Weekend Story – the one with little of everything!

This is one weekend that would be remembered very fondly, for multiple reasons. It was not the best. Neither was it perfect. I didn’t happen to cook any new recipes. Neither did I click snaps of the ones that I happened to cook. We didn’t go on roaming around the city. Neither did we stay home all the time. We just went by the routine but still manged to have a great weekend.

The weekend started with me awaiting eagerly for S to join me on Friday night. Inspite of the terrible back pain (thanks to the endless transition sessions, I damaged my back yet again) I managed to make Methi Roti and Parval Dopyasa. As much as I enjoyed cooking, my back was not very supportive and I had a terrible time. I couldnt bring myself to eat my dinner after my back decided to kill me slowly. After the dinner, I managed to lie down flat until S rang my mobile to say he would be home in a minute. I ran to the gate (much like a heroine from old movies) and waited to see his face with a bated breath 😛 Like a dutiful wife, I gave him a glass of water and served him his dinner immediately! (This is so unlike me :D) I then started narrating the stories of the week, while waking S up every other minute. (Now, this is so like me :D)

Saturday saw me wake up as early as 6am, feeling hungry 😦 How could I let S sleep when I am wide awake? I waited for the moment he would turn towards me and when he did, I started talking to him as if I never stopped talking through out the night. He was stunned for a minute to see me talking again, as if there is no Pause button 😀 When I told him I felt hungry, he knew I would drag him out of bed. He tried his best to make me sleep again, saying I am not really hungry but sleepy 🙄 Finally, when he could no longer hold on to my torture, he said “5 mins” and went into deep slumber – something that only S is capable of. Sigh! Thankfully, I had saved two rotis from the night before and they saved my stomach from growling further. I cleaned the kitchen, made coffee and then wanted S to be up before I made breakfast for him. The only way to wake up snoring S was to devise a master plan – washing clothes. I went to him, shook him and said I would want his tee shirt as the washing machine is still empty. Poor guy had to get up and there, my master plan worked 😀 We quickly had breakfast of upma and coconut chutney. We had good 3 hrs before lunch and we put it good use.

We sang! Yes we did. We sang along with all the songs that were being played on any music channel and that ensured we spent good one hour quickly. It was just feeling great to take the role of a hero and heroine in the song, and sing it forgetting about the rest of the world. When the energy got high from all the singing, I started dancing (read jumping :P) and soon S joined me too. In the limited space available in the living room, we managed to do some moves, laugh like kids and have lots of fun 😀 S would make fun of my move and then I would follow suit to comment on his and he would come together doing our funny moves. Never ever we have acted like this before and may be that is why, it brought us so much joy 🙂

Lunch was more of a disaster – who can spoil a simple potato fry other than me? I am not sure why but I am still blaming the potatoes 😀 Nevertheless, we had a good meal and rested for a bit before my maid showed up very early. Gone. Afternoon siesta gone. Not knowing what to do, we both discussed and decided on going for a movie – Skyfall it was. Both of us love Bond. He was introduced to me by S during our initial wedding days and I instantly fell in love with him. We both have watched every other Bond movie and thus decided to watch this on big screen. Till now, I am quite unsure if I like it. Wasn’t a typical 007 movie. Except for the intro and the climax scene, the rest of the movie was slow – untypical for a Bond movie. After 2.5hrs, we both came out of the theater looking tired. This sure calls for a good dinner right? We ate out and as always, whatever I ordered turned out bad and I shared food from S’s plate 😀

Sunday saw me cleaning home as soon as I got up, utilizing the time S was still asleep. It took me hardly an hour to bring back the order and I guess, I am most productive when I make up my mind 😀 When S got up, it was breakfast time. I had not had the chance to prepare idli/dosa batter during the week (so unlike me) and had to settle down for store bought Appam batter. It literally killed me to see Appams that were close to rubber – Second disaster in a row 😦 We went on to do some grocery shopping later and its one of the rarest sessions were we both are in same form – which means it just felt great. We shopped for such a long time that it was well past lunch time and we had to go for burgers, something that we were biting into after 2.5 months closely.

I had to give my ego some boost after the two disasters and thus ended up preparing Beetroot Halwa which was just aweeeeee-some!! I started counting the number of hrs I get to stay with S more for the evening and that made me sad, no denying there. May be thats why, I started picking up some silly fight with him which I dont even remember now. Good thing is, within couple of minutes we could sort off everything. Though I was immature in picking up a fight, we both acted well in resolving it sooner 🙂 I later made some rotis and egg curry (which turned out simply superrrrrrbbbb) and then it was time for S to leave. I didnt shed even a single tear drop and actually smiled when I said bye to him :patting myself on the back proudly:

Now, this was my weekend and I am already expecting the Friday- because its Deepaaaaaaavaliright after it 😀


26 thoughts on “Weekend Story – the one with little of everything!

