Krishna Janmastami

Growing up, I loved this festival. Unlike the other festivals, this one didn’t have much norms at my home. Amma would engage us in making all the savouries, which we would start preparing only after lunch. We were even allowed to taste the goodies, before Krishna was showed them. This only seemed fair to me then and even now. (God has no rules for how his birthday has to be celebrated, its we who created them and therefore the rules should be tweak-able). We would put little feet of Krishna at home, right from the gate to the Pooja room where we have a little idol of him. Dad would be home by 5 and we would all shout at him in unison to make sure he doesn’t step on the little feet of Krishna. After the Pooja, all of us would sit together and eat the savouries while dad would make fun of how amma drew the Krishna’s feet (most of the time :P)

For the first Janmastami after my wedding, I took some time to re-create the magic at my new home. I made Murukku, Kajjikayalu (a sweet) after I was back from work. I quickly cleaned the house, drew Krishna’s feet. I and S enjoyed the savouries, but the magic wasn’t there. Last year, it was only little Pooja that I managed to do on this day. This year, I am not in the mood for celebration at all – I don’t know why!

Last night while talking to Amma I said I am not doing anything for Janmastami this round, preparing sweets/savouries makes no sense as there is no-one around. S wont be here until weekend. Whats the use of celebrating it all alone I said. Though, there was a nagging feeling inside my head this morning. Its been 3 months I even lit a lamp or went infront of Pooja room. Am I feeling guilty that I am ignoring God? Will God be angry with me and punish me for what I am not doing for him? Why are these customs to be followed? Does God even want them? Isnt all these a means of ensuring togetherness in the family and in the society? If I can think of Almighty while I am in my night dress looking at my TV, isnt that enough of a prayer? The list of questions were endless. My thoughts ran like horses.

With a gloomy mind, I was getting out of my house to go to the office – thinking how Amma would be busy with the preparations. Just then, the kiddo next door came running towards the compound wall and flashed his most beautiful smile at me. Its been a few months I saw him and out of all days, he decides to pay me a visit today. He was hiding behind a saree being dried out there and was giving out his innocent smile to me. In a second, all thoughts vanished. I was happy. I was smiling bright too. He gave out a loud tata, when I waved him bye. I had my darshan of the little Krishna today, in his own form. Now why do I have to worry about my Pooja? My day is made.

A while go, I got reminded of my very first pencil sketch – “Radha – Krishna”. It was the one I attempted as a novice, trying to do something with a normal HB pencil and an A4 sheet. I looked out for the copy of it and finally found it (though the picture quality is not so good). Here it is –

My Radha-Krishna!

My Radha-Krishna!

I think I have celebrated my version of Janmastami today!

 How are you guys celebrating? Would love to know your stories.


18 thoughts on “Krishna Janmastami

  1. That is an amazing sketch GB! 🙂

    I have very fond memories of Janmashtami too 🙂 For me the festival is tomorrow. I am not sure. Usually, I say a prayer, keep aval, butter etc that Krishna loves and have a small prayer. The menu is a bit elaborate like a festival with amboDes and payasam etc. But I have never tried murukku and all. This time will also be a similar and simple affair since we are working tomorrow as usual.
    There are different levels of connecting with God. Fear being the lowest and love being the highest. So, honestly, God knows 🙂

    • Thanks so much Kismi 🙂

      Oh.. Amma said its today – I just dont understand all these too. I just follow her. hehe 😀

      Aval and butter are the must for Janmastami right? He loves them 🙂 What are ambodes? I have never heard of them. Should look up in google 🙂

      I loved the way how you put across your thoughts on connecting with God. I think a lot, but then I lose clarity inbetween and have never reached a conclusion. I will remember what you have said here. 🙂
      Yeah, I am sure He knows and understands too 🙂

