The Story of Visiting ISKCON

I had visited ISKCON temple long long ago during my second year college industrial visit. It was kind of magical back then in 2005. Bright white structure, beautiful looking Radha-Krishna, not to forget mentioning the tasty prasad and the number of shops on the way out. My pocket money was very very less back then, but dad gave me a thousand five hundred rupees for my expenses during the Bangalore trip. I spent each rupee making sure its well worth it and moreover my only thought was to give back most of it to dad, knowing the financial problems we had back then. Anyways I digress. I got a small statue of Krishna for 20 bucks and that was mainly to please Amma. I know she loved Krishna and that too the one in crawling posture. As expected, she was very happy and till date its in the living room showcase.

When I permanently moved to Bangalore, thoughts of visiting ISKCON kept surfacing but I am not a person to go out alone and enjoy myself. I waited for the right kind of company, that is either S or my parents. After a wait of three years, I had my own place in Bangalore and parents could visit me. During their first time stay here, we decided to go over there. With them never having gone to that temple, they were pretty excited. We reached a place according to Google maps from where it said getting a bus wouldnt be difficult. But guess what – we kept waiting for the bus for more than 2hrs – with dad and S running to different traffic police men for the route. Each person gave different info (and some never answered) and we got nowhere. With painful legs and a sore body we came back home. As such, S wasnt interested in going there in the first place and this incident had irritated him the most. In retrospective, the temple doesnt look like its a place of worship but then its beautiful according to me. S says why take all this trouble knowing its so far from our house. The dream of going back to that place was buried, until last Saturday that is.

To be very frank, I havent seen atleast 70% of the places in Bangalore. There is something or the other to do every weekend and we end up going nowhere. With parents here, I thought its time we give another shot at ISKCON. Luckily now we have the car so there is no need to wait for bus. I kept nagging S until he accepted to the plan – to go to temple first and then to Orion Mall close by, atleast that much we knew. We started to execute our plan around 3PM last Saturday. We knew it would be close to 25Kms from our place and as expected GPS gave us similar info. We went on and on and on.. as per the GPS direction missing a few lefts here and a few rights there. After about an hour we got lost. It looked like a hilly terrain and the houses were far and apart. No matter how many we ask, they asked us to keep going straight unlike the GPS. Once we even circled about the same road twice, getting confused between the directions and GPS. Finally luck prevailed and we got to the main road. Looks like GPS took us through the narrow broken residential roads to avoid traffic. Sigh! GPS Lady was screaming that our destination will in 250mts towards the right. When looked in that direction, there was a mechanic shop 😯 and beind that was a hill with a temple on top but there was no way we could reach there. Further, the temple was still under construction! Hmmm… if my memory served right, the roads were no where close to how it was when I first visited it but nevertheless I kept quiet. We traveled another 5Kms listening to various people knowing GPS wasnt helping much. For once, we were stuck up in a road that was too small for a car and had people staring at us in disbelief when we enquired about ISKCON. The reaction on their face was like – are these ppl mad to be coming here to visit IT? The fact that we didnt know Kannada put us into further problem 😦 Thankfully we reached the gates of a big factory and the watchman asked us to use that route inside the gates to reach the temple and we were in disbelief. The temple itself was very quiet except for the tremendous amount of construction happening and there was no crowd with only 2 -3 people around. We had a good darshan and prasad 😀 We sat there for sometime before proceeding towards the mall. We were clearly on a hill and the mall was no where to be seen. S enquired a few people there and they had no idea at all.

I reluctantly looked for Orion Mall on GPS (not ready to depend on it fully). It gave away that the mall is 23Kms far and thats when it struck us! We ended up in the wrong temple – a temple (ISKCON ofcourse) that was still being constructed. On a road about 10Kms away, we should have gone straight but the stupid GPS asked to take a right turn. The main temple wasnt tagged in the GPS was a shocker. We traveled 20Kms in the wrong direction and ended up in the wrong temple. Arrghhhhh!! 😡 I was so very disappointed. When we finally reached the mall, we had a glimpse of the temple that was close to Tirupathi in crowd and we couldnt even dare venturing in. We went only to the mall, with a very grumpy looking GB 😛 The fact that I got to shop there took away all my irritation and I was my happy self again 😀 I got a new marble roti plate and new roller which is keeping me excited to make more rotis 😛 Dad gifted me with a food processor (*can you see my grinning ear-to-ear*) which was my long time dream. S got me a mini vacuum cleaner (owing to my sudden cleanliness genes) and a kurthi 😀 If this is the icing on cake, guess what takes the cherry – We all went to watch the movie Epic 3D for 10Pm show and parents were watching a real 3D movie for the first time 🙂 I was so so pleased by the end of the day.

