When a Dog Bit Him!

It was a leisure evening at the in-laws place in Chennai. We were all sitting together in the living room sipping our evening ginger tea prepared with utmost care by MIL. As its always the case, everyone was keenly interested in listening to the stories I and S were spinning. All was good until there were three dogs in the room. Don is a Pomeranian dog which is treated like a member of my in-law’s family, its been with them for the past 9yrs. Initially it was too tough for me to even cross Don. Given my fear for the pet animals, especially dogs I could never imagine how I could stay at my in-laws. But slowly, I realized its love for me. It jumps with joy as soon as I and S reach home. It goes about rounding my legs, jumping on to my chest at regular intervals – welcoming me in its own way. Now, I can be cool with Don sleeping near my legs too. I too have accepted it as my family member the same way it has accepted me. That evening was different, as Don had brought two of his friends into the living room. It made me quite uncomfortable – not wanting to open my mouth about it, I was waiting for S to shout out – I know my MIL would do anything for her son. But S never paid attention to the two additional dogs in the room – how could he not? They were not even looking clean – they obviously were stray dogs and my uneasiness increased with every passing minute.

In the next five minutes, all the dogs were gone and I sighed in relief. S went into one of the other rooms to get something and not wanting to miss the chance of confronting him on missing to notice the dogs, I followed him. To my surprise, we were welcomed by all the three dogs inside. S was leaning himself against a wooden table trying to get something, a dog tried to come near him. Having no particular feeling towards dogs, he shouted “Heyyy pooooo!” Don would usually go out of the room quickly but not this dog. In a split second, it pounced on him ferociously and I was too stunned to react. I could sense that the dog had a tight grip on S’s trousers and no one else was reacting to.

The next thing I remember is holding the dog tightly by its tummy and pulling it off S while giving a loud cry. I must confess that I have never touched a dog before, not even the affectionate Don. This dog was so ferocious and there it was biting my husband – how could I not react? I threw it away so hard that it fell to a corner unconscious. I couldn’t care for the dog anymore and started to see what damage it had done on S. The mother-in-law and sisters-in-law, who were silent all this while, started fussing about the whole thing. I pulled S to the next room to check on his wounds and I was sure atleast 200gms of his flesh would have been gone. To my surprise, there was nothing major except for a very little bite mark. There were other bruises of course on his hands and face – that he got by hitting himself against the wall and table while trying to free himself from the dog. How could there not be a proper bite, when the dog attacked him so wildly? I re-check multiples times, not letting S talk even a word. Meanwhile, MIL was teary-eyed for all this and insisted me to take S to a doctor. I couldn’t agree more and she starts crying hard.

And that’s when I open my eyes gasping for breath. It was a funny-but-scary dream. The thought of dog attacking S and I pulling it so hard and possibly killing it, gave me shudders. I kept re-thinking of it multiple times and couldn’t fall asleep again. Does this have any meaning? I am not a believer of dreams-come-true or dreams-tell-something. But these days, I am going a bit superstitious with everything around me and had been thinking of this dream for the entire day. Want to know S’s reaction to this – ? He laughed so much hearing it and said I am taking revenge on him by dreaming this way 😛


32 thoughts on “When a Dog Bit Him!

  1. Gosh GB…I thought this was a real life incident and was about to give you a medal for your bravery when you burst the bubble that all this was a dream 😆

    Rest assured, dont worry, they are just dreams dear 🙂

  2. seriously GB..I thought this was a real incident..and glad that it was dream 🙂 Dont worry dear..I’ve had similar dreams of dogs chasing me..And I’ve made sure to remain cautious/freak out depending on how close any dog is when I’m in their vicinity…So,i’m in the dream club too ..And worry maadu beda ..:) Next time, pat the Don and wave your smile to him and he will remain watchful over you 🙂

    • So believed it was real..?! 😀 I still feel as if it happened really.. for the dream was so clear and very detailed 🙂

      I have always seen snakes in my dreams.. and they would always chase me only. But those dreams feel okay right? I mean.. we know its about us only.. when it involves a loved one – it reaches a new level 😦

  3. Thank god it was a dream. This was actually a nightmare. 😀

    Now about Dreams, they are a strange reflection of some facet of our life. This i am sure, but the problem is that not all parts of the dream, i remember, so most of the dreams, i cannot co relate exactly. So, i immediately jot them down, and most likely i will forget. Sometime, back when i go back to the diary, i realize that i had a dream.

    Sample this one for instance: Took place in Nov 2011:

    J: This dream is something that i am totally unable to apprehend. I am sitting in a class room, along with other people, whom i cannot remember. J is the class teacher. That is all I can remember, before the next scene, where she is dead, and people are carrying her body. I really cannot co-relate what significance, this has to do with my life and thoughts.

    Am sure you realize who J in tamilnadu means 😀 .

    What co relation this dream has to my real life? x-)

    • Still thanking God it was a dream 🙂 🙂

      You believe they are reflection of our life – I do too and thats why some dreams are scary!

      Aaaah.. now that is some dream.. why would SHE come in your dream 😀 😀 😀

  4. bah! you scared me!!!:-) that said…so glad it was a dream!!! (btw: I am a long time lurker…this post really prompted me to comment)

    • So sorry Chris.. work is killing me, i couldnt even look at WP for all these days. This comment of yours made me feel so bad that I had to do it now, in the middle of my meeting and sleeping 😛

  5. Ohhh GB…what a dream…but I am sure that scared feeling & panic while you dream of S being attacked must have reeled even afterwards…. chill baby 🙂

    Lol on S saying abt that revenge part 😛

  6. OMG GB, I really thought it was a true incident and I wanted to know if all is well etc… ha ha LOL on ur dreams and wah wah wat a Brave thing to do!! Just be cautious from the stray dogs darling.. U never know.. wat if the dog dreamed abt u harming it in his dreams and then taking revenge.. ha ha LOL jokes apart.. Glad it was just a dream..

  7. GBiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!!!! I thought it was real 😦 I was so scared for a minute – that 200 gms of flesh and all. Don’t worry Gb. Even if it does mean anything, you saved S right? and moreover, he had nothing on his body in the end, remember? 🙂 Just think of good things and sleep 🙂 It helps a lot.

    Sorry, I read all your posts on time but don’t comment unless I am using a PC/ laptop 🙂

    • You know how certain dream feel like real.. this was one of it. I literally got up shocked, gasping for air. But as you said, I did save S and he was safe – ultimately something that my subconscious mind wants 🙂

      No worries dear.. I know you are here for me anytime 🙂

  8. What a dream! I thought it was a real-life incident till I came to the last para of your post. 🙂 I would have been terrified if I had such a dream too, wondering why it ever came. 🙂

    I have been having quite a few weird dreams of late, too. I even blogged about it some time ago.

    Loved S’s reaction to your dream. 😀

    • I have always had much weirder dreams TNGD.. where I get chased, animals attacking me, I falling prey to an unseen ditch etc etc.. All of this basically told me that I am feeling insecure within though I couldnt understand what that insecurity was. Never had a dream where I was heroic and thats my shcok 😀 May be I am getting more secure?!

      I have read your dreams post 🙂 I thought every point is real and it took me sometime to realize that they were your different dream sequences 😀

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