A Letter to You, Papa!

The day seemed far off,  I thought 100+ days were long enough. You weren’t okay with this at all, with things moving at lightning speed, fearing to take the big step forward. We decided it for you, I decided it for you and slowly changed your mind. You wanted everything to be perfect on your big day, I knew it would be and that’s why talked you into accepting this. As expected, every single piece of the jigsaw puzzle started fitting itself into the right place, though slowly.

Your wedding was something that I could hold on to, forgetting about my life for a minute and that made me feel immensely happy. Remember of all the times, we kept ourselves in synch of the various preparations? Time has just flied. I had been feeling guilty that I wasn’t spending as much time with you preparing for your wedding – I really didn’t.  You took care of most of the things for yourself and I was always kept in the loop. Not a single decision was made without me. You had postponed several things to a weekend I would come down just so that we both can decide. If I say yes, there was a happy face. Period. You know how proud it made me feel? My thoughts were respected, more so because you love me so much. One Sunday while I was at the in-laws, you had called me atleast ten times which I had missed obviously and it was so important for you that I picked up the call to decide on your flower decorations. Until the day of wedding, you were skeptical of your selection as I had expressed a slight dislike candidly. Little did I know that my words matter so much to you.

With only 7 days for the wedding, I was hardly concentrating on anything but making plans coming home straightaway. The matured person in you asked me not to change my plan just to land one day prior and I listened to you. I really have no idea how every day passed so quickly until it was almost your engagement day. I probably won’t forget the little fit you threw in on your engagement eve for this lifetime, not because I was angry with you but because I understood love is displayed in a number of forms. I had gone out for the day, to run some errands leaving you at home and you never showed off your displeasure until I came back home. Just like that, you accused me of leaving you all alone when all you were expecting was to spend time with me. Terrible guilt stuck me. Felt awful for making you cry just a few days before your big day. It was kind of cold, we both didn’t get back immediately. We took our time but got together again in a couple of hours, understanding each other much better. People around us thought we were silly and stupid but I know no one but we sisters only understand these little things.

There have been moments I felt I am not doing my best for you, but I wanted to keep everything under control for amma and started taking part in every small work. You know how lazy I am, many a times I even ask you to fetch me water from kitchen (sometimes you scold, some other times you just do it sweetly) but your wedding saw me move every muscle in my body and stretch myself beyond my own belief. Running high temperature or severe body pains didn’t matter – I just wanted to do whatever I could and be there for you. Before we knew it, the wedding reception had got over. When we both finally lied down to sleep, I kept talking non-stop at that hour of the night. You were silently listening to everything and in no time I saw you sleep peacefully – your last night as bachelorette, beside me 🙂 I was too excited that I didn’t sleep for even a minute and when it was time to wake you up I was brisk. And lady.. I know you love your beauty sleep, but asking for extra five mins of sleep on your wedding day in three installments – too much I say!! 😀

I am glad we both had enough time to catch up before the wedding, what to say.. nobody would have got ready at 6’o clock for a wedding at 9 😀 We stood there, talking about different things and you casually asked me not to get emotional during the holy knot. You were afraid, I and mom would make you cry too just like it happened in my wedding and you didn’t want that. I know you were getting married and it would happen in an hour’s time but somehow the thought hadn’t sunk into me. The minute you dressed up in your wedding saree, I felt a rush of emotions pass on into me. It started feeling surreal! Amma got so emotional at multiple occasions and I was pulling her aside everytime she shed a tear drop, not wanting you to see. But I couldn’t hold on myself much longer. As Y tied on the sacred knot, I had tears of joy. My little sister got married – I kept saying to myself, it was like a dream come true. The very minute, you looked all grown up and matured – not the little girl I fall in love with everytime I think about. One thing kept re-iterating my mind – no matter how old you are, you will always be my little darling and I knew our love towards each other wouldn’t change a bit.

Here’s to all the best time you would spend together with Y! Wishing you lots and lots of fun, happiness and prosperity for all the years to come!

Happy married life Chinnathalli!

27 thoughts on “A Letter to You, Papa!

  1. Awww!!! such a sweet letter..I am sure your sis will have tears in her eyes when she reads this. And though I never felt a need to have a real sis in my life but with the kind of bond that u share with your sis I had a thought…wish I had a sis 🙂

    P.S. The title confused me…letter to papa? but letter to Sis. What am I missing here.

    • Thnaks Smita.. 🙂 She indeed had tears in her eyes, after reading this.

      Every bond is so special right? I have always wanted to have an elder brother but cant be more happy for having an younger sis 🙂

      haha… sorry for confusing you.. Papa in telugu means baby.. its just one of the number of names that I call her 🙂

  2. Seeing the title and going through the post, I was so confused…you have addressed the letter to your dad and writing about his wedding 😯 For a moment, I even thought it is the shashtiabdapoorthi which you are mentioning here 🙄 🙄

    I scrolled down to the end of the post and then it hit me you are talking about your sister 😀 😀 and papa is our paaapa in Telugu :mrgreen:

    All confusions aside, this is such a sweet sweet letter, makes me wish I have a lovely sister like this 🙂

    Now you two are safe 😀 😀

  3. GB, this is such a beautiful letter….. made me so emotional ! I have lovely boys all over the family, so sisterly love is something that I haven’t experienced a lot. It must have been such a bonding journey for you both until now and especially the wedding!
    And to think you both are going to share dates and all 🙂 I wish your sister is happy always and so are you!

    What is chinnathalli? 🙂

    • Thanks so much Kismi 🙂 We were really close from the time I remember.. having no else to play with, we had to be each other’s company. We both yearn for a elder brother.. but thankful we atleast have cousins 🙂 She is my best friend and a very loving sister who knows me more than I do 🙂 Glad I am sharing the most important day of my life with her now 🙂 🙂
      Thanks again for your wishes 🙂

      Chinnathalli literally translates to Little Mother 😀 But the actual meaning is something like I am keeping her in a similar place to my mom and that she is so dear to me.

  4. Happy married life Chinnathalli ( name or younger sister, i don’t know :() from a small blogger. :D, and welcome back GB for this super awesome post.

  5. Such a sweet emotional letter to your little sis…Shows how much both of you love each other 🙂
    May God keep all of you happy and lots and lots of good wishes to your sis for her new life 🙂

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