Weekend Story – The One Where We Celebrated!

Its time to put up my weekend story after a really long time! Though the weekend hasn’t been technically over, it IS for me. S left only an hour ago and I needed this time to recompose myself. I am quite not sure, how am I managing alone ( which is a new post in itself), but as time is going by I am feeling more and more matured.

Friday was very very hectic (for that matter, each day was close to hell last week) I was eagerly waiting for it to be Saturday as S was coming down. I had huge plans in mind as far as preparing for his bday celebrations and had planned for a few surprises. I got my hands into baking his birthday cake first. After putting a lot of thought, I decided to make a toffee cake with butterscotch sauce on top. Blame it on my tiredness or hunger, the cake wasn’t as good as I had expected it to be. Completely disappointed, I had no heart to try anything else out. Silently, I tucked myself under my blanket and thats when S called. He had boarded the train and claimed, he wanted my company until the TTE came up. Strange. He never interrupts my sleep, for I am a very light sleeper. I thought, may be he was having a bad day and kept messaging him, for which I received immediate responses. It was close to midnight and I could no longer have my eyes open. My messages were mere blabbers. I had one eye open, whenever the mobile beeped and suddenly, S asks me to come out. In a moment, I was wide awake and ran to open the door. What-Did-I-See?! S is standing out at the gate. I could have screamed, but I was speechless.  I used to be  the one to give surprises but these days I am at the receiving end 😀 We cut the cake right at the strike of 12, just that it was the 6th 😀 S loved the cake and he got too excited with his gift. Now, how can I sleep with all this excitement? I spoke of all the things I could think of!! Whatta superb way to start the weekend eh?!

Water is the elixir of life – we all know that, I am sure. How will it be to in a place with not even a drop of drinking water (that something our earth might soon run into?) Well, we faced that Saturday morning. With all the shops closed due to the bandh, we had such a difficulty finding drinking water. After searching for a long long time, S returned back with two bottles of mineral water and we measured each drop until we could get our water can later in the evening. I also found one more thing – the desire of having something goes higher, as its availability becomes lesser. I felt exceptionally thirsty, until I could see the water can 😛 I made S’s favorite breakfast of Appam and Vegetable Stew. It was a huge hit! And I must say, its my first trial with both appam and stew 🙂 Not knowing how to kill time, after the breakfast – S took out his gift from me. Wondering what it is? A Philips Grooming Set. I know I know… totally unromantic of me. I atleast wanted to get something that would be useful for him. We tried out everything on his face (:P) and then he had this crazy idea and I obliged. I gave S a hair cut!!!! Yes I did!!!! A complete one!!!! *too excited abt my first hair cut* Our bathroom was our hair saloon and I must say, S is one of the hardest customers ever 🙄 All in all, I can conclude that I have one additional profession at hand 😛 After all this drama, I quickly cooked up jeera rice and dal tadka along with beans stir fry. Our cake tasted the best, as the dessert! * Did I ever mention, I am never satisfied with what I make? * S claimed it to be my best ever cake 🙂 I also made Onion Pakodas for tea time snacking, knowing that S loves them so much 🙂  We were literally waiting to go out and thankfully, shops opened up after 6. We went out to the closest mall to our place and booked movie tickets for English Vinglish – 10Pm show(!!) For a person, who never ever used to watching movies on the big screen, this is a big feat! Being married to S has changed my life in more than one ways! Now, have you ever heard of gifting your spouse on your bday? S believes it firmly and thats how I got a brand new super cool watch from him for his bday 😀 😀  I absolutely loved, having dinner outside on the terrace of the mall with cold breeze touching us every now and then. Coming to the movie, I totally loved it and I’m glad I watched it 🙂 I could relate to it so much and it made me think a lot. I had half a mind, S would be snoring next to me, but thankfully the movie was good though a bit slow. More than the movie, I loved the travel back home – at 1Am – as its a wonder to see empty roads in Bangalore 😛

Today morning, S asks for Appam again, but with Thengai Paal (Coconut milk) 🙄 Now its not difficult to make, but then I wasn’t sure if I could come equal to my MIL. It wasn’t great enough, but S being S loved it 🙂 We started to go on ‘late-birthday-shopping’ for S and thats when it all started. Have you ever seen a guy, getting lost in all the aisles of shirts and pants? Have you ever seen someone select two or three shirts carefully for more than 45 mins and then drop all of them, as he already has the same colors? Have you ever seen someone who would reject every other shirt shown to him but be very very content with what he touches? Have you ever seen any guy, losing track of time shopping? Well, all these happened with S today 🙄 I was almost pretending I never know this guy! We had already made plans for lunch and we were getting very late. I had to treat him like a kid lost in a toy store and bring him out! hmmpf!

We had the most amazing lunch at Mainland China – a fine dining Chinese restaurant. Being the lover of Chinese food, I was totally impressed with their neat and tasty spread of dishes. Everything was lip-smacking and I had 60% vegetables, which made me feel so content. We were served with unlimited Chinese Tea and it was the best *and this coming from a tea-hater* ! They brought out a birthday cake while we were at desserts, which surprised both of us  (how sweet) 🙂 We directly dived into S’s birthday shopping again after lunch and this time, his sense prevailed and we came out in 2hrs 😀 Evening coffee was prepared by S, after a month almost and I loved it. We prepared the dinner together and I knew how much he is being missed everyday.

The weekend was just perfect – more than perfect. One of the best weekends to be remembered for years to come 🙂 Every minute was beautiful and happy. It was a very happening weekend for us and I am sure this is enough to keep us recharged through the tough week to come. I already cant wait for it to be Friday again, cant wait to have my S back with me again!

