Conversations with Amma – 2

Amma is like this very cute person. I dont know anyone else as innocent as her.

Imagine this – Sister had been cribbing about how all her groceries were being attacked by ants everyday, no matter what measures are being taken. Amma, with the most innocent tone ever, asked her – “Do ants come to second floor too?” While my stomach hurt from all the laughing, sister was speechless 😀 😀 #Myinncocentamma

I wanted Amma to take rest while she was here with me. She being Amma couldnt sit idly for more than a day and plunged into action. She took over the kitchen for most of the time. One fine afternoon, she decided to make paruppu and rasam – my favorite, for lunch. All was fine, except that she had put the chana dal into the cooker instead of the toor dal. 😆 Realizing this a little later, she quickly saved the chana dal 😀 #Myconfusedamma

Amma is the only person who without even tasting the food I prepare, shakes her head vigarously and says very tasty 😀 #Mydarlingamma

One day while I was in Chennai, she suddenly started sneezing. Soon it got aggravated and by the time dad was back from office, amma was having high fever. We all were pretty scared to see her shiver out of cold on a hot summer day. When no one was around, she secretly told me why she thinks she got sudden fever. In the temple the previous day, seems she saw viboothi archanai too close to the diety. There, #Mytooreligiousamma

Amma had been telling us about some Paal kodam pooja being done in the temple near our place in Chennai. I was not too interested to know all details, and hence didnt know that this Paal Kodam ( a pot of milk) has to be carried for 3-4kms from one temple to another going as procession. Amma being cashew nut, jumped into action. Little did she know that it has to be carried on head and thus ended up having Paalabishekam by the time she reached the temple 😀 #Mycashewnutamma

Amma has chased a big snake out of our living room, just like in Ramanarayan movies 😀 We smile over it now, but a chill runs down my spine if I think of it. A big snake had entered inside the house and couldnt find its way back on the tiled floor. Amma thankfully saw the snake and froze at that place for more than 15mins praying for it to leave. And just answering her prayers, it slipped out of the house. #Mymagicalamma

There are going to be a lot more posts in this series, I am sure! 🙂 Love her to bits 🙂

Missing Amma Nanna terribly already, house seems so empty without them.


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