    • 😀 I too felt the same way. I haven’t watched Casino Royal before and was having my doubts before going for this one. S assured me it would be fine.. but we both didnt enjoy it much.

  1. Singing out loud…and dancing too huh….such a good start to the weekend!!

    How come you get up so early on Sundays 😯 Since the last couple of weekends, I say hello to Sunday when the Sun is close to the centre of my head…have become so lazy 😥

    My sweet GB…no tears huh…way to go 🙂

    • Yeah 😀 😀

      As I always say… I am weird 😀 You are doing the right thing.. Sunday should be welcomed only when Sun is close to the centre of head 😀

      I am definitely improving 🙂

  2. Hope your back is better after the weekend fun and hopefully some rest 🙂
    I have never heard of a beetroot halwa so I am very curious to see the recipe and check out pictures, please post them soon 😀 😀
    So good to see you chirpy, happy and back to the GB we love after work has been taking toll on you 😀
    P.S.- L♥ve the Ganpati header 🙂

    • It was better until this morning and sitting continuously infront of my laptop has worsened it again. Hopefully, a good night’s rest will help me out 🙂

      What what.. you haven’t heard of beetroot halwa..? you are missing out an awesome sweet.. I am sure you will love it too and its a perfect treat for any sweet lover 🙂 I will sure put up the recipe soon. I have not one.. but three recipes posts to put up!

      Thank you so much ME 🙂 🙂

  3. Nice, nice 🙂 was smiling when I read about both of you singing and dancing..must have been really cute 🙂
    But stop torturing S no..poor guy..
    You must be already waiting for this friday..do you pack or you half half your things here and half in chennai?
    hope your back is better now..

    • I am glad I brought a smile on your face 🙂 I am not very sure abt the cute part.. we were acting like kids.. neighbors must have been terrified 😀

      hehe.. I should really try you know.. but I think we both are used to our own ways 😀

      I usually pack Nith 🙂 I have some stuff at my parent’s place, but then I will usually have something to take from here. Sometimes, I just dont unpack.. that is another option.. hehe 😀

      Its slowly getting better 🙂

    • Even I am realizing only now how packed my weekend was 🙂 All in all it was good fun 🙂

      I just cant fall asleep once I am awake. I am not at all lucky in this regard 🙂

      Its slowly getting back to normal. Need to be careful for a few more days.

  4. So much in jsut two days this will take a week for me to do , i am telling you

    waking up , I guess it becomes a habit , no matter what or how tired I am generally 90% of the times the eyes open up at 6:05 sharp everyday ..

    • hahhaha 🙂 as usual you make me laugh with your comment.. I didnt do that much, did I? 😛

      Yeah I think thats right. Its more of a habbit. In my case, I oversleep on working days and manage to get up early on weekends.. some issue with me eh? 😀

  5. Hows your back now?
    Skyfall is my first Bond Movie :)..I liked the movie too but I would have preferred Pierce Brosnan. He is much more handsome and that is all I care 😉

  6. GB ! Awesome weekend 🙂 We dance and sing and create a riot here as well. But gb gb, I can’t wake up at 6 even if I have this super major exam ! How can YOU on a SUNDAY? Sigh. I can fall asleep with a blink in the early mornings.
    And I don’t trust you when you say that you spoilt a dish – spoilt in your dictionary is “very good” in mine 😛 Remember you said that about the toffee cake for S as well! Hmmf. Silly Gb!

    It’s okay to miss S re 🙂 Am glad that you are looking forward to weekends! Yay, Deepavali is here too ! 🙂

    • Yay to all the singing, dancing and having fun 😀

      I say its a curse Kismi.. first not falling asleep as soon as hitting bed, next cant sleep again once awake… and not letting the person next to me sleep too (which I enjoy:P) You just enjoy all that.. sleeping is blissful 🙂

      I really really spoilt the dish.. Next time, I will get a picture of it to prove it to you 🙂 🙂 Toffee cake was a bit of disaster too.. looks wise.. but tasted good. But last weekend.. i spoilt the taste too 😦

      Yay!!! Deepavali 😀

      PS – I will drop you an email soon.. I think I missed your call second time too… right? 😦 😦

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