A dress which revealed almost everything!

I have this very special green dress which is very close to my heart. I have been preserving it safely for the past 6yrs!  And its special for a number of reasons. First, it was a gift from S – his first dress for me.

I and Amma were in Hyderabad a few days before my birthday that year, attending a function. The first time S called, amma rolled her eyes. But then, for every half an hour I kept getting calls from him. The reason – he was in T.Nagar trying to buy me a birthday present. He got confused by his choices and kept calling me to ask what I would want. Everytime I got his call, I had to find a silent place to talk and that had everyone around me feel suspicious. Finally S decided on buying a dress material for me. When I was back from the call this time, amma asked me what was going on. I had to tell her that S was getting me a dress as birthday gift. She rolled her eyes again. The conversation stopped there.

Back home, on my birthday S handed me the salwar material and I literally jumped with joy. It was of my favorite color – green and the fact that he took an entire day to find something for me, meant a lot to me. Dad said he had not seen me behave this way ever and amma was again rolling her eyes.

That very year, I joined this company and guess what I wore on the first day – it’s the same green salwar S gave me and my badge photo is the proof. By then, Amma was sure something big is going on between us.

Green dress – thanks for giving a hint to my parents on what was going on between me and S 😀

This dress has seen me grow thin and thick through these years. There was a time, it was too loose that it hung on me like on a hanger (thanks to the lonely paying guest phase) and then, it has seen me grow fatter and fatter (thanks to the marriage and S) I could no longer fit in. Today, I could fit into it again and its perfect (thanks to the regular work-outs and absence of S 😛 )

I guess I will stick on to this dress, no matter how many years pass by. Such wonderful memories it carries.


34 thoughts on “A dress which revealed almost everything!

  1. hahaha…I was worried that you had some wardrobe malfunction. This is such lovely post and it reminds me of couple of dresses which I just can’t let go because of the moments they remind me of.

  2. appa saami, what a misleading title 😆 😆 😆

    I was shocked to be frank coz it cant be expected of you 😛 😛
    You should have put up the pic of that dress na 🙂

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