Updates from work front..

I realized that I have been putting up only the weekend updates here, of late. I am so caught up with so many other things in my life right now that, I am not even able to make a mental picture of what I am going through. Life is going at a very fast pace and there is not even a moment left for me to turn back and see whats happening with me. This post is going to make not so much sense and is going to be a mish-mash sort of, for my thoughts are too clouded at this moment.

Work is at its craziest best, something that I would not wish for, that too immediately after a break. For the past three days, I had no time for lunch or breakfast and I had to stuff some pieces of rotis into my mouth in exactly 4 mins – the spare time available between me running for different meetings. Needless to say, I am feeling really stressed out.

For all my years of working in this organization, I had been on remote management – with my team and manager being in Malaysia. Being the only person here.. I have come to lose the feeling of having a team. Its more like a one man army. I missed team lunches, team dinners, team outings, team celebrations and team meetings too. A meeting would mean that I should sit in front of my laptop with headphones and listen to the other side talking endlessly and speak when given a chance. I feel all of this sunk into me so much so that made me accept the new offer in the new team – something I updated almost two months ago and right now, I am only glad I accepted the new offer.

I am transitioning out from my old team and will be joining my new team after two weeks. Being one of the key members of this team, I own quite a lot including some of the tough and critical applications. I was almost unaware of it, until I started my knowledge transition sessions this week. People on the other end are having real touch time understanding the business.. which means, I am spending more time teaching them basics.

It should be that either I am too fast or they are too slow as I find myself explaining the same thing over three times. Each time I ask them if I am fast, they answer me in negative but still I get to repeat everything. I am physically too tired and lack of enough time to do all this, is tiring me out mentally too.

I was on the KT sessions all of yesterday that by the time I started back home, my jaws were paining and I was left with a dry throat. I could do no talking for the rest of the evening and I spent all the time staring at the TV. I had to leave my mind totally blank for it to regain some energy.

My manager obviously didn’t take my plan of moving out quite well. She was disappointed, angry and even felt betrayed that I was leaving the team. I should say, she behaved most immature (for she has taken up the manager role for the first time). She gave me a difficult time, made me feel guilty for my decision. I too felt bad for a couple of days until another senior member showed me the situation in a different light. I was unaware of all the dirty politics in my team until I made my decision. I am nothing but happy now and I am not letting her emotional blackmail  get on to me. I never ever imagined things of this sort can happen in my team or in my organisation.

Thankfully, everything is sorted out now and I am even moving to a different cubicle to sit closer to my new team. Change is bothering me even now, but I am taking it in a positive way. I am hoping its for the good.

I learnt that being selfish is good in a way. For all these 4.5 years in this team, I have only given my best and transformed the team to be an efficient one. And now, to hear stories that happened at my back – I definitely feel its perfectly okay to be selfish and decide for myself rather than always think in the interest of the team. The new role gives me a lot of growth opportunity and I am not guilty I took it up.

My new manager is also a lady and she happens to be sweet. She was cool enough to invite me for a team lunch, even before I joined her. The new team is good and the first experience was memorable. Out of the 12 people, 5 of them are Telugu and 2 of them are Tamil 🙂 Not only, I am going to have a local team but it feels good to have someone speaking same language as you are. They cracked me with some of their antics during the first meet before they knew I could understand what they speak 😀 Every person in the team is highly experienced and is a senior to me, but they made me feel really comfortable. I would have to work with no one, which puts me at ease 🙂

I was complimented that I look like I am straight out of college and nothing like a 4yr experienced. I was smiling thinking of this sentence the entire day. By the way, it came from a senior guy in the new team 🙂

My responsibilities are building up and when I am in the new team, I would be the only one supporting for the whole of my site. The role makes me feel good and content, but its going to keep me very busy too. I can see that a lot of people are already approaching me for different things and I should soon learn to say no, if not I will be in big trouble.

My new role involves mainly of coaching, mentoring, giving guidance and helping out people resolve their design and development issues. I should also handle a formal class right after Deepavali. Its exciting as well as scary at the same time. I love teaching, but to teach to 10 + senior people in a formal class and get them to do the exercises and all – I have a huge task infront of me.

Everything in regards to work front is going to change after two weeks and I am having my fingers crossed – I put in a lot of thought before making my decision and I cant see it go wrong!

22 thoughts on “Updates from work front..

