so much love and take care by not wearing it too many times and then it goes and gets itself colored red or blue in the machine. Almost always someone else like the maid or my MIL would have soaked/washed it. 😦

  11. Oh,…that’s sad. I once left a pair of white sandals miscalculating the price in my head after discount, and when the husband later pointed out why didn’t you buy it, itne ki hee toh thi. I can’t tell you how bad I felt. I had nightmares for days with that pair of footwears. Not exactly related but was just telling you how attached one gets with all this stuff 🙂

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