A few obsessions

First things first – I cant  say how much it meant to me to see each of you who commented on my previous post – trying to cheering me up, understanding the situation, consoling me and letting me think I am no abnormal – all this without judging me. I am sure, without this blog I would have sulked on the subject for days. Today, I am back to my normal self and that’s because of all your comments. Thanks! 🙂

It would take me some time to get well physically but as I am back in good mood already, I thought why not share some of my obsessions and of those things which can bring me instant happiness! People say its not a good idea to feel attached to the material possessions. But there are certain things I can never let go, whatever be the condition.

  • Fresh vegetables invite me instantly. Even if my refrigerator is full with vegetables, I cant help myself to come empty handed if I see fresh vegetables. Greens attract me a lot – true to the name of “Green” Boochi 😆
  • I am so obsessed with my hand bags. I cant keep out of the aisle in any shopping mall that stores the hand bags. Most of my hand bags that I own now are a gift from either S or my sister. These days, with withdrawal symptoms showing up on shopping as well, I am not very much into hand bag shopping. S is still trying his best to make me get one for the past 5-6 weeks 🙂 The most recent hand bag that I got is beige colored one – my sis got it for me 🙂
  • I am crazy about nail colors too. I am not a huge fan of dark colors but anything that isn’t shiny, I love it 🙂 S brings me bottles every now and then, to see a huge huge smile on my face 🙂
  • Cooking ware or kitchen stuff draws my immediate attention. I never thought, I will have this kind of an obsession but every time we go for shopping, S has a tough time pulling me out of those sections. Bake ware is my very latest obsession. I have enough baking dishes to start a renting shop 😛 Kidding! I have one per each shape (which itself makes it a big number) 😀
  • I have a love hate relationship with both chocolates and ice cream. One day, I find myself craving for either of this and the next day, I wont notice if loads of them are in front of me.
  • I love roses and rose plants. Every time I cross a nursery or a plant-seller, my eyes remain fixed. I try to push S into getting me some of the plants, which never materializes 😦 Thanks to our continuous weekend travel plans, the plants that I had got from a nursery last year have managed to kill themselves slowly 😦 😦 This has only made S’s point strong! Some day, I will own a little garden atleast.
  • Pens and books are my favorite too. I love collecting pens (my collection is with dad right now). I dont write with those pens and the books remain unused too. But I love to have them.
  • Bed spreads and pillow covers shopping is my very recent addiction. I choose all girly-girl colors like baby pink, cutesy flowers etc to which I expect an opposition from S, who doesnt even care 😛
  • I have got around having much luck with the footwear. My skin is too sensitive for leather and I end up having big boils until I get accustomed to the shoes or slippers, which leaves me with no option but clinging on to my fav, comfortable pair of slippers all the time. Though I have matching- matching footwear and all, I can hardly use any of it 😦 One can see me wear the same slippers every single day, until they are torn to death. I have no option 😦
  • I love window shopping so so much.
  • Stationery items impress me too – pens and books are a part of it, but I love buying other small things for no particular reason.
  • Needless to say, painting kits and drawing pencils along with charts and art materials draw my attention to the maximum possible. I am actually guilty of buying more than what is required. I still have an oil pastel set, fresh. Sketches, water colors, brushes – I love to at least look at them until I am dragged out of the place 😀
  • I so love grocery shopping – it gives me a sense of satisfaction. I dont make a list, even if I make one – I will end up buying things that are not in it. So, I will just go about the store.. take a look at the items and slowly decide on my stuff.
  • Earrings – I have two big dabbas full of them. I am not a huge fan of danglers. I love studs, that are big and colorful. Hoops are my fav too. I almost have a matching earring to every color dress I own. I so miss the days of going for just earring shopping. Most of my stuff is outdated by now. But I still love to cling to them 🙂
  • Books – of any kind. If I dont find anything good , I would take up one of my school or college text books and read them 😛
  • I love to plan for vacations. I spend my spare time looking at the various places that I wish to go and drawing plans about it. None of them get into action is another story though 😉
  • Finally, cooking. I am really really obsessed with it. I cant let anyone mess up with my cooking. I would love some undivided, relaxing time with my old passion most of the times 🙂

I will better stop now! I know I can keep writing about the various other things that I love 😀

I am sure all of us have some kind of obsessions, what are yours?

26 thoughts on “A few obsessions

  1. We share a lot of obsessions – chocolates, books, ice creams, plants, earrings, planning for vacations, fresh veggies, stationery… slowly and gradually, I am getting obsessed with kitchen stuff and home decoration items too. That is still in the development stage, though.

