2013 – The year that went by…

For the past few days, I had been thinking a lot on what 2013 meant to me. It definitely wasn’t an easy year at all. Though it seemed to go faster, there sure were days I felt were a drag.

Sister’s wedding was such a high for me last year. Though I couldn’t take part in many of the preparatory tasks, I took up so much during the wedding and the happiness it gave me has no match. One of the best things to happen last year.

That put aside, last year was a year packed with lots of struggles and challenges. I have to be frank here – there were a number of times I felt very lonely, left out and life seemed to go nowhere. I must also agree that last year saw me cry a lot and its not something I am proud of. I cried to my pillow, to S and even to my sister. Some problems have no quick solutions, I completely understand it and may be that’s why, there was a constant struggle within me – a part of me was immensely optimistic and the other part pessimistic. With this weird behavior, I have put S under so much distress. What a saint of man he is to survive me!

Rather than saying that I stood by S in his new career, I should say he stood by me, helping me cope up with our changed lives. There were days he ignored his most important work, just to be with me. His all-time-positive thoughts kept both of us going, inspite of my constant negative thinking.

A very simple thought occurred to me towards the end of the year, that I should plainly accept the facts and move on. There is no point in brooding over something I cannot change immediately. I started to look at the positives, even with all the troubles I was going through. That’s my greatest lesson learnt from 2013.

I am glad, I am still living under a roof that protects me from sun and rain.

I am glad, I have a loving husband who puts my needs before his own.

I am glad, I have a great family who cares for me, no matter how distant we are.

I am glad, I still have a job that keeps me motivated and provides for my needs.

I am glad, S quit his full time job to pursue his career dream– if not for that, I would have never known my strengths and limits.

I am glad, S and I have managed a year of distance relationship with no major fights or breakdowns.

I am glad, I had the time to exercise throughout the year which has put me in a better place.

I am glad, I have an extended family who would consider me as their own.

And I am glad for many more things.

So what if there were no vacations, no romantic holidays or fancy birthday/anniversary presents, I am glad we are still in one piece inspite of all that going around us 🙂


29 thoughts on “2013 – The year that went by…

  1. Hugs dear . So what if there were no vacations, no romantic holidays or fancy birthday/anniversary presents, I am glad we are still in one piece inspite of all that going around us — So true and I am with you on this

  2. GB! I must say this again…S and you make an awesome couple! He is so sweet 🙂

    A real nice way to look back and count your blessings na? As always more similarities like bro’s wedding was the highlight for me along with some real awesome trekking and rafting trips I went to 🙂 🙂

  3. Tight hugs to you GB. Yes, 2013 was a tough year but I am sure both you and S have come through it much stronger than before. (This is what I believe for us too) May 2014 bring you lots of happiness 🙂

  4. Hey GB
    You have a nice blog and a sooper food blog too…First time here…I can relate when you talk about your Sister’s wedding…Even my Sister got married in 2013 and that definitely was the highlight of 2013 for me. 🙂

  5. Stay blessed, GB 🙂 Ultimately what matters is that you look back and say ‘It wasn’t that bad’ and count the good things that happened rather than focusing on what went wrong. But I don’t need to tell you all this, you have done exactly that 🙂

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