Customer Satisfaction – Is it Overrated?

Hardly I have cribbed about my work issues here except for the couple of times I have mentioned how hectic it is. I really enjoy my work and any challenges thrown at me. Most of the times, I would complete my work well in advance and be jobless rather than go on fire-fighting mode. And I know that there will be ups and downs with work. Today just happens to be the day I am bugged the most.

With my recent role change five months back, I am required to communicate with users, a lot. Many a times act as a consultant, giving them solutions and suggestions. I must also resolve any roadblocks or issues that the users might have. This isn’t much pressurizing as all the users are internal to my organization, just separated by geos. Most of the times, I crack a solution within a day for a critical issue. The users are also very understanding and polite, ready to wait and explore more if a particular solution isn’t working. But not everyone is alike isn’t it? And so are not all days’ good ones.

It all started a couple of weeks back. I had supported a lady (lets call her L) on an issue. L had thanked me profusely for resolving her issue very quickly and it was left there. After a few days, she pinged me with another issue. I said I will support her, until she gave me the requirement. It seemed quite hard and she was kind of demanding. I spent an entire afternoon working on her request and found that her issue cannot be resolved at all. I conveyed the same to her, which was not welcome at all. She kept on insisting me to “give her a solution”. To make myself sure of my findings, I posted a note to my counterparts in US (which I didn’t have to do) and they also accepted with me. Though the user might not like what she is told, that’s the truth – is what one of the guys said. I conveyed the same to L, which again was not accepted. I kept getting the feel that, she felt I didn’t do my part of the task properly before getting back to her.

For a week, the matter was put to silence. Getting busy handling a training class, I too forgot about the issue totally. Last night again, she had sent a critical request for the same issue by-passing the one that I am already handling. Unfortunately, I had to take it up again and spent the entire morning looking up solutions for the same, though I know we are at dead-end as far as the issue is concerned. I found a few potential solutions and tried them out with her, which didn’t work. That’s when I started to see it clearly. She was sharing her screen with me and as she typed out something on IM for me.. I could read it too, even before she clicked on Send. Her replies were quite rude and she was toying with the idea of whether to press enter key or not. When I post a reply, I could see her delete her rude reply and read my pings. At one point, she just said I should stop giving reasons why the issue wouldn’t resolve as she herself knows much more about it and better work on a solution. That’s when I lost my cool and gave her prompt replies which made her shut up. She thought I really didn’t work enough on her issue and kept giving her reasons. My assumption proved to be right. Sigh! I was red with anger and my hands were trembling (I don’t recall happening this anytime in my career). The fact that she was not even a regular employee but a contract hire made me feel even worse. How could she talk so rude? Can a customer think/talk whatever he/she wishes just because customer satisfaction is what my organization believes?

L somehow thinks, I haven’t got her issue at all. I am trying to be as cool as possible. If her issue has part-A, part-B and part-C, once she tells part-C is all she wants knowing part A and B isn’t possible. As soon as I start to think of Part C and give her a solution she gets back at Part A and B. In simple terms, she is eating my head. Talking sensibly isn’t working with her at all. I am out of answers to keep her satisfied and want her to understand that there is no solution to her problem but she acts like she is deaf.

I have no option but to take it with her manager if she happens to be rude just once more. My ego is badly bruised and I am in such bad mood. Some might say I need to grow up, but I really cant stand these kind of people/behavior!

Phew! Feels much better now 🙂 ha look hows finally smiling 🙂

36 thoughts on “Customer Satisfaction – Is it Overrated?

  1. 😦 drink water!!! not even a employee and this much horn in head is not that good for her :/
    Let her fix it, you don’t get involved.

  2. *hugs* did this thing close? If not speak to your superiors tell them the issue and tell them that u have already informed the girl that no solution is possible and yet she is wasting my man hour 😉

    • Thankfully its been resolved now Smita. For two days she bugged me like hell. But I am not leaving it so easily. I am definitely talking to the management, in the next meeting.

      hugs right back.

  3. I am one of a slow worker kind and I have given lots of thollai to many people who have been very supportive for me.. Hope this bitter incident won’t make you change helping attitude towards others.. Thank you for helping people like us, gb.

    • Chris.. I am not talking about slow. I can perfectly work well with great patience if the person is slow to understand. Here, that seems not to be the issue. This girl understands nothing can be done.. and is plain lazy to take the normal straight painful method of finishing her work and is at the back of me, bugging for a shortcut which isnt existing.

      I will never stop helping others, but then dont you think this is pushing me to the edge?

      • If nothing can be done, why can’t she convey to her senior and close the ticket complaint instead of bugging you?

  4. Not only customer satisfaction, any-kind-of-person satisfaction is overrated. This I learned – both at corporate and at home. Its good that the issue has been resolved, but GB, it makes sense to involve the managers if the client is unreasonable. Sometimes they are worse than 3 year old’s I tell you 😛 😛

    • Thanks for the hugs LF 🙂 Thankfully the problem is now resolved and has been reported out my higher levels. Couldnt stand the pressure she put on me.

      I totally agree with you 🙂 Thanks to blogging!

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