Some pictures from the weekend!

My Toffee Cake for S 🙂

Fluffy Appams with Vegetable Stew 🙂

Unlimited Chinese Tea Servings!




26 thoughts on “Weekend Story – The One Where We Celebrated!

  1. Jeera rice and daal Yummmmmyyyyyyy..
    And that toffee cake yummmmmmyyy again..

    Oh god let me cut the story and say yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy..I guess you get the hint…

    And here’s to many many yayyyyyyyyy more weekends like that..

  2. Wow! what a fantastic weekend 😀
    That cake looks yum, please put up the recipe and a pic of it’s slice GB…I want to be tempted and equipped with recipe to get to baking right away 😉
    What’s with buying water? I mean don’t you guys get water supply at home??
    I have heard many great reviews of English Vinglish and Mainland China…I ma glad you enjoyed them both on this special weekend 😀
    As far the gift, come on a grooming set is a great gift and yes a very useful one too. Congrats on your first haircut 😉 😛
    Belated Birthday wishes to S 😀

    • It really was fantastic ME 🙂

      I will definitely put up the recipe… *I am flying ten inches above the ground – reading through your compliment* thank you so much ME 🙂

      The part where we live in, there is such water scarcity and my house doesnt have a borewell or well. We depend on Cauvery water supply from the corporation , which is not drinkable. The owner has not accepted for us to have a RO water system. With no other option, we buy drinking water in cans – like Bisleri.

      Yeah.. talk about two wonderful things happening in a row! 🙂

      You think so.. *Grinning wide now* Thankuuu 😀

      Thanks again for your wishes ME! 🙂

  3. I love appam with thengai paal..yummy!!

    this kind of birthday celebrations sound even better than the normal on-the-day parties. If you know what I mean 😉

    In the coming days, may you have many more surprises like the one S gave dear GB 🙂

    In Chinese, I love hakka noodles mixed with dry manchurian, do they serve that in Mainland? What do you reco from their menu?

    • You too 😀 same pinch 😛

      I should agree to you.. it wasnt any lesser fun, celebrating birthday this way! 🙂

      Awww thank you so much dear 🙂 🙂

      I too love that!! I am quite not sure of it. We went for lunch buffet and they had a pretty good spread! 🙂

  4. wow…what a wonderful weekend… lovely surprise given by S 🙂

    Ehhh…you gave him hair cut!!!! …how many more dimensions of talent have you hidden beneath…bolo bolo??

    Arre SG is also same in shopping front….sometimes i feel so bored when he jzz keeps on touching & staring two different shirts which though seems similar to me 🙂

    Is Appam like Dosa???

    • Yeah… I stil cant believe S surprised me. It so unlike him 😀

      You call this one of my talents?! 😛 hahaha.. I am not planning on giving him another one, for sure! 😀

      Talk abt it, N.. I can say no difference between all those shirts and pants.. 🙄

      Appam is not like dosa… its more fluffy.. soft and good too 🙂 Come down to my place.. I will feed you with Appam 🙂

  5. Wow, what a happening weekend, full of beautiful things. 🙂 Loved reading about it!
    That cake looks amazing!!
    I want to watch English Vinglish, too. Somehow, never got around to doing it. Same goes for Barfi.
    How did the Mainland China guys know that you were celebrating S’s birthday?

    • Totally happening weekend TNGD 🙂 🙂 I am glad you loved reading through it 🙂

      Thankuuu 😀

      It happened to me with Barfi.. so I didnt want to miss English Vinglish 🙂

      When I booked the table, they asked me if there was any occasion – I said birthday it was 🙂

  6. How sweet of S to surprise you like that 🙂 All that food looks yummy 🙂 But tell me what is a toffee cake?
    You gave S a haircut!! 😯 Hubby has asked me to do that a couple of times but I always refuse 🙂 I tried it once on Cheebu and spoiled it so badly that we had to take her to the saloon immediately 😀 😀 I don’t dare to experiment on anyone after that 🙂

    • That was really sweet of him, but he also gave me a mini heart attack knocking the door at midnight! 🙂

      Toffee cake has toffee bits in it.. I made the toffee at home.. which is basically nothing but sugar and butter – formed to make toffee. I am trying to put up a recipe post soon 🙂

      I know… my mom would disown me if she knows this 😛 It wasnt very easy as I thought.. I think I tried to spoil it as well, but thankfully S saved himself by having two mirrors in hand 😀 I am not going to try another time!:)

  7. all that sounds like a fabulous weekend GB 🙂 so happy you guys celebrated in such a grand way!
    Toffee cake sounds so yummy !
    I loved the appam and stew also. I feel terribly hungry and I have Britannia rusk for lunch 😦
    I feel so sorry that I can’t type any further 😦

    Hugs! 🙂

    • It was a fabulous weekend Kismi!!:) All the while I was making the cake, I was reminded of you.. toffee…. the sweet toffee 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Rusk for lunch 😯 why?!? wait till you get my mail.. Hmpf! Eat something better Kismi 😦 Hugs! hugs! 🙂

  8. I thought am very late in commenting but looks like that you have been busier than me because comments are still under moderation 😉

    That cake looks lovely and you guys surely had a great day 🙂

    Belated wishes to S 🙂

  9. Super Weekend update! Good to know that you and S are getting to spend time together, despite living in different cities GB..
    Those appams look so fluffy! Must have been so delicious..

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