Stories from my hometown!

Last week was really really short, for I took a vacation – a much needed one. We went to our native, to our uncle’s place amidst all the cyclones. My excitement and joy were too much to contain. Landing at my hometown after 4 years, being with all my loved ones at the same time, getting a break from the daily chores, travelling to many places around with S, looking at the city through S’s eyes, eating all the delicacies prepared by aunt, gorging on the street food and I can keep on going, for the list is endless- the best four days of this year!!

Two full days were gone in train travel only – thanks to the cyclones and long distance trains. Train travel with a company is always fun. S helped me maintain my sanity through out and in other times, I had my book. What else could be better than reading a book, sitting by the window with the cold breeze blowing on your face?

One thing I observed during this round of train travel is that – irctc food services have further gone down. No wonder why none of vendors could sell even a single meal the entire time. A cup of coffee costed ten bucks to taste worst than hot water. Only after I tasted my aunt’s filter coffee next morning, did I get back my senses.

Unlike the usual sultry climate at my place, it was so pleasant – thanks to the cyclone Lehar. Contradicting to all the media hypes, there was little rain fall and all our plans were executed, beautifully. With rain falling our faces, travelling through the paddy fields on both sides of the road, made me realize how much of a concrete jungle every city is becoming. Given a chance, I would buy a piece of farming land and be a farmer (one of my dreams) there. Not easy, not at all easy I know.

There is no best cook than my aunt. p.e.r.i.o.d. We had the best time of our lives, eating everything she prepared. If I say, I had three times the food I usually have for one meal, You gotta believe me. I have never ate that much food in my life. Imagine this – a large kitchen. Aunt sitting in one corner close to the stove. Ten people sitting down in a circle, with plates and glasses of water. Aunt passing on the food. All of us eating as if there is no tomorrow. This continued for an hour and half every meal.

I had a chance to taste some of the special sweets and of course the street food, only available in our place. I couldnt get enough of the sweets, even with the sore throat. All of us came back with bags of additional sweets. Every time I bite into one now, I am transported back to my native.

People are friendly, everyone has time for others – to greet and to help. Life isnt as fast paced as it is in big cities. Something that I had not seen in a long long time.

Before I forget, I should talk about the welcome I received in the railway station. I and S were waiting for my uncle and bro, to pick us up. Its around 3 in the morning, when the entire station is sleeping. I am too restless looking for them, all around the station – not wanting to miss any second with Β them. There, I see them. I ditch S and run towards them. My uncle sees me, walks towards me with open arms, shouting Β “Ammadu Ammadu Ammadu Ammadu Ammadu…..” until he hugs me and kisses me. There, we managed to wake up every sleeping soul in the station πŸ˜‰ I love him to bits.

Every night was spent talking endlessly on various topics, laughter filled the rooms and happiness filled our hearts.

The icing on the cake was when elder bro came down just for a few hours to be with us, travelling more time than he would actually spend with us.

With a very heavy heart, we parted four days later, promising to meet again (atleast for a week) during bro’s wedding. I am already looking forward to the wedding.

PS – Suffering from a terrible back pain, have been advised three full days of bed rest. Couldnt resist myself from blogging, thus this post. Will read and comment on all my favorite blogs really soon – promise!


13 thoughts on “Stories from my hometown!

  1. its really an awww moment you know to hear our close relatives to scream πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I could really feel the excitement of his and yours in the air πŸ™‚ would like to know what you ate 😑 my taste buds are longing for it more than my ear buds πŸ™‚

    • Ya ya ya.. surely an awww moment πŸ™‚

      You also want to know the menu? Ok, I will list a few. In addition to the awesome curries and dals made by aunt, she also made pesarattu (a specialty), mirchi bajji, busagalu (another specialty), then we had an array of sweets – all famous in our part of the state. πŸ˜€

  2. Wow what fun…great you met your extended family and cousins.
    Take rest dear ..last month after travelling for 33 hours in train (I agree irctc food sucks) hubby too got severe back ache. Sensur and volini cream were applied in abundance followed by lying on hot water bag.

    Hope your back ache vanishes soon.Tc.

  3. Now this made me recollect my visits of my ancestral homes during my childhood πŸ™‚

    You have not mentioned what all delicacies your aunt cooked πŸ˜€

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