The Rescue Operation

Saturday 7.30Am –

The sight that awaited me, when I stepped out to check water in the overhead tank made me scream out to S. He jumped up from the bed to see what went wrong. Now a little intro into how my house is these days. It’s getting renovated for the past 6months and most of the times its chaotic though I have never talked about it here. Recently, a 10feet deep water sump was dug in front of the house which is still uncovered (which requires another post altogether). Due to the frequent rains, 1/6th of it is filled with water. Anyways I digress.

There was this very little mouse trapped inside the sump, swimming its way – moving all its feet vigorously and at the same time trying to keep its nose up to catch some air. It was a disheartening sight to watch. We had no tools to rescue it and the sump was too deep for S to get in (and there was no way out). I got real mad at the house owner for leaving it open, making it unsafe for all of us.

Just when we thought we could do nothing, an idea flashed my mind. We still had a small net from the times we maintained the fish pot. Now that the fish are long gone, the net was of no use. I ran in to search for it, while S looked around to find something long that can help us reach the mouse. Luckily, we found a pipe and a rope to tie it to the net. When S tried to put it in, it was nowhere near the mouse. He ran inside the house to find something even longer.

By then, the little mouse was losing its hope and was sinking in – not sure for long it was trapped inside. I kept screaming to it to keep trying and back to S to be fast. With shaking hands, we tied one more pipe (thanks to our floor mop) and then S tried to catch the mouse. The mouse which was losing its hope and was giving up by not moving its legs, suddenly started swimming with full force not letting us catch it. After a lot of running around and failed attempts, S caught it and put it out. The poor little one was so shocked that it didn’t even move for a minute. S tried to move it and in an instant it went inside a little hole (may be its home!!) There I was, staring at the hole in disbelief – I wished to photograph the little mouse which seemed not more than a couple of inches. It was a baby mouse and was too very cute (Yes! I have a thing for mouses, especially the little ones 😛 ). Nevertheless, we felt so very happy saving a little soul.

Fast forward to Sunday 7.30Am –

Another little mouse. Swimming away to glory, trying to find a way out from the sump. Now that we both were experienced in catching mouse in water, we knew what to do. I ran inside to bring the net, S found a longer pipe this time, we tied it together and started fishing for the mouse. Now this mouse was very mischievous. Sensing danger in the form of net, it hid behind a plastic cover, under a stone and what not. It kept swimming stationary in a corner which was least accessible to us. Just when I thought S is going to fall inside, for he was standing at the edge, S could slightly touch it with the net. The next instant, it jumped on to it and clung on it for its dear life. Even after bringing it out, it didn’t let go of the net 🙂 I could manage a couple of pictures before S forcefully put it down. It was too shocked to be moving, just like the other one. Meanwhile, a crow stared down at it from a tree. We stayed out for few more minutes, chasing away the crows which wanted a feast.

Two rescue operations in a row and S isnt bad at all 😉

Here is the baby mouse I managed to photograph. isnt it cute?!

Clinging on to the net!! :)

Clinging on to the net!! 🙂

Look how small and cute it is! :)

Look how small and cute it is! 🙂

In spite of being really really small, they both never once stopped kicking their feet – they kept swimming the entire distance (which must have been like a few thousand mouse miles)  trying to find a way out. Both of these little mice taught me to never lose hope and to keep fighting till the end 🙂

24 thoughts on “The Rescue Operation

  1. Nice story, and loved the last line where you say “to never lose hope and to keep fighting till the end” Now that is a beautiful life lesson to have learnt from these incidents 😀

  2. Kudos to you guys!
    Me and amma were famous for these rescue operations in our neighborhood. We have saved cats, crows, squirrels, puppies and what not which had fallen in the open well or drainage.

  3. I could imagine the fall into the water pit!!! with hand and leg all shaky with a two stones falling in water when they try to escape but still no use, they attempted for a suicide and great that you guys showed them a way of living!!!! I guess both mama and baby had a bet that u guys will save only bby rats and that’s the reason mum had attempted that fall 🙂 🙂 hope bby has won 😀 good job fellas 🙂 🙂

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