  1. Cant you tell your KT members that you need time for lunch 😦 How can you speak for the whole day when you do not feed yourself healthily 👿

    Office politics take you by unawares, by the moment you come out of the shock, the damage is done. You are right – there is nothing wrong in being selfish GB 🙂

    I know the reason why you are asked to repeat thrice. Your voice is so sweet that the people on the other side want to keep on listening to you 😎

    Wow GB, now you have to become GB Miss/Teacher after some days…give lots of homework okie 😆

    Best wishes with you 🙂

    • No Visha.. since there is time difference, when I reach office at 8.30, it will be their 11Am and in one hour they will go for lunch and after they are back, I would have 1 hour before everyone goes off for lunch here. When I come back (taking an hour) It will be their 3.30 and in 1.5 hrs they will leave office. My transition will need atleast 6 hrs a day.. I am just getting 3.5hrs. So.. I should sacrifice my lunch as well as come office as early as possible.. 😦 😦 and more over…as I own a lot in this team.. I have to talk to different ppl on same day.. and getting common slots is killing me.. 😦

      Very right Visha. I feel so bad for working very hard all these days.. when I came to knwo what has happened behind my back 😦

      You are too too sweet to say that 🙂 Thanks!! 🙂

      Hehehehe 😆 Let me see if they first do class exercises properly 😀

      Thanks a lot dearie!! 🙂

  2. First things first, since you found time to scribble this post I am hoping you managed to eat too besides blogging. Right? If not GO & EAT.
    That’s lot of work and changes going on at work front for you. great to see your new team give you a warm start and someone help you see through your old team manager’s selfish blackmailing.
    Since all is set and going to your liking, you go girl…go for the stars but do eat, sleep and relax in between 🙂
    Hugs dear

    • ME.. I had an hour while my Malaysia team members went for lunch and I quickly scribbled this. To say the fact, I didnt even give it a second read 🙂 Today it was a little better.. I had half an hour altogether for my lunch and breakfast and I am happy 🙂

      Yes ME.. almost everything is going to change and I now know its all for my good. Now that I know what has happened behind my back, I dont want to waste my energy or time with this team anymore. I am trying my best to complete everything sooner and have a good start with the new team 🙂

      Thanks a lot ME 🙂 I will take care!! Hugs right back to you 🙂

  3. Hey GB! I am going to tell you something that I have been telling myself for the past few days “Don’t worry too much. Things will fall in place soon” for that is my situation at work too currently 🙂
    About taking classes, I take classes too now, once a year … have been doing that for 3 years now…. it was scary the first time around, but trust me once you do it, it does wonders to your confidence level 🙂
    All the best 🙂

    • Thank you so much LS.. I will try and remember these words as often as possible. 🙂 Hugs!!!

      Wow.. that is just awesome.. taking classes for 3 years.. great!!! 🙂 With the boost that you gave me, I am looking forward to my class already 🙂

      Thanks so much LS 🙂

  4. Change is good.I recently took up additional responsibilities at work front; and albeit stressful, I am enjoying it. Wishing you all best in your new role!

    • I am trying to keep that in mind Arch.. Change is good. But everytime it comes near me, I run away from it and accept it only after I know I have no other go. .. Thats good for you and glad that you are enjoying it 🙂 Thanks and wishing you all the best too 🙂

  5. The time difference is a problem .. In my computers job I see it sometimes as offices are in india and boston usa and if we have to consider all zones its almost a 24 hour day..

    all the best with the new team .. and no matter what putting ONESELF as a priority is NOT selfish at all.. you shud be numero uno in your own eyes first .. before others thingk that way

    Take care GB 🙂 and all the best once again

    • Absolutely right Bikram.. I do work with my US counter parts too and that means.. I have no personal life at all 😦

      Thanks a lot for those wishes and reassuring words 🙂

  6. This post sounds very much like how I felt when I resigned m 8yr old job, felt guilty for many days, now that I am gone past that stage, I am telling is change is good..go for it..Its better to be part of a team than one man army, and your new team and manager sound very positive. Take care of yourself and good luck to your new role 🙂

    • I feel good that there is one person who thought similar to me given the conditions are same. Thanks LF 🙂 I will take your word for it and agree that change is good 🙂

      Thanks a lot and welcome here 🙂

  7. Sounds great 🙂 Change is always good and sometimes when we leave old things and look back in introspection then we realise that things were not that hunky dory as we thought them to be 🙂

    Take care & good luck!

  8. Awww I hope things get easier on you, and you settle down in our new role happily and comfortably. All the very best!

    I have had days when it has been difficult to even eat lunch, with no appreciation for the same, in my last organisation. I am glad I am at a better place now.

    I hate office politics! 😦

    • Thanks so much TNGD 🙂 🙂 I am now looking forward to have a superb deepavali followed by my entry into the new team 🙂

      It feels so bad when all our hard work goes into waste, and above all we dont even get appreciated for doing certain sacrifices.. I think after a while, people just take us for granted. I am glad you are in a better place now 🙂

      I too hate office politics. When all of them do a similar kind of work, some try top push us down so that they can come up. Worse than that, people taking chance to misuse your absence. Thats what happened to me. In a good way, that made me realize I would never be sorry for leaving this team. It spoils the culture of working together.

  9. Hugs GB, i know office politics can get messy at times..All the best for your new role…Am sure it’s going to be great since your new team mates you mention seem to be sensible..Do take care, eat well, sleep well & keep blogging 😀

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