The Weekend Story – of finding the baking heaven and cooking

My weekend story this time is going to be filled up with cooking only, mostly – as that’s what I ended up doing the whole of two days. I can now safely say that I am out of my cooking withdrawal and I am back to my “love-my-cooking-and-kitchen” state 😀

On Saturday, S took me to this place which I am now calling the “baking heaven”, most of the fellow baking-lovers would agree with me. Its one stop shop for all the baking needs – which matches with those stores in the US of A or other foreign countries, containing all the products which one can imagine for baking. Its the Institute of Baking and Cake Art – ibca, Bangalore. No one can actually imagine such a place, which looks like a very old house. I have passed through that road several times, saw the bill board many a times but who would know a baking heaven would be placed in such a small house? I stumbled upon their website sometime back and right from then on, my thoughts were fixed on going there. I pulled along a sick S with me (poor him!) and had a loot!! I controlled myself from buying many products for the fear of turning my kitchen into a mini bakery house. I have bought enough to last around for half an year though. I could lay my hands on products that were a distant dream – one of which was the instant yeast. There are number of brands of yeast available in market for less than 30Rs. But to get a bread that is of bakery quality, dry yeast is the key and I have found the perfect yeast!! See See.. this is how my excitement is for the past two days. We had a huge huge bag to carry back home and I hugged it all the way home. yes I did 😀 (much to the embarrassment of S)You all know I am obsessed with baking and cooking, don’t you? 😉

My plans were to get back home as soon as possible so that I could start my cooking at the earliest (read my experimentation), but then.. S took me to a movie while I was protesting all the way there. We went inside the theatre with items like cooking dark chocloate, dry yeast, edible gluten and such like 😛 Since it was S’s idea for the movie, I made him explain the contents of the bag to the security .. he he 😀 Oh yeah.. It was the Dark Knight Rises that we went for. I know we are late!! But S was too exciting to miss it. I also made S hold my baking items baggage on his lap through out the movie.. how can he put them down ha ha (devilish laugh 😈 ) About the movie.. I slept off in the first twenty minutes I guess. I remember listening to some of the dialogues and caught up with it here and there. I was waiting for the interval actually, to sleep peacefully without the loud noises. Dont get me wrong, I know this movie was a huge hit and all that. Somehow, I couldnt enjoy much. I was feeling so drowsy and wished I had a bed there! may be because my thoughts were around baking or due to the fact that the guy sitting next to me, kept on moving his hand around the handle, catching up with his coke and chicken at the same time and laughing loudly. At the end of 2.45hrs, I felt relieved.  Oh… S.. he enjoyed it so much. On the way back home, we were like headless chicken. S kept talking of the movie while I kept talking of my baking loot 😀 😀 For the next 24hrs, I did nothing but – think-cook-dream-cook- talk- cook-and-only-cook. These are some of the dishes that made their presence during the weekend.

Dinner – Friday: Lettuce basket of mushroom, corn and capsicum curry on a toast

Dinner – Saturday: Home made pizza from scratch

Which one do you think is better eh? 😉

Sunday After-Breakfast: Orange Choco Balls ( I cant just share one pic 🙂 )

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sunday Lunch: Instant Sambar Rice with Masoor Dal and Seppankelangu fry with fryums ( The photo might not to be too tempting.. but it tasted so so good that we gobbled up everything 🙂 )

I dont know what struck me, but I was left too sick to continue with my baking adventures later. S gave me a strict warning that I should no way go near the kitchen or oven 😦 But who can stop me really? I have taken off today, only to bake more and try all the goodies that I got on Saturday and being sick is just another real reason 🙂 Did I not say I am cooking crazy??? 😀 More foodie pics might come up tomorrow, if I can cook up something today! 🙂

How was your weekend?

ETA: The pizza base was made from whole wheat flour and 1 tsp oil and the choco orange balls are low fat – with no egg and no butter.


28 thoughts on “The Weekend Story – of finding the baking heaven and cooking

  1. Wow wow wow 😀 😀 😀

    How do you get ideas for such menus GB??

