Weekend Story – The one with lot of realizations

I cant believe the weekend is over already. I mean, its supposed to be two full days and it vanished like its only half a day. Why cant the same happen to the weekdays too?

My Saturday started pretty fast, what with S arriving early early in the morning. I got up as early as 5.15 in the morning. Not knowing what to do until he reached home, freshened up and started reading a book. And what does S do when he enters home? Finds his way to the bedroom and goes to sleep. Gah! *Realization* This guy loves his sleep more than me 😀

We watched re-runs of Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother back to back. Needless to say, it was laughter riot at home. Towards the evening, we decided to pay our visit to the closest mall (arghhh I so hate the malls now). It was pretty drab except for the open air and in-house concerts going on. *Realization* S has this unsaid love for guitars and he kept staring at all those shiny guitars. He even tells me which one is Bass Guitar much to my amusement – he doesn’t even know how to play one or havent learnt music. Only when we get a guitar, I will get to know his real interest 😛

We were so full from the heavy breakfast and lunch on Saturday that we skipped dinner all together. Now that’s totally unheard of, in our house. We never ever skip a meal – not even a single one. EVER. *Realization* We both can still survive skipping a meal and that I can sleep for atleast 4hrs though I felt pangs of hunger in the early morning*

We made a plan to see the sunrise at Nandi Hills on Sunday but I wasn’t very sure about it, knowing it would be a task to wake up S so early in the morning. He sounded too confident about getting up as early as 4 in the morning. And to my surprise, he actually got up. But then, what I had with me throughout the journey was a grumpy husband, who got up early in the morning. *Realization* Never ever plan anything early in the morning. S didn’t even realize he was being grumpy and irritated. The all-the-time-polite-soft-guy that S is, turned out to be totally different. He was getting irritated at simple things like – Me looking at a pile of glass bottles in a corner on the hill or me walking slowly or me not wanting another plate of idli or me holding my handkerchief with my left hand or me looking at my mobile or me not smiling for all the pictures inspite of biting cold or me not wearing shoes but slippers and such like things. Now, this is totally new to me. My attempts to keep mum were again met with cold eyes. I was at the verge of going back to the car (only if I can find it out successfully from the 1000s of cars there) when S was back to his normal self. He was this sweet guy I fell in love with 🙂

S is a natural driver, I have never mentioned it here for the fear of jinxing it. I mean I know he cant forget driving now, but then I really didn’t want to jinx anything about our car or his driving skills. S drove our car with zero practical knowledge (he attended only an hour of theory class in the driving school – walking out of it to feel bored) for the first time. Of course I was the only one to trust him to sit next to him for our first drive. The thrill of driving our first car of the first time – cant be explained in words. Now, coming back to the weekend story – We were at a steep turn on the way to the hills with 100s of cars standing infront of us and behind us. S declares, he cant move up. He says he is scared of taking that risky turn and to prove it, the car engine was shutting itself down every 10 secs. I saw the panic in his eyes for the first time and that made me panic big time. There is no way we can move back but S is unable to go forward. With the cheering from a fellow driver and me, he made it! *Realization* Even the most cool headed guy like S can panic at times 😀 and it takes an all-time-tension-party like me to cool him down 😀

We wanted to have a pleasant morning at Nandi hills, looking at the sunrise from the misty clouds but we were welcomed into the ghat road with not less than a hundred other cars and huge traffic jam. *Realization* Never visit any of the places during the weekend, for the rest of the Bangalore is also on similar thoughts.

We are having breakfast at the only available hotel on the hills, and I am sitting right opposite to the door that overlooks the valley. I spot two monkeys, one of it trying to open the door so that it can enter inside. When it couldn’t open it, it was staring at me and my idli from behind the door. It had to go away after drooling at my idli for 5 mins. Guess what happens next – a guy goes outside to wash his hands and he leaves the door open inspite of spotting the monkey. The monkey follows him inside. In a run , it jumps on to the table next to mine and I quickly grab my Uddina vada with both my hands. The monkey quickly attacks the Masala Dosa at the other table and my vada is saved. *Realization* When it comes to food, don’t ever let it go – even if it means an angry monkey.

I am bugged that S wouldn’t request anyone to take a picture of us together and then out of the blues, S finds a place to put the cam on timer mode. It takes a lot of trial and error, but we do succeed and have not one but 5 pictures of us together. *Realization* Its great to have a guy who has truckloads of patience and is willing to experiment anything to make me happy.