The visit to ISKCON is still open and that is even after staying here for 5years! Hopefully the next time we will land up correctly.


28 thoughts on “The Story of Visiting ISKCON

  1. HI GB 🙂 so its still in open status huh 🙂 The same thing happened when my mom and brother visited me wen i stayed in Bangalore. We three and my friends (uh three of them) planned to go there. We started early in the morning and lost our way and reached the temple only in the evening 😦 But the thing is we got darshan of Krishna 🙂
    And I hope this below link helps u to close the status to closed 😛

      • Yea GB 😦 SOme said from majestic we wld get bus frequently, so went there first. we dint get bus fr long time. wen we asked some persons there they said from shivaji nagar we wld get. so we were hoping to many places and by the time we reached it was eve 😦

      • Its exactly how we suffered last time.. but then, we were told from banshankari the frequency of buses are good. I dont know how came up with this info, but it was totally wrong 😦

  2. Ha..ha ..The GPS was fun to read but I know it must have been so frustrating 😀 But you see the good part was that you were able to have good darshan & prasad without any hassle & stampede 🙂

  3. I am surprised to hear the already constructed temple is not there on GPS where as the one being constructed is there..I find it weird.

    There is always a next time 🙂

  4. lol!!! A famous person had once said, “You will see God when he wants you to see him” 😀 so you will get a darshan of ISKCON temple when you are destined to.

  5. !!!!! iskcon has reallly taken you to great heights!!! how many places with same name grrr and GPS lady screaming in that high tension place, I would have ended up throwing that small box outside!!!!!! 25 km I can see how a red horn raised out of your head 😦 😦 😦 I have never tried that temple in Chennai. I can only see that place as a touist spot and the vibration which I feel in rest other temples is missing is what I feel about it 😦 😦 but to admire the artifacts one can go there and have a very good capture of it…………..

    • Yes Chipmunk! This is one place where we cant step out without knowing all the details! No one would answr us and now we got to know GPS is not to believe as well. Sigh 😦

      I agree with the commercialization but its still beautiful.

  6. hehehehehehehehe GB ! I was so shocked when you described the location. I was like, “really? Has the temple been moved or the roads changed?” But I knew somethign was seriously amiss when you said there were only 2-3 people in the temple – that’s never going to happen! 😛

    I love stepping on every block and chant – it is almost magical. No matter the crowd and commercialization, that one thing makes me lose myself 🙂 That’s the beauty of rhythm and prayer, I guess 🙂

    But your weekend sounds awesome! Btw, am just going to buy a roti-maker. I am done with my share of Australia maps for this lifetime.

    • I realized that we were wrong only when we were stuck up on narrow roads Kismi.. S was already irritated, so I didnt dare to bring it up 😛

      I want to feel that magic soon.. let me nag S one more time ;D

      Wow.. a roti maker I got 1.5yrs back.. awesome invention! I have stopped using though, as I wanted to make those Australia maps again 😛

    • Welcome to my little space! 🙂

      There is one more, in Subramanyapura! And in the GPS, the address seems right but its tagged to this location.

      Hehe.. I am happy for the gifts 😀

      Going over to your space now! 🙂

  7. LOL 😀 I can’t believe you ended up at the new ISKCON, which is still under construction and then drove all the way again till Orion! 🙂
    Awesome loot of gifts there! I am fascinated by a food processor, always wonder if it actually does all the stuff they tell it does. Now we have you, who can show us stuff that you made using it. 🙂

    • I should have taken a copy of the actual route from google maps rather than believing GPS blindly 😦 While the address was that of actual ISKCON, it was tagged to this new one! Sigh 😦

      I was also all these days fascinated by it but somehow couldnt believe it will work well. But this time dad insisted and I got it. Only thing it claims and cant do is dicing. That is to cut veggies in a nice sqares. Apart from it I am loving it for fine chopping of veggies (onions esp) and atta kneading. Never did I get such soft rotis. I am yet to explore other things like whisking, cake batter preparation etc, will update soon 🙂

  8. 😆 😆 😆
    Such things happen to you only GB 😀 😀 😀
    Ok from now on, check with the maps and not the GPS before going out 😉

    Did you like the waterfront at Orion?

    So many gifts, awesome!! So the trip was not a waste after all 🙂

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