The Road Trip and The Wedding – 2

Continued from Part – 1.

As I said earlier, we were on road with S behind the wheel again. I don’t know how he managed to do it, he is never tired of driving 🙂 I have heard a lot about Thekkady and when it was first proposed by S, I instantly accepted. With S crossing his first test of driving 9+ continuous hours, we were on to our second one – driving through the ghat road for the first time. S was visibly so excited and kept asking me every five minutes – “How long to the hilly terrain?” 😛

I was the navigator as usual and I had my phone GPS on which was giving us the directions, which in turn were passed on to S. The ghat road appeared after 50kms and it was a smooth drive, except for three sharp hair pin bends. At the first sharp one, S was a little over 40Kmph and I could feel my heart in my throat. Thankfully it was smooth after that. With GPS screaming that our destination is only 350mts, I was so excited to get down and explore the area. As expected, the GPS had tagged the Thekkady bus stand as our destination. Sigh. Here starts our adventurous journey with the super awesome GPS in my hand.

First, we had not booked any accommodation or program at the jungle resorts. Thekkady has a Tiger reserve and as much as I would have loved to stay there, we couldn’t. We were not sure if we would be able to spend more than a day there. Wedding was on the next day morning which means we should reach the hotel the same day.

As we were in the town, I typed for “Periyar Lake” on the GPS knowing that is the major attraction. To our shock, GPS showed that we should travel another 33kms. It was already around 1Pm and from the info we had from local people said its only around 56kms totally. Not knowing what to do, we stopped at few places and enquired. Everyone seemed to give instructions on booking an accommodation with the Jungle Resorts. Just then, GPS showed a different route and it was only 11kms. We started going by the roads we were asked to. Within five minutes, we reached a dead end. There were two ladies in Kerala costumes cleaning fish and they looked at us in disbelief. There was nowhere a car could go and still the GPS was asking us to take a left turn. S went ahead a few mts and he could see a mud road uphill. (The rains didn’t help much) When I say uphill, I really mean it. It was atleat 80deg inclined. In an enthu to show his driving skills, he zoomed through that road.  Again, GPS asked us to take a right turn. We couldn’t do so, as a large auto was blocking the way on one side and two ladies with heavy wooden logs on their heads were trying to cross that auto and our car from other side. S moved the car a little behind to give way for those ladies and there was a fair chance of our car being taken down that road any instant. My heart was beating in my throat again. In a few minutes, we were back towards that right turn. Now, that road was no different to the one we took a while ago – That is not a road at all. Its like we are driving amidst the forest. But S was ready for the adventure and tried to move infront. Suddenly the auto driver appeared from nowhere and started questioning us as though he is from forest department. He asked – where are you people going? Where are you coming from? Why do you want to go to the prohibited area? The last question raised an alarm in us. We said we were simply following the GPS route. Just then he showed us a board (which was covered conveniently) on a huge tree which read – “Forest Area. Entry strictly prohibted. Trespassers will be punished.” Our GPS showed a route through the forest – awesome! S quickly managed to turn the car and we were back to where we started.


We got the directions from a few local people again and everyone said “Drive Straight” and this time the GPS info was coinciding. We followed it again, travelled for another 30Kms. We were welcomed by a board that said “Welcome to Periyar Tiger Reserve”. S asked me to get down to get the entrance tickets as per a board there. But guess what? There were forest officers and they were sizing me up and down. They said no private vehicles inside. Refused to listen to us and again asked us to take the accommodation with Jungle Resorts. Sigh. Thankfully a tamil speaking person emerged from somewhere and said we should go another 33KMs to reach Periyar Lake and that route happens to the one we have come all the way here. I was immensely bugged.

I should agree that those 33Kms were splendid – what with rain, cold breeze, unpolluted environment and picturesque locations. We even got down at a spot and enjoyed the beauty. But I didn’t expect another turn away. I was so frustrated with the stupid GPS that I would have thrown my phone away, only if its not so important to me otherwise. With growling stomachs, we started our journey back. S tried pacifying me saying how good the ride was, how romantic it felt to feel the rain drops fall on our cheeks with cool breeze touching us and green tea fields surrounding us. I was beyond all that, I wanted to go to lake and was so angry with the GPS. When we reached the town again, ee decided to first have some lunch and then go find that lake. We entered a decent looking restaurant at 3Pm. Just before ordering, we happened to ask the waiter about the lake and he said its just 4kms down the road. Guess what, we crossed this point almost four times now – taking all the roads the GPS mentioned except for the right road. Super!

