My Inner Reflection – 3

If there is one thing that I love more than painting and sketching, that would be crafts. While painting helps me relax my disturbed mind, craft making brings out the creativity in me and somehow the final outcome satisfies me much more compared to that of painting. Right from school, I loved the drawing and SUPW classes while the rest of the class detested for the same. There were times, I would be busy knitting a bag (part of SUPW) not worrying about the exams. Dad played a key role in regards to my interests in craft works. He would bring an entire stationery store infront of me, when I ask him for one little thing. I once remember asking him for sky blue color woolen ball to make a flower, he spent hours looking out for the color I had asked for and he always ensured he gets it finally 🙂 When my work is complete, he would show it  to all and sundry on how his daughter made the flower/bag/wall-hanging/painting/purse/doll. As such my interest in craft making increased manifold, during my 10th std summer holidays. Having nothing else to do usefully, I spent time thinking of ideas. I learnt embroidery, pot painting, chalk carving, mirror painting, tile painting and many such things just on trial and error method. Most of the times, amma would be irritated, looking at the mess I create before completing my masterpiece 😛 I would say those holidays were the most productive days of my life, considering the number of things that are now adorning the showcase at my parents’ place 🙂

Its been a while I tried my hands on clay and when I got a chance to find it in a store two weeks back, I jumped with joy. Sometimes I act so weird that S finds it scary 😆 Not knowing whats in store, he got me 3 packs of Fevicryl Shilpkar clay. The minute S left to Chennai that weekend, I wanted to do something with it and here’s what I created. I wouldnt say its perfect, but isn’t it good for a comeback after 10yrs almost? There are tonnes of ideas and I hope I would implement atleast a few of them in the coming weeks 🙂

My Golden Ganesha – The base is made out from used kitchen tissue roll!

Golden Ganesh - sort of abstract one!

Golden Ganesha – sort of abstract one!

An oil painting has also been kept out from this space, will probably share it  in the next post 🙂


36 thoughts on “My Inner Reflection – 3

    • Thank you so much LS 🙂

      Hobby Ideas has opened a new store in Bangalore, I had a loot there. I would have wished to see many other craft items there, but they are still developing it.

      Shilpkar clay is like M-seal but much more friendly skin wise. Even kids can use it, no harm. If you dont find it, let me know I will send it across it you via courier 🙂

      Earlier days, I used chalk powder, which yields the same result, but quite hard to work with 🙂

  1. Wow!! This is great GB and so is your Dad!!! Loved the idea 🙂
    And you learnt Chalk painting also!!! Impressed!!!!
    Oh and i forgot to tell you, i updated the recipe of Vaati daal na khaman that you requested :)…

  2. It looks so very well made!!! U r good!!!

    I sadly never had a real interest in crafts!!! Never! U know what I used to call SUPW? Wome Useful Periods Wasted!!! 😀

  3. The Ganesha is super cute. I almost spent all my summer vacations creating miniatures of the the things I see around. Huh those where the days:-) I have to get back to crafts soon.

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