People who changed my life….

Last weekend when I was in Chennai, I had a chance to pass by my school. It was just five past nine in the morning and one look inside the school – prayer was going on. I could also look into some of the classrooms where I had studied. Memories of my school days tumbled down on me, immediately!

I was an Ok – Ok student only until 4th std. My parents never forced me nor kept checking on me to see how much I studied and all that. Infact, my hand writing looked pathetic which meant amma has to sit next to me and make sure I write something which is readable – almost until I was 9 yrs old. She never raised her hand on me except for once when she couldn’t have me write in one straight line without dog-earing all the corners of my note book (My books looked so bad 🙄 ). I remember the day clearly as I chose to spoke to her. I told her – how much I am trying to make my handwriting better and how I wished my writing habits to change. I even cried. Amma never questioned me anything about my handwriting again and in a year, my handwriting improved 🙂 I feel it looks good now 🙂

Things changed for my life, as soon as I was in 5th std. Or I should say Arul Jeya Mary miss changed my life. She had immense hope on me, I don’t know why. I was not the brightest student; I scored within first 10 ranks. In my school, the teachers always made the 1st ranking student the class leader. My miss broke the norm. One fine day she announced, she was making me lead the class. Until then, I never knew I had skills to keep a teacher-less class silent. My school wasn’t the popular one. It was just a small school in my town. We were mostly talking in Tamil except for studying in English. Arul Jeya Mary miss gave me more authority. With the help of dad, I made a few cards which read – “I will speak in English”. With the help of my teacher, I made sure all my classmates were talking only in English failing which they got one of those cards and at the end of the day, a fine of 1rupee was collected. Soon, we started talking in English during and after the school. If I am confident in doing what I am doing today, Arul Jeya Mary miss is the reason behind it. She taught me how to be determined, hard-working and confident from within.  As I moved onto the new building for 6th std, we both had difficult time bidding farewell for our chances to meet on daily basis were very meager. Whenever I saw her later, we would smile as if our lips would tear apart and she would always end the conversation with God bless. I probably will never forget her in my life, but sadly she is no more now and I am still trying to come to peace with it.

My drawing teacher – Sukanya miss holds a special place in my heart too. If not for her, I would have never explored drawing and painting – which is one of my keen interests now. She always encouraged me. She would send me to every other competition in the neighboring schools. Even after my drawing classes with her got over, she would send someone to reach me about some competition going on. Only from her I learnt a teacher can be silent but very impactful as well.

My school was little different in following syllabus. Only from std 6, we were introduced to proper CBSE. Now before my first tests, every adult I met frightened me with the thought of how hard the English paper will be. I never understood why though. Until 5th, it was like mug-up and vomit sessions and all of a sudden – we had to use our imagination in answering questions in std 6. May be that was scary for a few. That’s when I met my best English teacher – Leela Sam miss. I thoroughly enjoyed each of her classes. During exams, I just answered what I felt was right and when it came to the results – I scored highest marks. It was the start of my successful academic journey. I participated in daily school prayers -reading NEWS, ‘thought for the day’ etc and everytime I did something, Leela Sam miss would give her honest feedback. I have never seen such a good teacher ever in my life – impartial, sincere, helpful, knowledgeable, loving and strict – she was everything a teacher should be like.

My class teacher Kasthuri miss in 9th and 10th std is very special too. We both grew fond of each other very soon. She was one of the main reasons I loved science subject so much and aspired to become a doctor. Our bond is very very special. She did everything possible from her end to make me a better person. I was selected the school pupil leader in my 10th, thanks to her confidence on me. She once told my mom – you have a perfect daughter and I have never had such a perfect student 🙂 I share similar bond with my Hindi teacher – Jhousna miss. My love for the language and the teacher grew higher and higher after each class. She too believed in me so much and I hope I didn’t let down – I scored 95% in her subject during the boards – the highest from our school. 🙂 If I could score first in both my 10th and 12th boards, it was all because of my teachers – they never taught me to win, they only taught me to enjoy what I do and that fetched me the results. Not only that, if I am successful today – its all because of all the knowledge they imparted in me. Ramalakshmi miss, Renganayaki miss, Mahadevan sir, Radhakrishnan sir – every teacher who taught me will always hold a special place in my heart. If not for them, I will not be what I am today.

Happy Teachers day to all the wonderful teachers, who are making the world better by spreading knowledge!

*Names of my teachers have not been modified – That’s how I call them even now. I couldn’t think of morphed names for people so special to me. 


30 thoughts on “People who changed my life….

  1. What lovely stories you have with you to share with us. Sadly I rememeber very few of my teachers and sadly none for the reasons as good as yours.
    You are lucky to have people in your lfie who left such an impact on your lfie 🙂

    • Thanks Smita 🙂 and hugs!! I too have some teachers, whom I would never wish to see again in my life. They were just the opposite of how a teacher should be like.

