Antics of Mr. S – 2

Its high time, I put  up this post on S’s antics. My life has been dull for the past three months and almost all my posts (well, I had been writing only weekend updates and travel stories) only reflected my sad state of mind. My happiness would only last for less than 48hrs, that is when S is with me during the weekends. I am still managing quite well during the week days, but there is no denying that I am missing S. What else but his thoughts can keep me sane, in his absence!

A few months back, I had to visit doctor for some allergy related treatment. S was the one to propose the idea first and the treatment would last for atleast 10days. On day1, he drops me at the clinic, comes back home to cook a good dinner and as I step into the house I smell something delicious. With cats and rats running in my tummy, I go hug him for taking efforts to cook something. He keeps the most innocent face ever and says – “Hey Loose… oru small prechana…” (Hey Loose.. one small problem) I immediately check all my kitchen equipment and groceries. Finding everything alright, I breathe a sigh of relief and ask him what it is.. Seemed he accidentally informed my MIL that I had gone to hospital when she casually asked for me during the call. My MIL panics with the word “Hospital”. When she started enquiring why what and all.. S panicked! He then understood he had given away unnecessary detail. He just shut her up saying everything is alright. Two days passed, neither my MIL called me nor I called her. On day4, she again called S and then.. he again told her that I was in hospital and this time.. he actually said I had gone for some “treatment”. My MIL was more tensed. She could neither ask me what it was about nor S. S wouldn’t give her detailed information. For a week or so, she thought we were hiding some problems from her 🙄 until I told her everything abt my dust allergy. Ufff!

Imagine this – We both are watching TV and some ad comes up. I causally comment abt the girl or guy in the commercial like – hey look how bad her dress is or why is his facial expression weird? Snap comes the reply from S – “Look, don’t talk anything unnecessary about anyone, its none of our business” Aggrrrhhhhh I go. This applies to anyone and everyone irrespective of how lame my comment was.

It was one of the mornings when I was rushing to office. I had already given my customary screams from the kitchen, to make him get up from bed. After struggling from the kitchen for about 25mins, I run to the bedroom to see S sleep peacefully. Irritated to the core, I start punching him on his leg. Its unbelievable that he wasn’t even feeling slightly uncomfortable and on top of it, after 3-4 punches he raised his leg making it unreachable for me 🙄 I remained silent for the next five minutes and could see the leg coming back to the normal. Everytime I tried to punch, he kept dodging his leg while being completely asleep. He had no memory of all this, when he actually got up. Sigh!

S loves to sleep. If there is one thing I learnt after moving in with him, its about his love for sleeping. Actually I feel he loves to sleep more than he loves me 😀 Once it happened that he slept for an hour extra in the morning than what he actually planned for. After spending about 4hrs alone, I was getting bored. At about 10-ish I went to wake him up somehow – what.. I can only be patient for so long 😀 Guess what was his reaction as soon as he opened his eyes – “Aiyo Cha… athukkulla 10 ayidcha”  (Aiyo Cha.. Is it 10 already?) Not once or twice.. but for atleast 5-6 times. Needless to say… I was red with anger 😀

S is really really bad at guessing. One morning, I am preparing poori. I had made the aloo curry and on the kitchen counter, I have kept the poori dough. As soon as he enters the kitchen, he investigates everything and asks me.. “hey Loose… Masala dosa panriya.. super :D” (hey Loose… Are you preparing Masala Dosa.. super 😀 )

We are a typical Tom and Jerry couple, if there is any such comparison 😀 When S goes towards left, I would by default go to the right. But if there is one thing, that we both love.. its shopping. I am reminded of the number of times we go vegetable shopping during a week. Sometimes, we come back home only with two capsicums and a bunch of coriander and some other times, it would be two huge bags. Shopping is never considered a waste of time at GB-dom. There is though, something weird with us going to pick up veggies. As soon as we enter the super market, S asks me for the veggies to be picked. He would select his region and I would go about picking others out of his list. As I finish picking my set f veggies, I go put them in the basket that S holds. S is very very particular with picking the right veggies. He wants the right shape, size, color etc etc… Most of the times, he leaves his quest for good veggies mid-way (not satisfied) and hand over his section to me as well 😀

S always compliments my food. I have always found him only praising how good the food is, rather than complaining about the faults. There is a twist though, he never gets satisfied with outside food. Until recently, I found it hard to believe. How can a person eat anything at home so silently, but complain a lot even if it’s a small issue at a restaurant? I am still searching the answer.

S is very particular abt the salt levels in his food. Give him anything edible, he will eat it given that the salt is just right or even lesser. He stands next to me in the kitchen, as I season the food and warns me to use less salt. I have adapted myself to using so less salt that my own family feels we both are eating salt-less food and I am the cause for it. Once, my MIL made some chutney. S had one bite of it and he turned his face towards my MIL. He claimed there was excess of salt in the chutney. But when both I and my MIL tried it, salt was less but the sourness from tamarind was higher. I and MIL had a nice time teasing him over it for that day 😀

S is the Chutney-Master of the house. I must give it to him for the best tasting chutneys that he makes. He started preparing them, taking note of how I prepare them but now he is the one to excel 😀

I will never be a dearth of sleep stories and S 🙂 Recently, S was at home and I had to be working. Feeling bad that he was alone at home, getting bored I ditched my work and started back home. With so much excitement, I pressed the calling bell once. No response. I pressed it again and again and again. No response. I could see that he was at home only. I then guessed he must have fallen asleep. I kept calling his multiple mobile phones coupled by the calling bell, only to stand outside the grill door for 17mins with a huge laptop bag. He opens the door finally and asks me.. “Hey.. Ivlo seekram vanthutiya..?” (Hey… You are back so soon?”) and goes back to his sleep 🙄

 S.. I am missing all your antics. I missing the many things that you do to irritate me. I am also missing the occasional food that you prepare for me. I am missing the “wake you up” activity. I am missing our time together watching the television. I am missing your small anger at me for working late at nights. I am missing you very badly dear. 


