The One Where I Am Random Again

**Last week was totally hectic – workwise. The fact that it’s over and the next week is here is still sinking in me. Work was at its peak, and is still so but I can atleast breathe now. Every day last week, I was desperate for the weekend to come soon.

**We had team lunch last week in a 5* restaurant – now this is my first time. I had a lot of expectations, and I was let down immensely. No, not even the live pizza, chaat and dessert counter made me feel better. If the food is only so and so, how can they charge a couple of thousands? Is it just for the ambience? *time to ponder*

**The loads and loads of diwali goodies sent by MIL are still safe in all dabbas and everytime I look at them, I feel so guilty not eating them. 🙄 I am unsure why am I not interested in eating such tasty stuff. So, S is doing the honors of finishing them off slowly.

**Of late, my foolproof idli batter formula (or so I thought) was giving me hard idlis – the ones you can play cricket with (ofcourse I am kidding :P). Partly it has to do with the fact that I was using shortcut of making the batter in mixer instead of the wet grinder. I had no option, but to alter my ways and find new formula – which I did over the weekend. The resulting idlis were soft, melt-in-the-mouth types. Am I glad or what?

**Have you people heard of vadacurry? It’s a specialty from Tamilnadu which is best had with idlis. During diwali, my MIL asked me to make it for all of them and it left me wondering. For a person who is an expert in all Tamilian delicacies, how can she not know how to prepare vadacurry? That apart, my vadacurry was a major hit and everyone liked it so much. I prepared it again yesterday and we both loved it. Will share the recipe soon. (I promise!)

**I love animated movies. Period. I still love watching cartoons too, infact have a couple of dvds of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. I don’t think I will ever outgrow this stuff. No, I don’t mind people making fun of me either.

**I and S watched Toy Story 1,2 and 3 back to back over the weekend. Did I like them? I loved them. Weekend movie time best spent! I am catching up on all the animated movies I have missed so far.

**We have started preparing popcorn at home. No I am not talking about ACTII popcorn which is readymade. I got my hands on dried maize and prepared pop-corn from scratch at home. I used olive oil instead of butter and my own masala concoctions. S then, pops them, transfers them to two bowls and then we have our movie popcorn 😀 Low calories as compared to store bought ones, and damn cheap too.

**Yesterday, I and S did something that we have been planning forever. We got up early and went for an early morning walk. I have never seen Bangalore this beautiful, ever. It was slightly drizzling and there were no vehicles or for that matter, people on the road. It was so fresh. I am planning to continue this every weekend. Sleep is too little to lose, when nature is this beautiful. For a change, S agreed with me on this 😉

**On a final thought, our TV was delivered back to us – unrepaired n all that, but they refunded 75% of our money. For the goofy people that they were, I am glad my TV came back in one piece. Above everything, I am gald S and I wouldn’t have to call them every hour. Atleast that stress is off us. Our Tv would be just be a keep-sake, from our friends for our wedding.


18 thoughts on “The One Where I Am Random Again

  1. I hate food at five-star hotels. Period. Every time I’d gone to a five star hotel for dinner (courtesy, the workplace, of course!) I’d ask my mom to keep some thaiyir saadham ready, however late I turn up!

    I love ‘vada-curry’! That reminds me, it’s been days since I made it. But more than the home-made ones, I love the vada-curry from a hotel called ‘Marri’, which was a local hotel located right next to our place. Oh.. Yum! How I miss those days!

    Glad that your TV is back, in whatever condition. Now, let me run and call the water-purifier service center guy for the 5th time in the last 2 days! Sigh.

    • Exactly! That was my state too SnS. I thought I was the weird one, as everyone was pretending that they were soooo full. Either I am a Bakasuri or they must be surviving on air I thought.

      Do make some soon SnS 🙂 May be you will be able to crack Marri’s recipe 🙂 I too love the vadacurry from a hotel called Ayyaar Bhavan, in my area. Totally love their texture and color. I too miss those days terribly. Appa would get hot vadacurry from Ayyaar Bhavan on some Sundays which will be a great compliment to Amma’s idlis.

      Arrrgghhh these service center guys!! Hugs SnS!

  2. Hi GB,

    First timer in your blog. Lurking around for a long time, de-lurking now. I love all your posts.I have read some of your food recipes….mind blowing….u have a natural flair….U made popcorn from scratch….way to go girl…..hope to de-lurk more soon 🙂 🙂

  3. That’s too great on TV front!! at last they felt like giving back the things though it is haywire!!! vadacurry! man how can I deny that i don know , shall I lift my hands or leg or both to say I love it!!!! postuuuu plsssss!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Nothing will be equal to that of the roattu kaddai!!! taste is something divine and finger licking on!!

  4. The family revers vadacurry 😀 Not even one drop goes wasted when it is made 😆

    The restaurants charge ridiculously, not worth anything at all !

    Morning walks aa, cool 😉

    • I knew you would know about vadacurry and I guessed all of them over them loves it too! Just like biriyani 😀

      Yeah! Glad it was a workplace sponsored lunch. I am never going away with family over there or any other star hotels.

      hehe 😛

  5. Nice round up of your weekend, glad you got to enjoy the weekend with animated movies, soft idlis, vadacurry, home made popcorn and a lovely morning walk with S 😀

  6. I only have ONE question. Have you seen Monsters Inc.? That would be my all time favorite animated movie!
    I am a fan of Five Star restaurant buffets, esp breakfast! But then I dont even touch Indian food in them 🙂 Not worth my moolah!
    Hmm, I am a tam and I have not heard of vadacurry. Sad eh?

    • I am planning to watch Monsters Inc this weekend!!! 🙂 I have not had breakfast in a star hotel before, should try that once. Indian food was so bad – i will probably never try that the next time.

      You’ve not heard of it? I will post the recipe soon 🙂

  7. Nice updates! You prepare such yummy stuff! Do share your secret idly batter recipe too. 🙂
    When we move to the new home where I will need to cook, I will email you for some of these recipes. 🙂

  8. I too love cartoons!!
    you made pop-corns at home!! Great… i have been thinking of doing it since some time now. I am confused about what exactly the popping corn is? is it the regular dried corn seed?
    so what’s your idli formula now?

    • yay! same pinch 🙂

      I just used the dried corn available in the market TM. I guess there isnt any popping variety specifically. The only thing I notice is, with ACTII there are no unpopped corn at all. But with mine I have a very little. But thats ok, when it get it so cheap and healthy 🙂

      I used 1 cup of urad dal, 2 cups of boiled rice (idli rice) and 1/2 cup of raw rice. Soaked them for 6-8 hrs. Grind urad dal first with very little water. The batter should literally double in quantity. Next I ground the rices until smooth. Mixed them both with hand, along with enough salt. Let it rest for the night. And then used it 🙂

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