    • We do 🙂 🙂

      People around me cant see how obsessed I am for kitchen stuff. And most of the times, they end up making fun of me. Only those who love it know, how it matters to them. I feel a special connection to all these items I mentioned here 🙂

      I know you can understand what I am speaking about, TNGD 🙂

  2. A few things match , I use to love ice-cream but not anymore , I am getting fatter and fatter 🙂 , I love plants and roses too, spend a lot of free time in my garden ..

    and cooking toooo , I dont get time to do it but I love to cook :).. and instead of planning for a vacation I prefer to go for it .. especially to remote places , the touristy places dont impress me and I hate them 🙂

    • 🙂

      Haiyo.. you are missing ice cream bcos you are getting fatter? Then I must have left it ages ago 😀 Wow.. you have garden.. so nice. All I have here is the cemented floor and a few pots, as I said my plants are dying slowly.

      Great to know you have passion for cooking too 🙂
      From what I am reading, I should do the same as you. instead of only planning and imagining, go for one – thats the real fun 🙂

      I too hate touristy kind of places… commercialized places dont interest me.

      • yes i have a garden and a decent one if I am not BOasting , which i do a lot of the time he he he , as such we only have a few months when winters come everything dies ..

        yeah pack that rucksack and go go go go gooooooooooooooo 🙂

  3. i think except for buying vegetable and cooking part and of course reading college books, rest all matches my list dear.. but i wear all footwear as dont get any reaction.. :).. i need to add lipsticks to the list.. that is all.. 🙂

  4. I was obsessed with bags and wallets too, but have now stopped buying them because there is no place to keep them 😦 so I buy only when needed. I too love buying kitchen ware and now that I bake sometimes I have started bakeware too 🙂
    I hate shopping for vegetables. Most of the time hubby does it 🙂
    During the days I stayed alone, I would love buying soft toys and audio cassettes (yes, I know they are outdated now) too. But not any more 🙂 … Not much time for music and no space for any more soft toys 🙂
    Chocolates and icecreams!!! I LOOOOVE! 🙂
    Books!! Me too love to buy 🙂
    Planning for vacations? Ask me. I spend so much time on them though very few of them actually materialize 😦
    And now I love shopping for Cheebu more than me 🙂 from clothes to toys to books, shopping for her is much more fun 🙂

    • I am in the same state as well LS. There is no place in this house any more. The cupboards are not that good. Protecting the hand bags is becoming a huge task.

      Aww wish you to buy more and more of it 🙂

      I cant depend on S for veggie shopping.. he will get only potatoes tomatoes and onion 😀 nothing else catches his eyes 😛

      Soft toys… wow.. I too love them.. but have very very very few.. like 2 or 3 small ones only.. I dono why I never buy them 🙂

      I know how you hide chocos from Cheebu.. I know you loveeee them 🙂

      Shopping for little girls is always fun na..:) I wish you loads of fun by doing lots of shopping for Cheebu 🙂

  5. Gb – loved reading this post so much ! 🙂 I shaareeeee every little obsessions with you – kitchen ware is only emergent so I am sure you are the leading lady there 🙂 Footwear – I don’t have much trouble but I love flats and comfort is ofcourse priority 🙂
    Oshoooooo – this is toooooo much similarity Gbiiiiiieeeee – I have a love-hate relation with chocolates and ice creams – sometimes I crave for a Snickers bar and at times, the chocolates are lying in the fridge and I just want some simple home made kheer. And then, there are times when I wait to go hom so that I can buy a bar on the way ! Ice-creams also ditto – these days I am getting fond of those fruit bars (like, fruitares) with no cream per se 🙂 Feels light and is so refreshing to lick a lychee bar 😛
    Infact, I have a love hate relationship with shopping also though the hate is very very rare 🙂 I looooooooooooooooooooooove stationery and hand made products and buying trinkets and vintage !
    Oh, I loooove grocery shopping also and love flooding my refrigerator – K could not be successful in stopping me and so we got another small referigerator ! 😛 This is how things work in the K and K household 😛
    Saame pinch (you will now have pinkie arms though you must not be complaining – they will match your bed spreads 😛 )
    hugggggggs !
    And I missed your previous post – Off to read it !

    • Kismiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 There is no comment that makes me as happy as yours.. only you can outrun your comments.. I love every single word in your comment.. makes me so so so happy 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Having known of our similarities, I was thinking we will have so much common over these obsessions too, I was not wrong 🙂

      I cant have flats.. somehow I dont feel very comfy wearing them. neither too flat nor high heels. 🙂

      Did I not tell you.. I am having love hate relationship with shopping these days! 😛 For chocolates and ice creams.. its ditto of what you just said 🙂

      What what you got a small refrigerator? Lol 😀 S tries his best to stop me too, but nothing works. We go to the super market with some basic stuff in mind and end up buying half of the super market 😀 Wish you to have more and more fun, in everything dear 🙂

      He he he he he.. 😀 I really wont complain, as I am an expert in pinching myself 😆

  6. Except chocolates and painting kits, hi-five to everything else 😀

    I have left my earring collection back home..since at my ILs, they insist on wearing only gold 😥
    The two racks full of bangles which I own here cheers me though 😀

    I am obsessed about fresh bakery products, be it plain cakes or butter biscuits..one whiff is all I need to behave like a small kid running to gobble them down 😉

    • Big big big Hi five okie?? 😀

      I know how it feels to leave back those earring collections at home.. why are some people obsessed with gold, when there is so much variety 😦 I love to have gold jhumkas, for sarees though. 🙂

      bangles… for two full racks?!?! Super awesome 🙂 you must be having matching matching then 😛 I was once more than obsessed with the bangles.. that too glass bangles. I lost my obsession over time.. though I have collections even now 🙂

      Aaaahhhh the fresh baked products.. you are making me drool 🙂 I have this love hate relationship for these too 🙂

  7. 😀 what a feel good post! I obsess over ice cream, books and plants. plants though, since i don’t have a green thumb, they mostly don’t survive. so i keep myself from buying anything from the nursery, although i go to just look around.

    other obsessions, for me, just happens in phases…i go over board at times and there are times i don’t even care to look.

    • I felt good writing about it too, T. A positive change from my gloomy day 🙂

      Is there something really like the green thumb? May be, I dont have it too.. thats why my plants are dying too. I have it made a point to myself that I will make sure I will not let the lone plant to die before getting anything extra. Just looking around the plants, gives a lot of happiness 🙂

      Having obsessions in phases are much better 🙂 I have this with choco, ice cream and sometimes shopping too…

  8. Wow! so many obsessions GB 🙂
    Even I love to look at ‘places to travel’ and plan holidays for the future, but when is that ‘future’ is a big ‘?’
    Yes, books-to an extent..
    My dad is like you..how ever full the fridge is, sight of fresh fruits or veggies just can’t stop him..thankfully V isn’t like that..
    At the moment though, I am obsessed about buying for S- clothes & books mostly..
    I must be an antique piece..I seriously need to think what are my obsessions 😦

    • he he he he I am an obsessed person no? 😀

      I always wish that “?” gets filled soon 🙂

      Even my dad is like that Nith.. I think I have taken after my dad 🙂

      Wow.. I know how fun it is to shop for girl’s clothes… enjoy having more and more fun 🙂

      hehehe you are no antique piece.. just a good person, who is not obsessed 🙂

  9. Wow earrings,handbags,stationary,cookware,vegetables,books !!! Gosh and seeing the comments above i must say a bunch of us shd meet up !! Loved this post !! I’m still struggling with my ‘7 things about urself’ post 😉

    • Thats quite a lot of obsessions na? 😀

      We all should meet up definitely V! Thanks and glad you loved this post 🙂

      hey c’mon V.. its not that difficult as it seems 🙂

  10. Wow!!! you have SOME obsessions….
    Hey but to tell you the truth i too share some obsessions with you 😉
    Like this cook and bakeware things!!! and the ear rings, though after Zini, that obsession is gone…
    And my plants too manage to kill themeselves here (due to extreme weather and my travels). But now if i am out of town then i leave my plants outside the home and ask my maid to water it once a day. In hyderabad, whenever i had to travel my neighbours used to take care of my plants!!!
    Window shopping is my favorite too…. even if i don’t buy the stuff, i like to look at things…My hubby is just opposite and hates it when i do that!!!
    And yes, Books have been an obsession too!!!

    • Wow ZM.. 🙂 We share almost all obsessions 😀

      My plants die as there s no one o water them. Neighbors wont do them and the maid would not do it as well. They just die due to our travels only. 😦 How sad na..

      I love window shopping so much. I love to look at it things 🙂 These men, I know..S doesnt like it too. He will either push me to buy them or asks me to walk away soon!

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