24 thoughts on “Antics of Mr. S – 2

  1. oh sweety, hug dear.. weekend is here, S must be back to u anytime.. u ppl are such a lovely couple.. i like the way he addresses u as loose. :). i find it cute.. my hubby too calls me that way.. may be thats the chennai thing.. :).
    i too love sleeping.. so i support S for this..

    • Thats my worry AM.. weekends are just going off so fast… within no time.. it would be Monday again.. But yes! I must not complain as I get my weekend time with S atleast.

      Oh.. same pinch on Loose 😀 I just thought only S and I are the weird couples… looks like its not 😛

      hahaha 🙂 I know.. there would be someone supporting S for his love for sleeping 😀

  2. Awww!!! Your post makes it crystal clear as to how much u r missing him!!!

    And he is a kumbkaran as far as sleep pattern is concerned 🙂

    And the only word I can think of to describe S is “sweet” 🙂

  3. Hey this is so similar to my Nauk-Juank series…I guess we momen can write a Book abt their antics n nataks.. 🙂 Loved ur bits..
    * Oh Its so true abt the sleeping thing.. Even I too Feel Appi loved sleeping more than me, second is his mobile and then the list continues..
    * Tom n Jerry couple is so cute!! Ah same pinch ont he veggie shopping spree, My fellaw also needs veggie sin corret shape, size, textur n wat not..
    * Lol on S sleeping back even after seeing u :p

    Hugs dear for missing S each day!! Hey to cheer u up, its just 1 day to go for the weekend so cheer up now.. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Deepsi 🙂

      * are most men like this?? Sigh!

      * hahaha.. same pinch 😀 Whats with their obsession on same color, size shape and all that 😀

      *Poor me.. isnt it? 😛

      I’m already in the weekend mood 😀 Thanks for your comforting words 🙂

  4. I understand the emotions you must have been through while writing this…. sometimes you miss people so much that it hurts to think of their antics.. not sure if it is true in your case, but it is to me! I miss loved ones so bad when they are in another country or sometimes when K is at work and I have an off that I find something to inspire me for those few minutes and then am perky again! 😛

    As I write this I realize that you will S day after tomo! C’mon, are you glad that the countdown is in hours? 🙂

    • Its very hard to even think of it Kismi. If I spending each passing day, its only because I have stopped thinking. I have stopped having thoughts on anything. I am trying to keep my mind as blank as possible…I am not sure if thats the right way to do it.. but I have still not accepted to the fact that S has shifted to Chennai and only that is making me live my life alone here.

      Very true abt finding something to inspire.. when we have that push, nothing seems difficult.

      I am so glad that the countdown is onto the last few hrs 😀 😀 *can you see me grinning wide :D*

  5. Well hmmm then make the best of the WEEKEND .. live each second of it .. and soon it will be weekend again ..
    you take care .. and sleeping now that is the best thing I do too and I am sure i can be upto the competition with S on that one 🙂 for sure

    • I am seriously trying to live my life to the fullest during the weekends Bikram.. and may be that is why my weekends are usually jammed pack and I come back on a Monday writing a long post 🙂

      hahaha 😀 We sure have two Kumbkarans as of now – including you 😆

  6. I love reading about S. It sure brings a smile to my face. You both make a cute pair. Hugs to both of you. Hope you guys are enjoying your week end. Waiting for the update:)

  7. Even was thinking weird stuff until I heard its allergy.

    R is like you, he can’t sleep long and he wakes up first and wait for me to wake up.

    LOL @ guessing it masala dosa 🙂

    Tom and Jerry couple , you both are indeed cute and made for each other 🙂

    • hahaha 🙂 I know how the word “treatment” kindles one’s imagination.. My MIL being the one afraid of doctors and treatments had let her imagination horses run.. until I gave her the entire story 🙂

      How I wish S gets up atleast one time before me and waits for me to wake up… that would never ever happen 😀

      Thanks so much LF 🙂

  8. Awwww, hugs! Hope you soon get to be back with S! 🙂

    This is such a cute post! Again, a lot of similarities between S and the OH. The OH hates it even if I make even lame comments about any random person! He LOVES to sleep too, and can sleep off in the middle of a fight!! Gah!

    • Thanks you so much TNGD. I am hoping for the same 🙂

      Are our husbands twins or what TNGD 🙂 Even S sleeps off in the middle of a fight.. I am would be even more furious the next morning 😀

  9. that the weekend is over and this is the middle of another week, I hope you had another antic-ful weekend 😉 😀

    Hugs dear GB 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I am yet to find a man who does not love sleep, so many men in my family will do anything to get their precious sleep – with my inlaws – just serve them some mutton biryani and you wont hear from any of them for a long, long time unless they are shaken very badly 👿 😈

  10. LOL at the sleep stories!!! S could have been my brother in this regard. Once after exams, my friend and I went to her home and slept. When her mom came from office, she rang the bell, tried to call to no avail. Finally she had to stay at neighbour’s place for an hour!!!

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