    I saw the bakeware section in Total mall yesterday, they did not even have a set of measuring spoons 😦 I did find one rectangular baking dish for microwave though…

    You slept through a Dark Knight movie?? 😯 Blasphemy 😛 😛

    • Thanks thanks thanks 😀 😀 😀

      I am not sure why Visha.. the bakeware section of Total Mall has been modified now. I got many things from there previously.. but now.. even finding a small plastic dabba is getting difficult.
      Wow.. you got a baking dish.. super 🙂 start baking soon!!

      I know.. total blasphemy! but what to do.. enakke theriyama kannu moodidchi 😀

  2. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow ! it is for THIS reason I kept pestering you – what colours and I can smell it all !
    Home-made pizza and all – wow, Gb ! 🙂 I have smething to share though – I will email you 😛
    So awesome all this looks Gb ! 🙂 You are churning out so much – Iwon’t be surprised if you soon start publishing your own baking book and manual !
    But Gb, take care and rest well too. been sick a bit on and off, haven’t you? Take care. will mail !

    • Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee – can you see me smiling wide 😀 😀 thanku thanku thanku so much dear 🙂

      Something to share is it..super super.. will check mail soon.. 🙂 Oh no Kismi.. I have still got a long way to go, to bring out a cook book and all.. my food blog is getting neglected for like a month now.. forget cookbook 😀

      Sure thanks dear, I will. Blame it on the climate here! Even after staying in B’lore for like 4.5yrs.. I am still getting used to it.

      Will wait for your mail 🙂

  3. I always wait for your weekend posts… they are so yummylicious 😉 But no recipes? 😦
    Please share your experiences with yeast. Which one and how much do you use. A couple of weeks back I had tried making the garlic bread (since Cheebu likes the Dominoes ones) but they didn’t turn out good 😦
    Lol on watching the movie with baking supplies 🙂 How did the security guys respond to seeing those 🙂 We too saw Ice Age 4 in the weekend 🙂

    • Aww… you made me so happy LS 🙂 🙂 Thanks!
      Yeah.. I have been neglecting my food blog for a long time now. I will put up the recipes soon over there!

      LS.. I have tried almost all varieties of yeast available in the super market – they work only a once in 10 or 20 attempts 😦 This time, I have got the “instant dry yeast” which doesnt need the 5-10 mins to get active and no sugar to required to activate them (am I making myself clear?) They just dissolve immediately and the dough rises pretty quickly. The brand I got is “Gloripan” which is recommended by almost all experts. I can fully understand what you mean by not turning out good 😦 Check if you can find this brand somewhere or anything thats “Instant” not regular one.

      Really!! We were only the only couple with huge bag 😀 poor S 😀 The security people took out a few items and they were only restricting us for the dark chocolate.. but it was a huge block.. so S reassured them that we wont eat or they were not ready-to-be eatables 😀

      Wow.. Ice Age 4 is super awesome no? I loved it so so much. Did Cheebu like it?

      • All of us loved Ice Age 4 😀
        Lol on S reassuring the security guys that you wont be eating the dark chocolates 🙂 🙂
        I use BlueBird instant yeast. It requires the 10-15 minutes soaking in warm water for activation. Will look up for “Gloripan” Thanks 🙂

      • I know.. it was plain awesome 😀

        he he he 😀 except for the dark chocolate, everything else was like raw material only 😀 Well we could have had dark choco.. but it was a block.. I could have atleast had that to save myself from sleeping 😛

        Is it anything like small beads? The actual instant yeast is like very fine and minute ..try finding it LS. Meanwhile, I will also experiment with mine and let you know the results.:)

      • Okay..Next time try using half a spoon of sugar while you add your yeast to the warm water.. that will ensure the yeast mixture to be frothy and ensures the yeast gets really activated 🙂 Not sure if you are doing that way now…

        Without sugar, yeast might not react at all, leading to a dense dough.

  4. Wow. Everything looks so yummylicious, GB. Specially the lettuce basket. You MUST share the recipe for it. PLEASE. You have a LOT of recipes to share now. 🙂

    I can totally relate to the being excited about something you bought and hugging it all the way back home part. I do that all the time, too. When I buy a book, I am so excited that I want to get home immediately and start reading it. And if I have got some fresh veggies or baking ingredients, I want to go back home soon and start cooking/baking. So you are not the only crazy one. 🙂

    I can relate to the sleeping through Dark Knight part, too. A movie might be very good, but if I am not in the right mood for it, I cannot enjoy it, try as I might. Given your circumstances, I would have gone off to sleep, too. Blasphemy, I know, but cannot help it.

