Alone at home ?

Staying all alone in a silent house is something I hate to the core. I can’t really stand that void feeling that surrounds the house after S leaves. Silence seems to daunt me. I either leave the TV on high volume or make myself  busy talking on the phone. Past two days, I could do neither of it. The noises from the construction going on just outside my house was more than enough, I didnt want to make myself more irritating with the boring TV. Yesterday, I almost created a scene while he was getting ready for the office. I wanted him to take leave.. how sweet it would have been if he stayed with me, for the whole day – not doing a thing. Sigh! It didnt happen. This guy keeps speaking of kadamai-kanniyam-kattupadu** (in true Vijaykanth style) and left to office. I was sulking for sometime, not knowing what to do. Since I wasn’t quite feeling well, I could have rested but a silent house made me restless. I immediately went into the kitchen and did some experiments. I am really not impressed with the outcome of the dishes that I prepared yesterday. Remember how I went on and on about finding the perfect yeast and all that? I think I jinxed it myself. My “Honey-Walnut Brown Bread” wasn’t as good as I expected it to be. But the other dish was a huge success – which was the “Coconut Cookies” I loved coconut cookies right from my childhood. Dad would take us to a bakery on Sundays and we would have fresh, hot from the oven coconut cookies. I am sure many would recollect those bakery coconut cookies from the childhood days. I was able to recreate the same taste after 10-15yrs 🙂

Honey Walnut Brown Bread – I wont share the recipe now, as there is some flaw in it. I will re-try it one more time and share my success story 😛

Crunchy Coconut Cookies

Though I enjoyed cooking so much, I really couldnt enjoy eating alone. I locked the goodies in air tight containers until S was back from office and then we munched them together. There cant be nothing more depressing than eating alone. I cant stand it at all. I would skip meals or make some maggi and survive on it for the entire day. Everytime S calls to check, I could feel a pain in his voice. He would almost beg me to make something and eat. But, I cant really eat alone 😦 The same happens when Amma calls me too. I would tell her that I ate something, else she will lose her peace.  But amma being amma, will find out if I am starving even though she is miles away from me. Thats why these days, I try not to take leave even if I am unwell.

Today I felt something different. I had the urge to prepare something nice for the lunch (very much unlike me!) I had this wild idea which I put into action. I made “Spring Onion- Alfalfa Sprout Soup” and “Baked Corn Rice“. Sounds exciting isn’t it??? I totally totally loved while preparing both these dishes. See for yourself –

Baked Corn Rice – with a layer of cheese on top

Check out the spring onion soup!

Doesn’t it look good? I was pretty happy as I managed to make these while attending two meetings over phone ( 🙄 ). Only on days I decide to work from home, the whole world conspires me into something like this which is another story, another post 🙂 By the time, I sat to take a dig, my gloominess attacked me again, I felt lonely. Most of it is untouched, waiting for S to be back home. Sigh!!


On a completely different note, we are going to Chennai for 6 days!!!!!!! yes 6 whole days 😀 I will be the most pampered daughter and daughter-in-law 🙂 Its going to be a much a much needed break!

P.S – I have also updated my food blog with all these recipes and linked them back here. I guess I have many other recipes to share, which I will do soon 🙂


43 thoughts on “Alone at home ?

    • Visha.. thats right 🙂 I have not been online and I am not even checking my mails for the past two days.

      Thanks Visha 🙂 Yes.. will be back with lots of stories 🙂

  1. Wow! you do utilize your time well GB 🙂 On sick leave and you are making such yummy exotic dishes. Hey but eat it fast, you can have some more with S when he comes back 🙂
    That green soup and baked corn rice look out of the world 🙂 Thank you for putting up the recipes 🙂 I am gonna make them soon 🙂
    I always wanted to bake cookies but never got down to baking them. But your recipe sounds so healthy and easy I am sure I will bake these 🙂
    And that bread looks great too 🙂

    • ha ha ha ha 🙂 I am such a weirdo – no one cooks on a sick leave day 😀 But this is what makes me better and before I leave for Chennai, I wanted to use up certain things in the fridge 😀

      Thanks a lot LS. I am so happy you liked it. Do try them and let me know how you liked it 🙂 For the rice, you can add mushrooms or capsicum too. I was out of either of them.. so mine was plain corn. I am sure it will taste even good with additional veggies. 🙂

      These are really easy LS. You can give them a try, and let me know if you have any difficulty. I can help you out 🙂

      Bread only looks good LS. My idea was to make a sweet bread which can be eaten as it is. My recipe was totally flawed and I could only feel a tinge of sweetness from honey. I will sure put up a better recipe for the bread soon.

  2. Hey even when you are not well you are cooking so many things, what will happen when you are alright!!!
    The coconut cookies looks yummy 🙂 and i will repeat myself by saying that the pics looks really nice 🙂
    I love everything with a layer of cheese on it 😉 the rice looks tempting….
    But do take care…

    • ha ha ha ha 🙂 🙂 may be my concentration powers are increasing when I am sick ZM 🙂

      Glad you found the cookies yummy! And thanks a lot 🙂

      Same pinch same pinch 😀 I too love a generous layer of cheese!

