This week…..

….had such a twist of events.

Saddening – it started with a note of sadness, when S had to leave to Chennai for his important meeting inspite of that fact that he promised me he would stay with me for the whole week.

Surprising – When he landed here, exactly after a day he left to be with me again – I was pleasantly surprised. It also meant he was too tired, strained and quite worked up but he did this to make me happy.

Irritating – when the drainage pipe broke at our house and the authorities won’t turn up no matter how many calls were made. There was a flood of drainage water, which went all the way till the end of the road meant its not our water only, but the central drainage system has broke at our place. Every now and then someone banging on our doors to tell us we should do something about it.

Peaceful – when the drainage system was finally fixed and to see all that drainage water go away!

Happiness – the number of times I and S spent in the kitchen this week. Gobi paratha and Methi Theplas were made for the first time (I don’t know what made me wait till this long) and they became S’s fav immediately.

Shocking but surprising – when S took over the dinner preparations one evening, when I felt sick and prepared the most awesome brinjal curry which I gobbled with hot rice.

Relieving – When my proposal was accepted at work, which means my one and half weeks’ worth effort hasn’t gone waste.

Tensed – until a few minutes before the above said meeting with the kind of outcome I would have to face.

Satisfying – when I could settle the petty fights between mom and dad on phone. They both behave like little kids 🙄

Freshening – all the evening walks I and S did throughout this week meant – little arguments, lots of talks, smiles, frowns, hand holding and all that. Nothing’s more refreshing than walking in the cool evening breeze.

Relaxing – with me catching up with the books, though S was next to me almost all the time.

Weekend is already here and I cant wait for S to come back home from his another important impromptu meeting 🙄


12 thoughts on “This week…..

  1. ur rolls eyes are always making me to smile and I love that smiley a loads 🙂 🙂 I am feeling happy for you 🙂 enjoy 🙂 🙂 🙂

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