We went inside the Nandikeshwara temple even thouugh we we know we havent taken bath. I didnt want to miss seeing the temple and I also know that I cant go inside it with out a clean body. But we decided against it and went inside to pray. It was small, but very beautiful. I am glad I went in, not thinking too much. *Realization* I am never going to feel guilty about this, for all it matters is a clean mind to pray infront of God. I am sure God wouldnt mind me entering the temple, without a bath.

On the way back, we were fined 200Rs for crossing the speed limit on a highway. And ironically, there was not even one board that showed the speed limit for that road in the closest vicinity. The police guys chose a spot where there is no such board knowing very well that everyone would go beyond the designated speed, so that they can earn well. They were stopped every other car. For the records, the speed limit was 80 and we went at 91 exactly. S was so irritated, but fighting with those guys is worthless. *Realization* Police guys know how to make easy money*

Now that’s a lot of realizations, I am realizing now 😀 Here are some of the pics from our early morning visit to Nandi Hills.

Sun slowly coming out from the misty clouds!

Sun slowly coming out from the misty clouds!

Thats me! :P

Thats me! 😛

I love this color of Rose :)

I love this color of Rose 🙂

Our perfect pic together :)

Our perfect pic together 🙂

Yet another one :)

Yet another one 🙂

These little flowers were too good.

These little flowers were too good.



I have fond memories of these flowers from childhood :)

I have fond memories of these flowers from childhood 🙂


18 thoughts on “Weekend Story – The one with lot of realizations

  1. So that was a fun weekend indeed with lot of realizations…you wont believe my bestie with her husband was also at the Nandi Hills, same time you mentioned. Seems the whole of Bangalore was there yesterday. The pictures are yet very beautiful. The greenery, surroundings plus the colors you guys are wearing wow.

    And you know it would be me in place of S when we go out together very early morning, until we eat something good I remain my grumpy self.

    Same pinch on not skipping any single meal…I keep mentioning this to people that its strange we hardly miss any meal unless because of circumstances. We eat light, we eat less, we eat a lot but we never miss any meal 🙂

    • hehehe yeah.. lot of realizations with more fun 🙂 Oh is it? I guess it would have been tough for me find any one I knew there.. the place was swarmed with people.

      Thanks a lot OHW 🙂

      Hahaha.. 😀 S was grumpy more because he lost his sleep.. though its a conscious decision by him. Its not like I pulled him out. I would be grumpy, if I am hungry 🙂

      Yeah.. its the same with us.. we eat less we eat more but never skip a meal. I can hardly live 😛

  2. What a fun weekend! 😀 Awesome pics 🙂
    The best realization is this : When it comes to food, don’t ever let it go – even if it means an angry monkey! Agreed! 😀

  3. That place looks beautoful. You know I hate travelling early morning. For me the whole joy is lost! I would prefer staying for the night in a place over leaving early.

    And unfrotunately weekends fly by whereas the whole week moves soooo slowly that I cannot tell you!!! 😀

    • Yeah, it was so beautiful Smita 🙂 I am more of a morning person, so when it comes to travel I dont mind travelling early morning. This place is only for a day’s trip. There are no staying facilities. One has to reach by 6 (thats when the open the gates to the hills) to see the sunrise and are supposed to come down by 6 in the evening when they lock away the gates.
      But staying overnight means, we get a lot more time to explore 🙂

      Oh yes. I want weekdays to fly as fast as the weekends too.

  4. Haha, all weekends are like that only 😀

    So it was Nandi Hills this time, cool 🙂 I read at a place how beautiful it is during the rains and here I read your visit over there 😀

    You have slimmed a lot me thinks 🙂

    Wow, S started driving with only the theory, that’s impressive 😀

    • Hahaha 😀 Yeah.. all weekends are like that wonly 😛 😛

      yeah, after hearing from you and lot other people – I bugged S endlessly until he accepted to the plan 😛 Yeah , the mist was so much that it felt like it was raining only 🙂

      hehe.. yes yes 😀 on that part, will talk to you on IM 😛

      Yeah.. he was so interested to drive that, he started with only limited knowledge. Ofcourse we have a little dent to carry this memory fwd 😀

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