    I have never had success with dry yeast. 😦 So sad, and I am so much interested in making bread and buns, I can’t tell you. I even got my cousin to get some dry yeast from USA, but no results again. 😦 For the same reason, I have been looking for instant yeast, which I haven’t been able to find anywhere here. The place you went to does sound like a baking heaven. Will visit it soon. Have to pester the OH to take me soon. 😀

    • Thanks a lot TNGD 🙂 Lettuce basket looks so fresh isn’t it.. It was great, quick and easy 🙂 I know I know.. I have lots of recipes to share. I will find some time for everything soon and share the recipes. SURE 🙂

      I now have a company.. yay!! S thinks I am weird.. especially after this trip to ibca 😀 I had to reassure him everytime that I am not insane 😛

      Very true TNGD. S said we will check out the movies and the next thing I know.. I am sitting inside the hall 😦 I was in no mood to watch anything.. Ok. ice age would have been an exception though 😛 I wont mind watching it for second time 😀

      What what.. even the yeast from US didnt give you good results? 😦 I love baking breads and buns too TNGD. S thinks its easy to buy it from outside. But the aroma of fresh baked bread spreading over the house.. nothing can match it 🙂 You must really visit this place. You can actually send them online form (bakesmart link in the website) and enquire on the availability of the products. They are quite quick in replying.

      I am now negotiating a second trip to the place with S 😀

  5. So you had a yummy week-end! And GB, that place ! I pass that building almost everyday on my way to office! I knew that it was a baking institute but was imagining it to be some seedy kind of place..not sure why 😦 But now, I feel like screaming eureka! I was wondering where would I shop for baking supplies after I get an oven and start baking ( yes, we are so much in to the future ;)) Now I know..thanks to you 🙂 Take me as your student ok ?
    You slept at the theatre..LOL! I can imagine how much excited you must have been after shopping for all those supplies..
    Take care GB..Take off from work if you can..I guess you need some rest..

    • Yes Yes!! We had yummy weekend 🙂

      Nith.. I can totally totally understand.. the building doesnt look anything like an institute.. forget baking institute which should have large room for all the equipment and stuff. It really looks like a creepy place.. even while we went inside.. we had doubts.. if we will get chased.. Thank God nothing of that sort happened. How can a Govt approved baking institute be in such place? ha haha 😀 You are going to get an oven?!? WOW super 😀 Lets bake together.. no teacher – student ok?? 😛

      Yeah I did Nith and that was not even peaceful.. with background music n all 😀 I was so so so excited that day.. and the excitement still is high even today!

      Thanks Nith, I will.

  6. Wow, yum yum yum. Please share the recipe for homemade pizza? (or is it already somewhere that I can’t find?)

    Take care. rest well. get well soon.

    • Thanks a lot T 🙂

      I already have the recipe in my food blog but the results this time were much better than the last time. I will put up a post soon. 🙂

      Thanks T, I will 🙂

  7. Wow!!! The pics are so tempting, i can’t keep my eyes off them!!! GB, you have been cooking up a storm 🙂
    Now, you have tempted me to find a baking heaven here…Let me see if i can find out such a shop here 🙂
    Same pinch for the pizza….I too recently made the pizza from scratch but made the base from Maida as was doing it for the first time, next time will try making the whole wheat pizza base!!!!
    And hey, you are doing better with your food photos!!!

    • Thanks a lot lot ZM 🙂 🙂 I am so happy!! *you can see me all smiling isn’t?* 😛

      I am sure you will find it soon 🙂 Or come down to Bangalore once, you can have a loot as well and we can get to meet 🙂

      Wow.. same pinch on that. Do try with wheat flour ZM, its more tastier than maida. I am sure, you will rock with it too 🙂

      Awww thanks a tonne 😀 😀 I am really jumping with joy now. 😀

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