      I really am lucky to have these people in my life 🙂

  2. Wow. I am really touched by this post. Feels so good to know that there are such good teachers and good human beings still around. 🙂 You are indeed lucky to have had these teachers in your life.

    I was a very shy student in school – though I was a bright student and scored well, I hardly interacted with anyone. I don’t remember much of my school life. I did have some great teachers who were quite fond of me, but they never really pushed me to do things. I guess part of that had to do with my nature.

    Happy teachers’ day!

    • Aww thanks a lot TNGD 🙂 They were such experienced teachers and nice human beings. Most of them are retired now and I dont even have any of their contact info. With the new staff, my school will never be the same.

      Even I was shy TNGD. These people brought me out of my shell.. I am still considered a calm and silent though 🙂

      Having teachers who are fond of you – I know how good it feels 🙂

  3. Well I defnitely am what I am thanks for all the pains taken by my teachers, It feels great when some of them still read my posts and comment on them and say nice things ..

    I was such NALAYAK student , god only knows how i managed to pass.. teachers had t ostruggle hard to make sure i learn things ..

    as they say I was OUTSTANDING Student always STANDING – OUT of the class 🙂

    I went to school after almost 10-12 years and it was such a good feeling to see most of them remmeberred me and were so proud then they came to know about the medal i have won , each one of them called me and wished me tooo.. and for me it was such a lovely thing they rememebr me yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    • Its really great some of your teachers still read your posts and comment on them! I know how good it feels… 🙂 You are lucky Bikram 🙂

      Kudos to all those teachers who helped you achieve what you are today 🙂

      It always a lovely feeling to know your teacher still remembers you 🙂

  4. This is such a heartfelt post Gb 🙂 Made me recollect all the wonderful teachers I have had. They really make a person. I am yet to find a teacher like my parents, brother and K. I am not saying this in a cheesy way but sometimes family is such a profound teacher. My school teachers were amazingly supportive and always enthusiastic too. My plus 2 teachers were good too and even though it is just a span of 2 years, we had some great bonding happening. And then Uni – I met such passionate teachers. I am so proud to read this post of yours because good teachers make you feel like that.

    If I could score first in both my 10th and 12th boards, it was all because of my teachers – they never taught me to win, they only taught me to enjoy what I do and that fetched me the results. – They must be so proud of you for being so humble and for being such a coveted student. Hugs! 🙂

    • Kismi… thankuu 🙂 I totally agree with you – our family is our first teacher. They all make sure we keep learning life lessons through out 🙂 It feels really good to think back of the good old days when spent in classrooms isn’t it?

      Unfortunately, I had less than 2 teachers at my uni who could influence me in a positive way. My secondary school teachers are my most fav 🙂

      Thank you so much Kismi.. I really wish I could meet atleast one of them some day to say how I feel about them. Hugs right back to you! 🙂

  5. Teachers are so important in our lives, no? They can make you or break you. I too have had some great teachers who have had a big hand in shaping my life and making me what I am today. Teachers who believed in me and guided me. Reading this post I was reminded of them.
    Nice post GB. Loved reading it. I am sure your teachers will be proud of you if they could see you now 🙂

    • Good teachers are like pillars.. they support us, show us way, direct us and make us good individuals. You rights said LS – teachers can make or break you. I am glad, my post reminded you of some good teachers in your life 🙂

      Thanks a lot LS 🙂 I should somehow try to meet atleast some of them in person. There can be nothing joyful than meeting a good old teacher and if she/he can recognize you – I am sure that would be the best ever feeling 🙂

  6. This is such a beautiful and heartfelt post, GB. Loved it…
    I so agree to you that the teachers have a great hand in shaping and even sometimes changing our lives…
    And my favorite teacher’s name is Mary ben too!!!

    • Thank you so much ZM, glad you loved it 🙂

      Totally agree to you.. teachers have the potential to change our lives in a good way.

      same pinch on having teacher Mary in our lives 🙂

  7. Ah school days and our beloved teachers 🙂 Teachers are remembered round the year but very onset of the 5th Sept makes it day trip to memory lane 🙂

    I’m so glad to read this post…I recall all my teachers too and some who are no more,physically, live in my heart, eternally 🙂

    Hugs GB

    • Very true Scribby… we remember them round the year.. but on Teacher’s day, its hard not to think of people who had a positive impact on us. 🙂

      Aah I am so happy this post let you recall your teachers. 🙂

      Hugs Scribby! 🙂

  8. You have got very special teachers greenbochi 🙂 Lovely 🙂 I think the most important aspect is the below thing you have said:

    /*they never taught me to win, they only taught me to enjoy what I do and that fetched me the results*/

    Sometimes teachers too get lost in marks and forget their morals… I know a few.. 😦

    Me too had few good teachers in my life.. But I always too shy to interact with them 🙂

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