I am back…..

……. from my much awaited trip to Chennai – the one that I made after what seemed like an eternity (that is more than 45days from my last trip). So far, this is my highest record. Every weekend when I hear my parents, I would want to run away to them atleast for an hour. But I resisted, for my own good. With every trip I make to Chennai, my health was coming down. Its worthwhile if I would stop missing my family lesser with every trip – No! I would crave for them even more and wish I could get another hour with them. So I decided enough is enough and resisted myself from planning a trip to Chennai until I can get a few days leave. Thankfully I could take off last week and I was too happy to have ten days for myself in Chennai until the reality struck me.

With all of them (parents, sister and parents-in-law) expecting my arrival, everyone wanted more of me with them. One day was spent at sister’s new house (which requires a post in itself), two days at parents place and then I was pulled into in-laws place for the next four days and then another two days at parents and the last day again at in-laws. My nomadic life continues to haunt me even in my vacation 😀 Just when I could settle at a place and a bed, I would have to move my bags to another house. I couldn’t satisfy anyone with my stay, everyone felt I didn’t stay with them long. Sigh. The side effects of all the loving people in my life!

On the day we started our road journey to Chennai, I gently nudged S to guess my plans while we were in Chennai. As expected he didn’t open his mouth which meant I had to make it clear for him. I had very simple wishes.

  • Go on a beach walk – this time I wanted to go to Marina.
  • Go to a movie with Tamil Audience, where I can ask S to whistle for me, when my fav scene comes up
  • Visit some mall in Chennai, to which I got a stare from S. What do I do? I have visited so many malls here in Bangalore but not many in Chennai. I wanted to go to a new mall which got opened recently.
  • Go to my favorite temple.
  • Visit Vandalur Zoo – the one I have passed like some thousand times but never had gone inside.
  • The last one was upto S – to surprise me with anything he thinks will sweep me off my feet.

By the start of the vacation, I pretty much knew none of this would materialize, as always. But to my sheer surprise, a lot others happened.

  • I had left all my hopes on my exercise regime as I know how it would never work out. I was even ready to expect my weigh scale to show me how increased my weight would be by the end of the vacation. Thanks to all the pampering I would receive from all ends.
  • But then, on the very first day – I and dad did walking together. He shared some of his ideas and I chipped in some of mine too and overall it was a great time spent together. When I thought its just a one time deal, sis joined me for walking in a park close by in the evening.
  • The major surprise shock came in, when S got up at 5.50 every morning and took me for walking in the football grounds, that too when we were at in-laws. I mean, my MIL doesn’t understand or appreciate these kind of things, especially when her son has to sacrifice his sleep. But when S did it on his own, she couldn’t do much. We stuck on to our 1hr fast walking sessions in spite of rains, thanks to S!
  • I had such heart to heart conversations with S. We had our arguments, little fights, laughs and hand holdings too. I so want to continue it here in Bangalore too, only if its possible as easily as in Chennai.
  • The beach trip didn’t happen as I expected. It was atleast not how I imagined it to be. We went as a family to the beach, which meant I hardly had time with S. We didn’t even get a picture of us clicked. I sat with my SIL, watching the high tides while S was on guard for the SILs playing in water.
  • What made me happy beyond words is the visit to the Aquarium exhibition on the other side of the beach. What variety of fishes. I was behaving like a kid, jumping with joy everytime I spotted a new fish. There is a proof for the way I behaved there – I got myself a dabba of bubble water and kept blowing bubbles until every around me rolled their eyes.
  • Another interesting thing that happened was that I accompanied S to his office almost everyday. This is my first time after S has started his own company. I helped him in his work, some of it collaborative and some on my own. Nevertheless, everyday I felt so contented though dead tired.  To get addressed as “Ma’m”, Boss’s wife, to get a kind of respect from everyone around me, the greetings every morning – almost made me quit my job and join as an employee in S’s company. There was something great there, that is missing in big corporate office.

Though none of the planned stuff happened, I couldn’t be happier for all that actually happened. With every trip to Chennai, I feel like I should move closer to my roots, to the place where my loved ones are and the one I fall in love with everytime I make a visit. I am crossing my fingers harder now, for some miracle to happen – which could take me to my happy place!

PS – To the frightened me, the weighing scale actually showed 1.5kgs lesser after my vacation. Yippie! I got to have my favorite foods and yet, no guilt at all. How I wish all vacations turn out to be so good as this one!

18 thoughts on “I am back…..

  1. Been wondering where you vanished. Thought would write to you if you don’t show up the next couple of days. Didn’t know you were enjoying in Chennai! 🙂

    Great fun you’ve had. I’ve never visited that aquarium you are talking about. Have made a mental note. I can understand your wish to go to a movie in Madras. That too, you should watch some thalaivar (not thalaivaa, okay!) in some crappy theater like Thyagaraaja or Udhayam. Whistles and the comments would be awesome.

    Sigh. Your post makes me wish I make a trip to Madras like now!

    • SnS.. thanks for the concern! Nothing can beat this feeling of being missed. 🙂

      Yeah… great fun indeed 🙂 SnS.. its an exhibition put up only until Sep9th. We went there on Independence day and they were still working on it. 1/4th of the fish tanks were empty and most of them didnt have a name tag. I would have loved to know the names of the fishes I liked so much. Kids were thoroughly entertained by the set up. I wish they put this up again, when you visit Chennai.