The restaurant manager said, the last boat trip in the lake is at 3.30 and if we miss it, we would have to come back next day. We ditched lunch plan and rushed to the lake (as per the hotel manager’s instructions) We had to walk a few hundred metres to the lake after parking the car and I must say, it was just magical. We kept clicking pictures. The fact that we were the only two on that road made it much attractive. We managed to get the tickets and got into the boat. I was so impressed with the way they had arranged everything inside the boat that could seat 60people. There was a dustbin, people shouldn’t throw plastic into the lake. A boy helped us put the life jackets which have been made mandatory after the 2009 boat tragedy. The lake itself was so fascinating – with that being situated amidst thick forest (reserve area) and is totally man made. But the waters go as deep as 128ft (on the day of our boating). One should be able to spot a lot of wildlife around the banks -Elephants, Sambar deers, Tigers, Snakes and a variety of birds being a few. Unlucky for us, as it was raining that day no animal had come for water and we could spot only grazing deer.

Apart from that the lake is really beautiful with fascinating locations around the bank. The boat goes very slowly (in an attempt to protect the wildlife) and one can bask in the beauty of the nature. We clicked a few pics and then our hunger overtook us. For 150rupees, the boat cruise was for 1.5hrs – not a minute less. Really impressive. At one point, S was so hungry that his eyes were closing automatically 😀 It was again on me to keep him awake. We rushed back to the hotel immediately after the boating, ordered the same menu, ate to the full and started back. We were back in our room by 7.

I initially thought of ending the series with this post, but my GPS stories and the adventure around it made it much longer than I would have liked and thus, the wedding and the return part would be covered in the next post.

Now for the pictures –

Enroute to Thekkady - Can you spot the little stream of water from the hill far off?

Enroute to Thekkady – Can you spot the little stream of water from the hill far off?

On that 33Km drive.. beautiful tea estates.

On that 33Km drive.. beautiful tea estates.

On that 33Km drive.. loved watching the little houses.

On that 33Km drive.. loved watching the little houses.

Only pic of S!

Only pic of S!

On the way to Thekkady Lake - the 1Km walk inside the forest.

On the way to Thekkady Lake – the 1Km walk inside the forest.

One my most fav pics from the trip.

One my most fav pics from the trip.

Loved how the sun light traveled down

Loved how the sun light traveled down



Green beauty.

Green beauty.

These trees serve as Bird stands.

These trees serve as Bird stands.

These trees serve as Bird stands.

These trees serve as Bird stands.

Its amazing how some parts were bright and some were cloudy and dark.

Its amazing how some parts were bright and some were cloudy and dark.

Sun emerging again!

Sun emerging again!

A little life on the fossilized tree

A little life on the fossilized tree

Isnt it beautiful?

Isnt it beautiful?

The only picture we managed to have, after hesitantly asking a boy on the way back. S loves it.

The only picture we managed to have together, after hesitantly asking a boy on the way back. S loves it.


33 thoughts on “The Road Trip and The Wedding – 2

  1. ha ha ha 🙂 🙂 that GPs really making many troubles 😀 😀 😀 😀 very bad of it :X You look classy and I love reloved and loving that blue kurti of yours 🙂 🙂 it suits you well 🙂 🙂 🙂 and I could see that silver line in the mountain 🙂 🙂 hope you enjoyed their 🙂 🙂 🙂 and….S and your picture is awesome 🙂 you can frame it 🙂 🙂 I loved the images 🙂 🙂 its so lively 🙂

    • I know Chimunk 🙄 This is the second time this stupid GPS is deceiving us (ISKCON temple was the first time) 😦

      But now, if I think back, we did have a lot of fun.. only if we had enough snacks.. I would have never cribbed 😀

      Thanku Thanku Thanku 🙂 🙂 You made me so glad 🙂

      I totally enjoyed it there 🙂

      Thanks again Chipmunk 🙂

      • I do remember 🙂 🙂 How can I forget to take right, straight then a one lane road and ends in a small temple that too under constructin 🙂 🙂 ha ha ha 🙂 though it irritates as you said t s so nostalgic moments that it had created 🙂 how terribly it shows the route:(!!!! its seriously a laughing moment!!! imagine how funny it will be to go and re go the roads that you have crossed more than once 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 you are welcome dear 🙂 I can be very sure that your car and your GPs will have lot of happy memories 🙂 🙂

      • Yeah yeah yeah *still nodding my head* 😀 My phone and our car is a deadly combo I guess 😀 I am sure its a memory to stay with us, as you pointed out 🙂

  2. Lovely pictures dear 🙂 So beautiful and so calm.. One can get mesmerized only by looking at the pictures.. Being there in person would sure have been a wonderful experience for both of you 🙂 And heard about a lot of stories about GPS misguiding people, two of them from you 😉

  3. Reminded me oF RM’s post on her GPS Woes!!! It has never failed me yet but yes we always supplement the info by asking people around.