  2. The sketch looks amazing. Bayangara artist-a irukkeengle! 🙂 Sooper!

    You know my thoughts on God already, don’t you?! 😀

    I used to like Krishna Jayanthi at my mom’s place too. The small footprints and kolam, the seedais and murrukkus, nagapazham, butter and kalkandu and all of it. But somehow, I never got around doing anything of that sort after I got married. I thought I’ll make seedais and thattai tomorrow for Krishna’s birthday, but as luck would have it, it is my daughter’s snack turn tomorrow at school. One and half kilos of fried rice along with accompaniments should be prepared. May be, I’ll offer it to Krishna as well! 😉 I saw an easy recipe for aval laddu and I’ll make that for Him! I am still not sure. Krishna will understand our predicaments for sure! 😉

    • Thanks so much SnS 🙂 Bayangara artist ellam illa 😛 But keka nalla than iruku 🙂

      Yeah, I know your thoughts on God. Actually, its your post that made me feel I am not the only one,who is odd in a family where everyone believes differently.

      I have never made seedais SnS.. for the only time I tried, they started bombing in the oil kadai. I was horrified and decided I will never make them. Amma too made thattai yesterday, I simply love them 🙂

      I guess Krishna would be kind enough to accept fried rice 😛 After all, whatever we do as neivedhiyam is for us only no? God never touches it. So, he shouldnt mind 😛

  3. yeah dats true.. God is there with u always.. whether u lit a lamp in front of him or not, whether u offer a prayer daily or not.. he’s always there for u… For me- pooja only means bowing my head, touching his feet once I get up in morning, before leaving for office or anywhere else and before sleeping… dats the only thing I do (able to do 😦 ) but I find him with me all the time. Its not those rituals, but its ur faith n love which brings him closer to u… he’s not hungry of those rituals, lamps, sweets… its only our true n honest feelings for him which he craves for.. n believing in this fact, keeps me going… 🙂 🙂 I know some where these poojas, prayers, lighting lamps too are important but thats only for our sake.. to enlighten the divine feelings within… 🙂 n nothing else… everyone has their unique way of offering prayers to God so as mine.. but fact remains the same… we need God n God needs us… the way of remembering him may differ but feelings are same!!!!!!!!

    • I too believe the same Pratiksha! I believe in God and a super power that keeps us going, but what gets me are the number of rules we have made – saying only that would please the God. At first, I used to run mad in the morning crazy schedule trying to light a lamp atleast.. but then I realized it means nothing to me. I am doing it as its a norm set by my parents. am not getting even 1 sec of peace while being infront of God – my mind keeps thinking of the other tasks I should complete and so on. I decided I will do these only when I feel like and thought God shouldnt mind.

      Thats so true – the way of remembering him may differ but the feelings are the same!

      • Even I follow the same routine.. even if after standing in front of god I’m not able to concentrate on him… then there’s no use doing that… I remember him in all my good n bad times, in my anger in my smile. i thank him for everything he does for him… a true thanks from the deepest bottom of my heart!! n thats it… i know he listens me n loves me most 🙂 🙂

  4. I can so relate to you on this GB 🙂 I am also not so regular with puja.. I do it when S and I really feel like doing it.. I believe it is the good deeds that matter a lot to the Almighty.. Even if you do one little thing everyday to make someone happy or just to keep yourself happy, He will be with you always 🙂

  5. You know what I was smiling all the way while reading your kanha story!! give a flying kiss to that super dooper kishna to make you smile!!! no matter we lit or not, respect and thinking of god is really important! lighting the god is not much thing!! don’t we bath in evening to keep us fresh!!! same way if we lit up his light, he will feel bright! life is wat you think it dear 🙂 🙂

    • I am glad I could make you smile dear 🙂 That little Krishna deserves a lot more, but he is too shy to accept anything. All he does is stand infront of me and smile – cute little kid.

      Exactly, life is what we think and make of! 🙂

  6. We had an elaborate krishna jayanti celebration this year 😀 Not the same as one at parents place, but I tried to match up 😉 MIL told me to do whatever I want, so it was a long day with all the fasting, neivedhyam, puja, guests.

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