I never wish to…

….see you like this Amma. Why is God so cruel with you? I am questioning God and His intentions, right from the time you have been admitted in the hospital last Friday. But then, I am not sure to whom I should turn to at this moment and I am going back to Him, praying that your pain should go off very soon. I hope He is hearing all our prayers.  

Just when I think life is going a bit smooth, there comes a big storm. Its been like this for a while. I can tolerate anything happening to me, but to see you suffer like this infront of my eyes – I am unable to control my tears.

Every time you open your eyes slowly to search for me and sis, and ask if we had had food, my heart aches. Its always about us isnt it? You never bothered about you and thats why we are here. Please Amma, dont do this anymore. 

If this is way I get to stay with you for a week long, I dont even wish that. I just want you safe and sound, throughout your life. 

Please God, dont trouble my Amma any more. She has had enough.

PS – Amma had to undergo an unexpected surgery this morning and thankfully she is ok now. She is still in a lot of pain and I see her leave silent tears in her so-called-sleep. Please keep my Amma in your prayers.


38 thoughts on “I never wish to…

  1. Oh My God GB!!! *Hugs* Sad to know about the surgery but relieved to know that she is recovering. Hope all is well soon!!!! And yes she will be in my prayers!!

  2. OMG, how is she now,,, hugs GB. at times cyclone hits us and this is a one such incident!! will pray for her speedy recovery! keep her happy that will make her recover more soon! hope she is getting all well. I can understand your situation but have all strong heart, she will be good soon 🙂 trust me… convey my concern to amma.. do let me know if you need any help dear.

  3. Oh, hope your mother is better now. Do feel free to talk to me any time, if you want to, if it makes you feel better.

    Sending prayers and good vibes your way.

    Life has been like that for me too, for quite some time now – just when everything seems to be going okay, something happens. 😦

  4. It is very painful when some one who took care of us all our lives is like a baby right now. And parents..They are always like that…They do not want to show their emotions and pain so that we will have to strain our self to take care of them.Our prayers with you..This too will pass.

  5. Will surely pray for your mother to get well soon. Keep your chin up, be strong, that’s what your mother wants right now…

  6. oh GB, Amma is in my prayers.. she’ll get well soon, I’m sure… please hold yourself together!!!

    P.S. mothers are those selfless souls on earth … for them their children are their world, in pain and peace!

  7. Hey…. :(((((( Prayers are always there dear…. Even though miles apart, I feel and treasure those golden days we spent together.. I was seeing the pic your mom took while we came to your place during our college 1st year… 🙂 A group snap with our gals gang, S’s gang and your sis :)… I was sharing those moments with my fren 🙂
    Today when I see this post, my heart aches…. Prayers prayers prayers are always there … All is wellllllllllllll

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