    And those images are beautiful!!! U survived all the while without food? I cannot imagine doing it!

    • Yeah yeah.. GPS Woes!! 😥 This is the second time for us already. And one the same day, we get deceived twice. What can I say?

      Thanks a lot Smita 🙂 Yeah I know. I thought I would be the one to faint, but S was going to be unconscious which caught me by surprise.

  4. oh man..this place is a must see 🙂 🙂
    Your top is lovely!! I liked it so much 😀
    GPS woes again eh..from now onwards take the print of our trusted google maps 😉

  5. Wowwiieeeeee! I open WP, and green green pics stare back at me 😀

    I ll also join you in moaning about the GPS woes. It has happened quite often and sometimes we go in circles across highways :/

    You look fab GB 🙂 :). I love that kurta of yours. It complements you so well 🙂

    And, the place seems fantastic. I really want to visit Thekkadi. Whattaaayy a sight! The pictures tempt me so much. Sigh!

    P.S. Frame the last pic dear. *suthipodufies and runs off*

    • I know!! 🙄 Going around highways is one thing.. here we were trying to go into streets where only a cycle can go. Sigh! I am never trusting this GPS again.

      Awww thanks a bunch MM 🙂 🙂 You can see me smiling ear to ear right? 😛

      YOu should really visit it when you are here and you have time. Monsoons are the best seasons.. rains + greenery – killer combo 🙂

      😀 Thanks again MM.. 🙂 To be frank, that guy shook the pic a little and I didnt like it at all. When I wanted to request someone else.. S didnt want to. Sigh. So this is the only pic of ours together.

  6. Your willpower to go on without food! Kudos to you and S!

    Amazing pictures GB….. couldn’t stop looking at the greenery. You look really nice 🙂 So does S (whatever I can see 😛 )

    Everytime I read travel stories, I feel a sense of restlessness – I think I have been doing good on travelling and then I realize I haven’t done so much yet! So exciting and at the same time, so much tension-inducing 😛 😛

    Waiting for more!

    • hehehe… its my willpower basically. S was ready to drop the plan for good lunch.. but I insisted we go find that lake 😛

      Thanks a lot Kismi 🙂 🙂

      Yeah I know what you are talking about. Though I just had a trip last weekend, when I read your Bali-cation post, I wanted another trip. There is so much more to explore!

  7. The pictures are spectacular… and you two wearing colors that are complementing to the green surroundings and to each other as well. And you know for some reason I imagined you some one very different from what I am seeing here but equally beautiful despite your attempt of blurring the faces :).

    Btw after reading your experiences as well I have decided to be extra cautious with the GPS thing, after RM and Smitha, you are the third person sharing how it has mislead you….

    And yes Men and their love for driving go hand in hand. TBH is just the same when it comes to long driving.

    • Thanks OHW 🙂 Credits to the photographer S 😛
      How did you imagine me? Would love to know 😉
      Thanks again 🙂

      Yeah.. GPS is something I am going to use with great caution moving forward. I dont have courage for another mishap.

      haha.. so its the same everywhere 😀

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  9. Phew! I was on the edge of my seat, reading about your adventures on the road, thanks to the GPS. 🙂 Glad you guys finally reached the lake, and had a fun time.

    We would LOVE to go the tiger reserve. I was pestering the OH about the same all the way back to Bangalore from Kerala. 🙂 The monsoon is not a great time for animal spotting, is it? Thanks for letting me know!

    The pics are amazing! It looks like such a serene place! Especially loved the photo of the lake with the boat.

    • hahaha 😀 My GPS woes are continuing. Am glad we could visit the lake finally 🙂

      I too would love going there – missed it this time but next time we surely would book an accommodation there 🙂
      Yeah, thats what I felt TNGD. Usually animals come out to the banks to drink water. What with climate being pleasant and raining all around, only deers were out grazing. Those too were few and far.

      Thanks so much TNGD. All of them are mobile pics. Our camera refused to work 😦 Yeah, that happens to be one of my favs too 🙂

    • Thanks TM 🙂

      Yeah.. GPS can definitely mislead, we are the example couple. Got misguided not once but thrice!

      I did lose weight and still losing. Thanks for noticing 🙂

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