      Thanks ZM, I will 🙂

    • Thanks B 🙂 I too loved the coconut cookies out of all! Sure.. I am going to treat you with whole lot of goodies once you are in India 🙂

      yeah.. feeling much better.. actually looking forward to the trip to Chennai – to home 🙂

      Err.. didnt eat anything much. Had a cup of soup and the rice. Rest is resting he he he 😀

  3. wow wow wow 🙂 I’m going to try those recipes soon…maybe this weekend only 🙂

    and waiting for the honey walnut bread recipe…would try that too 🙂

    @ being alone : tell me about it!! I’m a hardcore people’s person and I can’t live without at least a single soul around me for even few hours 🙂

  4. Gb you super woman ! all that food looks so yummy Gb – thoe coconut cookies – pls pls I want a batch 😦 They really look all crunchy and flavoury – YUMMMMMM ! I remember eating them a lot -I still do – they are some of the best cookies ! 🙂

    And I totally totally relate to not being able to stay alone and turning on TV at high volume – I do it all the time. and I eat maggi or last night’s microwave-d food bigtime when K is working and I am home. K tells me to pls eat something properly as well, but I just want him to take leave and stay at home. I hear the kaDamai dialogue in slightly different words but sigh, he won’t take an off. Even for his own fever, I have to plead him to rest. Husband-s 😛

    I loved the rice and the soup – they look so fabulous 🙂 I love baked rice basically and the cheesy layer on top makes it all the more enticing! 😉

    Ah, your yeast is not good – there, I un-jinxed your jinx ! 😛

    Am so happy to read two consecutive posts. You being addicted is good 😛

    • Kismi darling!!!! Aren’t you the sweetest?!?!? 😀 Thankuuuu so much. I will be more than happy to get you those cookies. Pakka when we meet up 🙂

      Ahhh same pinch dear! I will have to plead S if he is sick too. yeah… husband-s 😀

      Next time, either I am not staying home alone or I am going to eat well – all this drama left me so weak by the time S was home. May be we should get over this “staying-alone-wont-eat-properly” thing Kismi. I am going to seriously try to be good at this next time.

      I am glad you liked it Kismi 🙂 Trust me, the soup is so easy to make and it tasted so good. S didnt like the sprouts idea very much, so next time I am skipping it.

      he he he he he.. 😀 😀 You are the best 🙂 Let me try next time if the yeast is working now 😛

      Two posts in a row is to compensate for my absence until next Monday 🙂

  5. Wow! Everything looks so yummy, as usual. 🙂 Especially loved the coconut cookies and the corn rice – they look tooooooooooo good. I am going to try them out soon. 🙂

    That honey-walnut bread was not OK? :O It looks super awesome, lady! Wish you better luck with the yeast next time!

    Happy cooking!

    Have a great time in Chennai! 🙂

    I hate being alone at home every single day after the OH leaves for work… I wait and wait and wait till he comes back.. Life went crazy after a job change last December, and my food, sleep and health started getting affected… Talked to my management and started working from home since this April.. It is much better now, though a tad lonely at times. I try to keep myself entertained till the OH is back. 🙂

    • Thanku Thanku Thanku TNGD 🙂 Pls pls try them okie.. let me know how you both enjoyed! 🙂

      Yeah it was a super duper flop TNGD.. First the yeast didnt work well.. next I forgot to add salt. It didnt turn out like a bread at all. It was more like a cake 😦 I will soon try this again and update you 🙂

      Thanku thanku 🙂

      Somehow I was thinking of you TNGD, while writing the post. I can totally understand how hard it would have been for you.. Good you were able to have the flexi options and your management accepted to your proposal.. 🙂 I must really think of some other alternatives to escape from loneliness at home, but its only once or twice in a month.. so its okkkk:)

  6. I am just drooling over those are awesome GB! cooking on sick leave..I wonder how much more you would cook when you are totally fine!
    Aren’t you actually waited for S to taste those cookies! I wonder why husbands hesitate to take leave even when they are not well..mine is the same..
    You can’t stand an empty house is it..somehow I don’t mind a silent house..
    All the love and attention in Chennai must have made you a little better by now, no?
    Have a nice time GB 🙂

    • ha ha ha thanks Nith 😀 yes yes cooking on sick leave.. I wont cook well on a normal day.. as I would be busy with other tasks.. when I am sick.. I want relaxation and automatically my mind goes on to cooking 😀

      he he he.. thanks for thinking I am sweet heheh 😀 is it the same at your side too? Sigh!!! These men! 😦

      Haaa… good you dont mind a silent house 🙂

      Yes yes definitely 😀 So much attention! Thanks 🙂

  7. I have to say hats off dear,, Home alone and u managed to do so much.. Not sure why I hv become damn lazy 😥 I was home alone for 6 hrs wihtout my love and all I did was nothing 😥 shit lazy me isnt it?? I wanna get motivated my the energetic GB who also had kitchen withdrawal effects isn tit babes..

    • Thankuuu Deepsi 🙂

      I am damn lazy too. I need to get this push from within and I can do it, else.. I can spend hrs doing nothing 😀

      I am sure you are going to get back to your normal self soon! take care dear 🙂

    • TNGD.. I saw the regular canned cherries in Ibca (the place I went to) I also found only tutti fruitti there. didnt see any peel 😦

      I think there is one more shop that sells baking needs.. I have not gone to this place called “General Additives” check out this link –
      They have modified the website now and I am not seeing many items that I found previously. Contact them to see if they have these. From what I have heard, this shop has variety of baking needs.

  8. STOP IT!!!!

    Stop posting such yummy pics of recipes…did I mentioned that drool filled a bucket while I read this post!!!

    I already said in my other comments that u are a super-talented girl 🙂

    Strangely…I like being alone for atleast sometime everyday and kind of enjoy my solitude….:-)

    • ha ha ha ha 😀 How about do this next time? I send you some of the food I prepare and then share the pics on blog.. then you dont have to drool 😀

      Thank you so much N 🙂

      Aaah.. that is something new I am hearing. A new perspective to my thoughts. Solitude can be enjoyable as well. Good. 🙂

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