      Exactly!!! LOL.. I didnt want to go for Thalaivaa in the first place and fortunately it was banned throughout my stay there. I can totally understand. What fun it would be, to watch super star’s movie amidst all whistles and claps 😀 It would be a welcome change from the silent-serious-looking movie crowd here.

      Hugs SnS.. Hope you can plan a trip soon!

  2. “Go on a Beasant Nagar beach walk with the partner ” is a compulsory to item in my Chennai visit list..I can understand when you tell that there is no time at all to satisfy everyone..Bcoz even if I stay for a week it will be like a day only!

    Nice to here about the aquarium exhibition..Coz I will be in Chennai on the first week of september.God knows if I would be able to spare time..

    Giggles..My exercise regime is skipping for 5 mins every morning in which 2 1/2 min is spent panting and resting!!. One good friend of me told that 20 minutes of skipping is equivalent 10 kms walk.

    • “Go on a Beasant nagar Beach walk with the partner” is making me want to go Chennai all over again, just to experience this. This is the only thing I am regretting I didnt get to do this time. Sigh.

      Right. Any number of days are not enough, especially in Chennai. Before my trip I was screaming ten full days.. yay jolly. but now it all feels like 10 mins. Sigh!

      Wow. So cool. Do plan it out then. But I understand how impossible it is to make time for everything.

      haha 😀 I would love to skip too.. only if I can do it Out of 5 mins, 4.55mins would be spent panting only 😀 😀 Walking is the only thing that works for me. I learnt it the hard way. The benefits come slowly.. but something is better than nothing na.. athan!

  3. wohaaa!!!! that’s awesome 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 The new info!!! there is a aquarium open but I am unaware of it! thanks for the info 🙂 🙂 🙂 Trip plans always go haywire! I never plan in that case, I will just leave t to the choice of my destiny!!! according to me When there is a chance came up to our door it will come with its own forecast 🙂 🙂 but eh eh eh!!! Chennai will wait for you to enjoy the small list and you can even try this in the week end 🙂 🙂

    Leaving those soap bubbles and breaking them is a bliss 🙂 🙂 I always love it 🙂 🙂 never mind about the head turns!!! there may be a inner meaning in their eyes see how happy that girl is jumping 😛 human tendency! they can have head turns only on the act which they want to do but they can’t!!! touch wood 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Keep up the walking space!! don’t leave it!!! its a good exercise and it will surely help you to burn calories!!! I am still not able move my lazy bum and give a try on early morning walks!!!! 1.5 is a great move dear:) 🙂

    Let the god opens the door to your prayers soon 🙂 🙂 I was wondering you had a tough week but happy to learn you were at the days of happiness 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Wow I am so loving this detailed comment of yours.. Thanks Chipmunk!! 🙂

      I too would love to leave it to the destiny.. but then this is Chennai visit. Not one or two families but three are expecting me with eager eyes. They want my plan.. only my plan.. haha 😀

      Thats so true! I enjoyed being there and doing all the stuff I did. I also did a little shopping in a shop where anything you pick is only ten rupees 😀 Do visit it, if you can chipmunk. I am sure you will love it 🙂

      Sure.. I am not leaving it at all.. After what seems like 8 months.. I am slowly seeing the results now.. how would I leave it? 🙂 I am sure you will get your motivation soon and start walking too 🙂

      Thanks so much Chimunk, for your nice words. I really wish it happens soon 🙂

      I was really moved by your mail.. will reply you soon. Meant to do it today.. but couldnt 😦

      • ha ha ha 🙂 🙂 that’s great 🙂 🙂 🙂 come often and you will start ways to stay here forever “_ “_ “_ and by the way where is that ten rupees shop!!! would love to see some things 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • haha.. coming often is not the same as being there, Chipmunk 😦

        Its in the aquarium exhibition only. As you come out of it, a number of shops welcome you 😀

  4. Gb! You were missed so much but I knew you were getting pampered. So all that missing sometimes metamorphosed into jealousy. I can’t help it, okay?
    You go girl! 🙂 You have had a lovely time. And sigh, I know – everyone wants a piece of their loved one. It feels good and helpless at the same time. But the bottomline is you had a good time 🙂

    Now, sit back and take it a bit easy. Rest well and pamper yourself. Tell us about your day at your sister’s place 🙂

    • Awww its a nice feeling know that I was missed here 🙂 Hahha… you have all rights to be jealous okie? 😛

      I had such a lovely time Kismi. One way I felt I spent a lot of time doing useful stuff than just roaming around and doing nothing. And on the other hand, it always feels little, no matter how long I stay with my family. Isnt it how it is always? 🙂

      I like the way you put it.. I should pamper myself. YES 😀 Sure.. will do a post on it soon!

    • So true TM 🙂 No time is enough, really. 😀

      Yeah, he has a start-up. I have never written about it. Probably I should write abt it, more 🙂

      Thanks TM.

      And and you were sorely missed. Glad you are back. 🙂

    • Yes I am back LF and I am slowly catching up on the posts I missed. 🙂

      Yeah, this is the first time it has happened to me, or the first time I have managed to workout while on a vacation 🙂

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